Danish Queen in Germany

Queen Margrethe of Denmark arrived in Germany yesterday for a two day tour that saw her view a Viking ship exhibit and visit the Brandenburg Gate. For events over these two days, Margrethe donned the same hat, changing out the band around the crown to coordinate with her outfits. We saw Margrethe take this same approach to hat wearing on her recent summer cruise in Denmark and seems an ingenious way to travel efficiently.

Queen Margrethe, September 9, 2014 | Royal Hats

Viewing “The Viking” exhibition on the River Spree, September 9, 2014

Queen Margrethe, September 9, 2014 | Royal Hats

Visiting the Brandenburg Gate, September 10, 2014

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn (with plaid band): July 3, 2014June 20, 2014September 3, 2013August 29, 2013;  June 4, 2013June 9, 2011
Previously Worn (with this green band): September 1, 2014April 28, 2013August 30, 2013September 5, 2012

Photos from Pacific Press and Andreas Rentz via Getty

5 thoughts on “Danish Queen in Germany

  1. i wouldn’t mind the quick re-use if it was a really pretty hat. i do find either the crown too high or the brim too narrow. seems her majesty is trying to prolong her summer-feeling into early autumn by firmly clinging to her straw hats – LOL.

    • I agree maybe if the witch-a-roo was done with a different hat it would excuse Queen from wearing the same hat twice…. kind of disappointed with the lack of effort not going to lie.

  2. It does change the look of the hat, but in the end it still looks like a straw hat! It might have been more successful with a better hat and a longer span of time in between, but I do get a kick out of her. She does what she wants when she wants to, and she seems to enjoy herself, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

  3. I think she is going a bit overboard by wearing the same items so soon. This hat is a bit too ordinary for an official visit, but it’s OK for a holiday sun hat.

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