Danish Queen Tours Colourful Museum Exhibit

Last weekend, Queen Margrethe of Denmark toured the exhibition ‘Transformations – Classical Sculpture in Colour’ at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum in Copenhagen.  For this visit, Margrethe wore a grey straw hat we have not seen in a long time- so long that this is its first appearance here on Royal Hats! With a rounded grey straw crown and very lightly woven grey straw brim, this hat was trimmed with a large melon coloured feather and band around the crown in the same print as Margrethe’s coordinating blouse (see a better view of this hat here). I love the lightness of the transparent straw brim, the shape and the scale of this hat on Margrethe, and how the pale grey contrasts with those unexpected hits of orange. I’m just not sure about that oddly placed feather trim. What do you think?

 Queen Margrethe, September 14, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Margrethe, September 14, 2014 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, September 14, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: February 19, 2008;  October 8, 2007;  October 3, 2006;  August 30, 2005; November 19, 2004; July 27, 2004

Photos from Jesper Sunesen/Billed Bladet via Royalista

13 thoughts on “Danish Queen Tours Colourful Museum Exhibit

  1. I do like this hat, interesting, and I would say more glamorous and elegant than Margrethe typically goes in for. But the brim is brown, no? It’s loosely woven, so it gives a different impression from the crown, but it’s definitely not the same colour as the crown. I do feel that the orange of the bag detracts from the impact of the melon-colour of the hat and blouse, which tie in well together.

  2. I seriously love this hat, it’s so Daisy, it has her name on it and nobody can pull this off but her. The colors are great, she can wear this color orange where most can’t. Now the suit, way to big, it swallows her up and she disappears, I don’t like the purse at all, nor the gloves, those so distract from the rest of her outfit. She is an artist and it shows in her life and that must be a very fulfilling aspect for her.

  3. I like Queen Margrethe’s hat, except for the oddly placed feather. The transparent straw brim was an interesting touch, and allows light through to light up her face. The shape of this hat is good for her. I don’t mind Margrethe’s contrasting grey suit with the orange blouse and hat band. This Queen can rock bright colors. However, the suit looks about two sizes too big for her. I don’t like the addition of another shade of orange for the bag. I don’t like this shoulder bag and it doesn’t hang right over the suit jacket. She has also added beige gloves which don’t fit in here either. I also wonder about the sapphire pendant on the brooch. I just think that there is too much going on with this outfit overall especially with the feather.

  4. I don’t think she needed the feather, but it must have appealed to her in some way. She is such a unique individual that she carry it off with panache.

  5. Knowing Daisy Dane she probably picked the hat because the feather would annoy people! As always, she looks comfortable, but mumsy. There’s a figure under there, but it’s always swallowed up by the clothes. If Maxima wears things a size too small, our Daisy wears things at least a size too large. Either she has lost weight, or she likes things really loose. Whichever it is, I like her, and she is the queen, so she can do what she wants. More than most royals, she is a great supporter of the arts, and is heavily involved in projects of her own from time to time. I suspect that had she not been a royal, she would have been an artist and would have been much happier. She has that bohemian vibe going.

    • Let’s keep the nicknames respectful and our speculations within reason. It is not fair (and likely not accurate) to say a queen picked a certain piece of clothing or an accessory just to annoy people.

  6. Not sure about the feather. Her suit is well made but too loose. Orange and grey. Not sure about that combo. Not terrible but not great either.
    I am neutral about this.

    • Orange and grey was a VERY fashion-forward colour combination 10 years ago. LOVE that she experiments with fashion. She’s one of the few that really does.

      • Replace all the orange stuff with a deep hot pink or jewel tone purple and retailor the suit jacket and it could go another 10 years.

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