British Royals Attend Memorial

Members of the British Royal Family joined the Duchess of Cornwall today at a memorial service for her brother, conservationist and writer Mark Shand, who died in April. Camilla looked very elegant in a simple black straw hat with upturned brim on one side and looped bow on the other.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Lock & Co.
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

Princess Beatrice wore a small black cocktail hat with beret base, trimmed with a curled ribbon tail.

Embed from Getty Images

UPDATE: The designer of this hat, Michelle Boyt of Butterfly Hats, has sent us a better view of this hat! As you see below, the beret base is trimmed with round, flat metal studs and three curling felt tails are attached to the side with a black and silver button. Up close, the hat has much less of a “cocktail party” vibe that several of you raised concerns about- it reads much more as a daytime hat closeup than it did from afar. It is a decidedly modern hat that I think was a great choice for Princess Beatrice and appropriate for this more serious event.

Butterfly hat

Designer: Michelle Boyt of Butterfly Hats 
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

Princess Michael of Kent wore a large straw saucer-shaped picture hat topped with an oversize arching feather.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn
June 18, 2010

Lady Gabriella Windsor was also in attendance. While I was not able to secure a photo to share, you can see her black straw hat with indented crown, trimmed by black and white feather spines at this article at The Daily Mail. Her hat was also designed by Philip Treacy and I believe it is new.

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20 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Memorial

  1. Did Lady Frederick wear Princess Michael’s hat to Will & Kate’s wedding? It looks awfully familiar! Love Bea’s whole ensemble! For a second I though Camilla had on red tights and I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t (before I read on to see what the event was, naturally I would not want red hose for such an occasion!)

  2. Ella Windsor is the most beautiful one out there. HatQueen, have you seen Princess Michael’s entire outfit yet? She is following a Queen Maxima’s by wearing the pants 🙂

  3. Princess Michael’s hat looks like the Philip Treacy hats featured a few days ago? I think I like this one better, actually.
    Princess Beatrice tends to shy away from what I refer to as “proper hats” in favor of cocktail hats. While I don’t usually mind this, sometimes a slightly larger hat would be more appropriate…and this is a good example. Plus, I just think she could really do a larger hat quite well.
    The other ladies look lovely–Camilla in particular wears black well.

  4. I like everyone’s hat with the exception of Princess Beatrice’s. Her entire outfit, shoes included, probably would work for a cocktail party but just look silly compared to the others’ outfits at a memorial service. The Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Michael look particularly regal today.

    • Snug Harbor, I agree. Princess Beatrice’s taste in clothes and hats is not suited to my taste. I don’t like most of these really small hats she wears, including this one, which would look more at place at a cocktail party or some other event, not a Memorial Service. I don’t like the big flounces on her skirt, and the killer heels are party shoes, not suited to this occasion. She should also put her hair up or tie it back for an event like this, as it looks messy.

  5. Camilla has this hat in beige, I love it much more in black, she looks great. And Bea’s look is amazing, she’s got great legs and these flounce skirts looks fantastic on them, this is a fashion forward look, and a winner for me.

  6. Le chapeau de Camilla est très joli
    Je n’aime pas le chapeau de la Princesse de Kent ; mais j’adore les chaussures de Beatrice

  7. I like all the hats. Interesting how the dresses have different colours with more or less black, but the hats and obviously the shoes (can’t see them all) are black throughout.

  8. I loved Princess Michael’s hat and outfit, ditto Camilla’s and Lady Gabriella’s. Bea always looks like she is trying hard, and isn’t always as appropriate as she is fashion forward. On the plus side, she usually looks great in whatever she wears, and she has a few years to get it right.

  9. I think Bea is wearing what could be accurately described as “killer heels” – if they don’t catch in the cobbles and send her crashing to the ground, she could always employ them as a personal security device! Camilla’s hat yes, Gab’s yes, Michael’s meh (don’t love/don’t hate) and Bea’s not so much. A larger hat may have been more appropriate, this size gives her outfit a whiff of cocktail party.

    • Same Princess Michael’s hat was my favorite I just think the design of it is a little more unique and the feather really makes it a fashion forward piece. I am glad she has worn it before, because this is definitely a hat that should make its appearance to the public often.

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