200th Anniversary of the Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima hosted celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Maastricht today, welcoming Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians, and German President Joachim Gauck and his partner Daniela Schadt.

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Queen Máxima repeated a hat we have seen on her numerous times (and recently discussed at his post), a tan straw picture hat with dramatically upturned ‘slice’ brim. I love the pairing of this hat with her aqua printed dress and thought the styling of this ensemble was perfect on Máxima.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 24, 2014May 30, 2013; January 24, 2013January 21, 2013; July 2, 2011

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa topped her lovely green suit with a cocktail hat in leaf green straw. This hat, which featured a beret-style base, was wrapped in swirls of wired organdy ribbon. The effect was light and fresh and this hat looked wonderful on the Grand Duchess. I can not recall the last time we saw her in green and this colour was beautiful on her.


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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

Queen Mathilde repeated the orb of dusty rose shredded straw she debuted last month. Its pairing with Mathilde’s dusty rose peplum dress was much more successful and I found myself less opposed to this headpiece than I was when we first saw it. It is still not my favourite piece of millinery but with her outfit today, it worked.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: July 10, 2014

Daniela Schadt wore a simple natural straw hat with rolled brim which coordinated well with her blue and tan ensemble. It was not as spectacular as the royal hats but somehow, it was just right for her.


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My favourite royal hat at this event was worn by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa although I thought the other two queens looked fantastic. Which hat today was your favourite?

* Join in the conversation at this post about which outfit you like best with Queen Máxima’s straw slice hat. 

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13 thoughts on “200th Anniversary of the Netherlands

  1. Love Maxima and Maria Teresa’s hats, and I completely agree Mathilde’s hat looks much better with this outfit. Still not a huge fan, but it is way better than the other outing. The photos of this event are such fun!

  2. I think the two Queen and the Grand Duchess look very appropriate and chic. I love Maxima’s huge hat – she can pull it off like no one else. Maria-Theresa looks exceptionally good – nice colour and simple lines of the suit with a petite hat that doesn’t swamp her. And I even like Mathilde – if a Queen can’t wear high fashion, who can? They all brought their A games to this occasion.

  3. Somebody hide those pinking shears from Mathilde. That bird’s nest is unacceptable. Everyone else looked great.

  4. Queen Máxima looks ebullient and fantastic. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa looks better than usual. Queen Mathilde, who often looks stunning and who actually looks better this time with the head bandage than she did last time, needs a new hat. Frau Schadt from Germany has a nicely coordinated outfit, but the hat isn’t particularly interesting. Nonetheless, from a distance all four ladies look good.

    • Compared with the Royalties’ hats, you are right that Frau Schadt’s hat is a bit boring. A glimpse on her background might help: as in Germany the Bundespräsident is elected for only five years and is mostly a “commoner” (exception here: Richard von Weizsäcker 1984-1994), those couples never develop much glamour. And as in Germany even at festivities ladies often don’t wear hats at all, it is quite remarkable that Frau Schadt wears a small hat here. In addition I’d like to mention that Joachim Gauck is from the Eastern part of Germany that is still struggling with heavy economic problems, and he is a quite modest man himself. So probably he and his partner might feel it to be inappropiate to wear some striking garments, even at an occasion like this. Thus I think Frau Schadt does quite well here with a tasteful and elegant yet humble outfit.

  5. I LOVE Queen Maxima”s hat!! I love big picture hats and this one is amazing on her. Queen Mathilde’s hat looks like burlap ribbon twisted on top of her head, while I love burlap ribbon it doesn’t make that great of a hat.

  6. Everything else was so lovely that I am willing to overlook Mathilde’s hat/thing. MT looks amazing in that shade of green…and I may well snatch that wonderful big proper hat from Maxima when she’s not looking!

  7. This is an occasion when then the straw hat and the dress are in perfect harmony. I do think Maxima looks great. The hat worn by grand duchess Maria Theres is too small. She needs a larger hat to balance her look. I do not like Queen Mathilde´s bandage hat but from a distance it is acceptable

  8. Still do not like Mathilda’s hat, it looks like band aids to me, just an ugly hat. Max looked really nice and the hat was perfect for her, and I so loved MT’s hat, you are so right, that shade of green is fabulous on her, and that hat is well I wish I had that in my collection. Just beautiful MT, very beautiful.

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