Dutch King and Queen in Noord Holland

After a relatively quiet week of royal hats this week, one of the more fearless royal hat wearers brought some millinery drama to end things on a brighter note. King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited Noord Holland today where the Queen repeated a hat in bright magenta straw.

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We have seen Máxima in other stovepipe hats before and while the shape is not my favourite, it does pack a lot of visual punch without a huge brim. Máxima wears a magenta hat better than anyone- the colour is marvelous on her and works well with her dress.

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Interesting note about Máxima’s dress- it was designed by a ten year old Dutch girl name Luna, who is suffering from leukemia. The Make-A-Wish foundation linked Luna with Natan designer Edouard Vermeulen, who created her design. With this knowledge, this whole outfit suddenly becomes so much more special, doesn’t it?

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: October 17, 2005; May 26, 2004

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18 thoughts on “Dutch King and Queen in Noord Holland

  1. From a distance I like this hat, but up close not so much. The colour is great so I think it must be what others are saying, it’s the proportions – is it too wide for its height, maybe? What a great story behind the dress and it is a fabric that suits the queen, how proud the little girl must have felt seeing it being worn, and what a kind thing for Max to do. So much to like about this woman.

  2. I usually don’t like stovepipe hats and I don’t feel they work on Maxima. The color is great on her though and flatters the outfit. How nice of the Queen to wear Luna’s dress. I hope Luna recovers fully from her illness.

  3. Even if I hadn’t known the backstory about the dress I would still like it. The hat is a bit tall but everything else is great.

  4. I am not a fan of the hat shape, but the colour is yummy, particularly paired with the dress. What an astute little girl to choose a bright floral for Max, she always looks good in colour.

  5. Not my favorite of her hats, but what a great color! Looks terrific with that dress!

    Can Natan hire Luna, please? This dress is pretty great!

  6. Love her; she is absolutely fearless when she walks into her closet. The color of the hat works well with the dress, and she pulls it off. I don’t like the shape of the hat, but it’s a lot better than the hats Beatrix wears! Don’t get me started on those. The story behind the dress is inspiring. Good for Max for wearing the design. She looks great in vibrant colors.

  7. Several comments about Queen Maxima’s dress have been removed. Please read the additional information about this dress, now added to the post. This dress has an incredible story behind it.

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