Royal Couple Attend Service at Westminster Abbey

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall attended a service of thanksgiving and rededication for the the Battle of Britain Fighter Association this morning at Westminster Abbey. Camilla repeated her ice blue picture hat with inverted edging, straw and crin bands around the crown, and mass of straw and crin curled bow loops on the side. I adore this hat- the scale and colour is beautiful on Camilla and the light feel of the hat, amid ALL that trim, is remarkable. The Duchess can carry a large hat like few others and I thought she looked marvelous in this hat. Your thoughts, dear readers?

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 18, 2014

19 thoughts on “Royal Couple Attend Service at Westminster Abbey

  1. Oh how I adore a “Camilla Outing” because . . . there are hats! Not little bits of fluff and feather, not dead birds and not the ever present and boringly unfascinating, fascinators. No, Camilla likes hats and and she is not timid in her choices. No demure little colour-coordinated pillbox for her . . . it’s hats, honking great cartwheels, picture hats, no less, and what a picture she makes.

    This gorgeous little number is absolutely superb as it sits at the perfect angle and shows her face and jewellery to great advantage and is “the” colour to wear to a Battle of Britain Memorial Service and get together. The Air Force Blue of her ensemble and even choosing to debut her breathtaking new, three strand pearl choker with it’s fabulous blue diamond and sapphire or aquamanrine clasp.

    She finish the ensemble with twhat looks like nude court shoes, picking up the barest hint of neutral on the furls of the hat.

    Somehow, just calling this a hat just doesn’t do it justice. This is a masterpiece of the milliners keen eye which allows them to match the style of the hat to the nature and demeanor of the wearer. No small feat and one that, fortunately, is seeing something of a comeback.

  2. I think this is a lovely hat, although perhaps just the slightest bit unbalanced-looking (because all the trim goes off to the side which is also the downward side, so it looks as though it’s in the process of tipping due to the weight – not that it is, of course!) Camilla is a hat-wearer to warm a hat-lover’s heart, and there aren’t very many about, so it is always a joy to see her. Even though her hat style is much more varied than the late Queen Mother’s, she is developing a signature look of outfits with striking hats in a similar way, and it is a process that will stand her in good stead for the rest of her royal life. Part of doing that well is to create an instantly recognisable public image, and she is well on the way to doing that.

  3. I agree that Camilla looks really regal. She wears her big hats in a way that reminds me of the way ex-Queen Beatrix wore them. Camilla is a role model for me how to find myself and develop also in advanced age. In my generation we thought that you don’t change much after 40 any more, but I learned this simply isn’t true, there’s still so much potential. Camilla really seems to be happy at the point she is now in her life, and I think she doesn’t have to prove something to others any more. At the side of Charles, she is herself and spreads a lot of genuine warmth.

    • Thanks for sharing Anne from E. There is certainly a lot of warmth towards Camilla and I think that she has achieved that by demonstrating what a lot of people have commented on here- being herself, warmth, hard work, friendliness/interest, resilience. Good on her. Oh the hat- I agree, she knows what looks good on her and carries it off with aplomb. I really like that last photo of her, with the light shining through and under the hat, it is very flattering and shows the beauty and lightness of the hat. It’s a very beautiful blue. Thanks.

  4. i love it when camilla goes VAVOOM! with her hats, and this colour is among the best for her, icy blues of all kinds suit her so well.

    more and more do i get the feeling we are looking at a (future) queen, not ‘only’ a duchess.

  5. Oh Wow! She looks fabulous! I love ice blue and, the Duchess wears it well. Love, love, love how she coordinates her accessories with the blue in the pattern of her coat. Her signature pearl chokers are great. I get the feeling that she coordinates her wardrobe around her numerous chokers. Lovely.

  6. Although this hat might look a little funny on most ladies, it looks perfect on the Duchess of Cornwall. The color is beautiful and the exaggerated trim suits Camilla’s personality. More power to her!

  7. Camilla in a cartwheel is hat heaven. I always think she looks like such fun, and get millinery choices only reinforce my decision. She looks great, and for a mature woman, she’s in her style stride.

  8. The colour is excellent. The hat is a bit big as the rest of the outfit is fairly simple and straight. Maybe if she had a slight flair in her coat..skirt.

  9. I love the scale and glorious color of the hat, but I think the decorations are a bit much. There is a lot going on with the ribbons poking out so stiffly. That being said, the color is perfect for her and it is a hat you would expect to see on a royal duchess. Camilla is one of those rare women who gets better looking as she gets older. Blue is certainly her color, and I love to see her out and about. She and Charles always look so happy to be together, and it is a delight to see them. On this outing, she looked lovely and appropriate. Despite the excessive decoration on the hat, it was a win for her. I am firmly on team Camilla. She and Charles work hard, and she is so friendly and charming. She has a real charm, not a phony cultivated charm, and people can tell the difference. Sometimes the royals don’t look all that happy to show up, but she and Charles definitely do. Good for them.

  10. While I love the color on her, about the hat, it makes her look top heavy, there is tooo much sticking out on the top of the hat, is she going to fall over from the weight of the hat? If the things on top where just a bit smaller then it would be okay, not a good hat!

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