Hat Mystery for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Sunday Service again this morning at Crathie Kirk in Aberdeenshire. En route to church, photographers caught a glimpse of the Queen in a turquoise straw hat trimmed with a cream band around the crown. We have not seen this hat in a decade and I was surprised to see it pop up out of the depths of the Queen’s millinery closet. That was until I realized that the designer of this hat, Philip Somerville, was laid to rest today. The Queen sent one of her ladies in waiting to attend the funeral and this appears to be her own, private tribute.  Her Majesty paid the same sort of tribute to Frederick Fox last year- a lovely touch from an incredibly thoughtful woman.

Queen Elizabeth, September 28, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer:  Philip Somerville
Previously Worn: July 2, 2004;  May 7, 2004

Photo from Newsline Media Ltd. 


13 thoughts on “Hat Mystery for Queen Elizabeth

  1. Nice to see a slightly different look than we’ve been accustomed to see recently.
    I like the suit and the hat….not sure I love them together, though. Something just reads slightly off here but I can’t put my finger on it.

  2. Thank you for the third picture (July 2004). Shows the hat in clearer detail and from its most attractive angle, I think.
    This appears to be a real 3-piece suit, not just a dress with a short jacket (which itself is an improvement over the currently favored long coat). Another improvement in July was off-white gloves instead of the black.
    So if this hat actually was made by Philip Somerville and the Queen wore it this week in his memory, that probably would mean this outfit was located this week in the depths of Buck House storage and then sent up to Balmoral.

  3. A lovely hat, though I am not so keen on the costume! However, as always, it matches perfectly, and any excuse to trot out that fantastic new turquoise and diamond brooch is welcome!

  4. Well spotted. I think your Philip Somerville theory is spot on. It’s a larger brim than she wears these days and I rather like that.

  5. Good eye, Lex. I had not seen the 2004 picture of this hat, but in searching for it, I had a nice review of the many blue and turquoise hats the Queen has worn lately. I do like the height of the crown and the brim size on this hat. Overall, a winner for me.

  6. I quite like the suit but am not overly fond of the hat. Even with the two photos (thanks again, Lex!), it’s a little hard to take in the full effect of the hat. It goes well enough with the suit.
    The Queen’s dressers must be rooting through the 2004 closets. There have been a lot of outfits from that era recently, starting last spring with that off-white/white coat with the black buttons worn on the state visit to France in 2004.

  7. It does look like something she has worn before. I like the color, and the hat is okay, but I don’t like the odd pleated effect at the top. I like whatever she wears generally, because she always looks so nicely turned out. She knows what suits her and she wears it. Even her new clothes don’t scream new clothes, because she wears clothes remarkably similar to what she has worn before, and they are very well made. In the same way she can get away with repeating her outfits, because her clothes don’t look that dated. I remember her mother always wearing a coat and dress in matching colors, and a big hat, because that’s what she liked. No matter the color or pattern, it always looked the same. The queen has more variety to her looks, and she looks amazing for a lady in her eighties. Princess Margaret was always known as the pretty one, but the queen has a.ways been lovely and she has aged well. Despite her responsibilities, she always looks refreshed, regal, and very attractive.

  8. Thankyou Lex, you seem to be all over this!! Well done. Bravo for Her Majesty in turquoise, Bravo for the continuing shorter jacket trend, Bravo for the cream/white? contrast outlining the jacket……but um……how can I put this…..not a fan of the hat I’m afraid. Looking forward to seeing what others think. Cheers.

  9. Rebecca, both the outfit and hat are not new 🙂 Her Majesty has worn it for the first time on 07th May 2004. You can find the exact hat + outfit (again short version jacket not the usual long ones :-))


    I can recall she has worn it on at least one more occasion after the first debut above but I can not remember exactly which occasion it was as the engagement did not have much press coverage.

    • Thanks again, Lex! It is often so difficult to find existing photos of minor royal engagements from more than 10 years ago. I did however, find the other wearing of this hat, in July 2004. Somehow, I don’t think Queen Elizabeth has worn it since then.

      As always, I appreciate your expertise and eagle eye to help figure out The Queen’s hat mysteries!

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