Queen Máxima Opens Science Museum

Queen Máxima attended the official opening of Micropia, a museum about micro-organisms, in Amsterdam today. While the museum sounds most interesting, I’m afraid Máxima’s hat choice was a disaster. She repeated the bright yellow fabric doughnut headpiece we saw her debut the 70th anniversary of D-Day in June. A bright yellow ring headpiece is bad on its own but paired with a matching jacket over a beigey-pink silk dress, it was truly awful. If you can find something attractive about this outfit, please do share because I’m afraid, dear readers, I can not.

Queen Máxima, September 30, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats Queen Máxima, September 30, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal HatsQueen Máxima, September 30, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 6, 2014

Photos from Koen van WeelKoen van Weel and Koen van Weel via ANP

26 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Science Museum

  1. Well HatQueen, her shoes were nice, but I had to google the event to see more pictures of her outfit. The shoes and dress did not match the jacket and hat. I am not fond of this style hat anyway.

  2. Wow, Max did you really need to go quite that far? That “citrus” jacket and hat seared my eyeballs and I still can’t see straight. But Max, why . . . You have a terrific wardrobe, the envy of many and you mix and match which is all very wise and prudent but Max, the goat wants his hat back and the scarecrow wants his jacket.

  3. I’m trying to give Maxima the benefit of the doubt on this. While I don’t care for the outfit personally, I took at look at some of the news images online. It appears that overall the museum is very dark, allowing illuminated exhibits to be seen more easily. Most of the men wearing dark suits in the photos melt into the background. Probably someone from QM’s office scouted the museum in advance and told her she’d need to wear something VERY bright to stand out in the inky darkness.

  4. quote:
    “If you can find something attractive about this outfit, please do share because I’m afraid, dear readers, I can not.”

    well, i personally do find it attractive that this is a truly awful combination and a really really bad dress-suit on maxima (from natan, i assume), but it is NOT natan’s worst outfit ever. so the catastrophe might even be more memorable had she opted for another ‘natan’.

    having become very humble when dealing with vermeulen’s designs, the absence of the worst i do find rather attractive.

  5. She seems to be on a mission to make this hat shape her own, and I respect her for that decision, and for the daring choices she makes. SI saw a posting on a French blog about this visit that described HM as “a ray of royal sunshine,” and the yellow certainly highlights that description. (There was another comment on the same blog in which the writer said she wanted to make an omelette from HM’s bouquet — LOL.)

  6. I looked at the pictures of the D-Day anniversary, and realised that the hat wasn’t too bad when it seemed like a proper toque – it’s really the doughnut aspect that is off-putting for me. Although a slightly different shade might suit Maxima better, I don’t even mind the hat and the jacket combination, I think they have real potential. But I really don’t like this dress with them at all. However, having said all that, Maxima is looking well-dressed and queenly, which I will always applaud!

  7. I found something attractive to share. On another site, someone commented that for all official openings (schools, museums, buildings etc.) Queen Maxima wears a dress with a hat and gloves. She has taken on this traditional dress code which means we’ll see her in many, many hats in the future!

    I agree that this pink and yellow combination was odd today.

  8. I really like the color combination (especially in the bottom photo), but not the shape of the jacket like beachgal said. I would also prefer a different style of hat, but still in this color.

  9. Does anyone else remember Princess Claire of Luxembourg wearing a weird similar colour combination to the wedding in Washington D.C. Of Archduke Imre and Kathleen Walker? I am unable to post a photo but it seems to me it was equally jarring. As for Queen Maxima, her best feature is her smile which never seems to dim.

  10. It’s a lovely colour but not on her. Her skin tone does not suit this citrus colour. She needs pinky / coral or bright red shades. She can carry this an an accent colour but not as a main hat colour.
    Perhaps if tried this an an accent colour on her dress ie green and grey wide bands on a dress rather than beige it would help? I like the shape of the hat and it suits the occasion – not overly formal but smart. Overall – not a winning look but certainly not boring!

  11. Well, I don’t like the color, but the hat isn’t as bad as the dress. Surely by now someone has told her that wearing things a size small is not a flattering look. Despite the disasters though, that megawatt smile is a winner.

  12. I actually like it. I like the way the piece is draped, I like the color and I find the modern feel of the colour combination fitting for the event. (It reminds me of molecular models in science class.)

  13. The colors don’t bother me as badly as the tight fit on that dress. There are so many times that I have wished she would size up on a dress , skirt ,or shoes. Surely a Queen could have properly fitting attire.

  14. Hard to tell exactly since the color on the photos is tinged a bit off – but this yellow is looking like it has a lot of green in it – and who knows what shade the beige really was. As I have said before (and many others also), I hate these turban with the hole in it ‘burlap sack’ hats! The whole look is very 1960 and not in a good way – the cut on the jacket is not a good look for her at all – that pinched in collar area on the jacket with it’s fly away cropped bottom takes the narrowest lady (think Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy) to pull that off and is not a look recommended for anyone who has any kind of hips like Max does.

  15. We love Max because she takes fashion risks and pushes the envelope. Not surprising that she has a few misses along the way.

    I think this would have been fabulous with a magenta pink dress instead of this pale one. It’s just the two colors that don’t work.

  16. Oh my goodness. I like color blocking but not bright yellow with muted pink.

    Is it me or is she wearing this headpiece differently than she did last time? It looks different than I remember.

    • Good question. This time, she is wearing it slightly tilted more to the side of her head, which raises the top a little higher. Last time, her hair was styled in a sweeping bang across the forehead which also changed the whole look.

  17. I totally dis agree with you. Love the colour and shape of the turban. I think it fits her very well. I love the colour combination of the dress and jacket.

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