Dutch Royals Celebrate Prinsjesdag

It’s Prinsjesdag! Every year on the third Tuesday of September, the Dutch monarch addresses a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives in The Hague. This speech from the throne lays out government’s goals, policies and budget for the following session of parliament. The event is mired in tradition and pomp- the family arrives in their gold coach, dressed in finery fitting with the 18th century court dress requirement (that’s when Prinsjesdag began and the dress code has not changed). This dress code makes the event one of the very few royal events where we see full length gowns topped with hats!

This is a wonderful dress code for Queen Máxima and she did not disappoint. She topped her cherry red tailored Valentino gown with a coordinating ruched calot hat designed by Fabienne Delvigne. The hat beautifully framed her face and slightly softened the strong lines of the dress. Máxima wears many Delvigne designed ruched toque and calot hats, to varying degrees of success (as yesterday’s post illustrated). At first glance, I thought this hat was well-balanced with just the right amount of movement in all the right places. A second look, however, makes me wonder if this hat is just too small. It seems precariously perched on the back of Máxima’s head, almost as an afterthought. She does look spectacularly regal but I think that’s thanks to the gown and jewels. The hat really doesn’t add much, does it?

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The King and Queen were joined by Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, who topped her purple coat with a camel hat. The hat, large-scale straw pillbox designed by Eudia, was trimmed with autumn-hued pheasant feathers. In some photos, it looked like the hat had a pointed peak in the front but I believe that was an illusion created by the feather trim. The hat helped tie Laurentien’s sash with her outfit and I think overall, it worked well for her. Her corduroy coat, however, is an entirely different matter…

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I must admit- I miss the days when the royal balcony also included Princess Margriet and Princess (then Queen) Beatrix. What did you think of this pair of royal hats for today’s important event in Holland?

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You can see all the hats Queen Máxima has worn to previous Prinsjesdags at this post. 

Photos from Pool/Getty via Zimbio; Mark Cuthbert and Pool via Getty; Pool/Getty via Zimbio; Mark Cuthbert via Getty; Jasper Juinen/Getty via Zimbio; Patrick van Katwijk via Monarchy Press; Mark Cuthbert, Mark Cuthbert, Mark Cuthbert and Jasper Juinen via Getty

24 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Celebrate Prinsjesdag

  1. For me, Queen Max can do no wrong. Or, very little wrong. Okay, occasionally it’s all off kilter, but I still love her! I think she looks tremendous. And, wow, corduroy?!? This makes me happy!

    I think everyone looks wonderful and regal. Is Willem Alexander’s throne just that much wider than Maxima’s? Did Queen B sit in the wide one before her abdication?

  2. I will go out on a limb and say that I think Princess Laurentian’s purple corduroy is actually beautiful and striking. I know the fabric is traditionally suited for only casual occasions, but I love the way it flows in the picture above. The fabric has a sturdy texture that is so different for a gown. Plus, her hat is wonderful – the color of the hat and the purple of the gown are great together. Maxima’s dress is beautiful, I think a more structured calot would have suited better with the dress. Also, the men look very nice!

  3. I like Max’s hat, just wish she had worn a contrasting color of accessories rather than all red. Your eye has no place to rest apart from the sash. I ADORE Laurentien’s hat. Just adore it. I’d love to see it on either of the York sisters.

  4. Just doesn’t seem like Max. Dress is awfully plain, all the red is clashing, hat way too small, not positioned well, and too everyday for the occasion. But the shoes -they look like a high platform red sandal -now that’s Maxland! Laurentien’s dress originally looked black in the videos, but please -purple corduroy? Top and bottom? There’s a reason it was left back in the 60’s and 70’s. But she wins on that hat -crown-like, rich caramel color, and the pheasant feather trim (okay, that could have been a bit more OTT, but a regal touch nevertheless).

  5. I love the dress but the hat should have had a little more structure. The red gloves are overkill. And don’t get me started on the awful shoes…!

  6. I think there is a lot going on here, the gown is beautiful, the hat,,,,,,yikes, your right, Hat Queen, it looks like it’s going to fall off and the hair, well it was washed and not the greasy look that she usually wears, and it looks like it will fall down any minute. Her jewels are very nice and understated and that is a good thing, the gloves and purse, not a good thing, they don’t match the gown in color and it’s overkill for me. She gets -6 on this one for me.

  7. Maxima is one of my favorites…and I agree…she seeems to be able to wear ANY color!

    I love the gown and hat. I think hats and long dresses are hard to make work, but Maxima does it pretty consistently. I’m not totally loving this, though a few tweaks I think would make it really pop. I like her hair this way, but I don’t think the style works with this hat. The fullness at the side (which I like), since we know what Max’s hair usually looks like, makes me think that both the hair is about to fall down and that the hat is about to fall off. One or the other needs to go. I’d also lose either the red clutch or the red gloves–probably the clutch. All of the pieces are terrific individually…just not together.

  8. I think the importance and formality of the occasion and the dress require a more formal and structured hat.than this ruched calot perched/plonked on the back of the Queen’s head. Also the red gloves and purse take this into Disney queen territory for me. However, this is a hard dress code to pull off successfully and Maxima gets 7/10 from me. An opportunity missed but at least the dress fits and the jewellery is beautiful.

  9. I like the the Queen’s whole outfit, gloves and clutch included. The monochrome sets off the royal sash, which otherwise winds up clashing with something and spoiling many a royal outfit.
    Unlike her the previous pale pink-beige bandage with the bright green dress, today’s ruched calot is strongly colored, visible from all angles and accentuates Queen Máxima’s beautifully styled hair.

  10. The dress is gorgeous – is there any shade Max cannot wear? Love, love the “quiet” jewels that are, nevertheless, tremendous. I’ve been a silent admirerer of her way with gloves but the red on red isn’t quite right, IMHO (ditto bag). The hat? Meh. Someone suggested feathers and I think feathers may be what’s required to just oomph the whole thing a little more. Some red feathers that gently arch over the top of the hat from one side to the other (I’m seeing Camilla in my mind’s eye as I type).
    Really like Laurentien’s hat. Had to smile at her choice of fabric for her jacket (couldn’t tell from the pix but maybe her skirt is corduroy too) – haven’t seen much corduroy since the 80s. My husband still has a pair of corduroy trews from that decade in the most gorgeous shade of green (I’m not kidding). Maybe this is the start of its comeback!

  11. I love the total red look. It’s glorious! Also liked Laurentien’s outfit. It has an Autumn Princess feel to it. And for Laurentien, not 1 bit OTT.

  12. I think the hat is similar in scale to the pale pink one she wore recently (yesterday?); it just looks a little underpowered because of the fuller style in which Maxima has done her hair. I think it just about works, though, because the strong colour makes enough of an impact. I’m also impressed by how well the colour matches the colour of the gown. So often, colours match in some lights but not in others, whereas these go really well in the quite different lightings shown in the photos above. I like Laurentian’s hat, it showcases the lovely pattern of the feathers. I like the colour combination with the dark purple too. But you’re right, Hat Queen – corduroy?!

  13. I think this is a very difficult look to pull off and both ladies have done a phenomenal job! I love the red gloves and bag. I think Maxima oozes regality. For me the look is perfection.

  14. Something about that great volume of hair looks strange when she usually has such fine thin stringy hair. I do like the hat and dress, but not the red gloves and purse. She does look quite regal. I do miss Beatrix and Margriet.

  15. Max looks uber regal and it’s a great dress for her. I like the hat, but could have done with a tad more volume, and that swoop of hair at the side looks a not close to collapse. And (pick pick) red gloves are overkill. But I’ll stop – because she looks like a Queen, and that’s the brief.

  16. Love her dress. The hat is nice but think I would have liked a larger hat with some fluffy feathers. I know the dress is very sedate .Gloves are fine but the red is too much. I would have liked the hat and gloves a different colour or shade perhaps.
    I cannot tell the dress is purple it appears to be black. If I could see the dress colour I think the hat colour would to my eye work better. Open on this outfit as the colour in the picture is distorted.

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