Queen Máxima Opens Rotterdam Market

Queen Máxima attended the opening of ‘Markthal’, the first indoor fresh food market in The Netherlands, in Rotterdam today. Reader Jules commented earlier this week that Máxima’s dress code for official openings always includes a hat and today was no exception. This, however, was not just any hat, it was a new red calot/turban hat!

This calot was covered in pleated tomato red fabric which coordinated with the print of Máxima’s dress. I thought that the open bandeau neckline of the dress worked perfectly to balance the hat, which was further showed off to great effect with Queen Máxima’s chignon hairstyle and ruby earrings. While this red toque brings the total number of red toque hats in Máxima’s hat closet to four (see the other red toques at this post), I think it’s a winner and thought Máxima looked fantastic. I can’t wait to hear your opinions on this hat!

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

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23 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Rotterdam Market

  1. Tomato sauce red!! Great description. Gorgeous colour coordination in the dress, nice neckline and that panache that Máx has an abundance of! Gotta love it. She seems determined to continue on with the toque look and this is probably one of the better ones….so more to look forward to. Thanks.

  2. Red. Leather. GLOVES! How flash is that?? 🙂

    Love the whole ensemble. HM exudes an air of confidence that just amazes.

  3. About her hairdo – I wonder if her hair is wrapped around something – I don’t know what to call it – rather than it being all her own hair? Just curious. Overall, she looks smashing, no negative remarks from me!

  4. Queen Maxima looks wonderful! I love the outfit! Red suits her very well and the whole ensemble looks very appropriate for fall. The hat is well balanced and I like the angle it takes on her head. If I could change one tiny thing, I would take the bow off the shoes; otherwise, there is nothing wrong with shiny red platform heels.
    I love this Queen!

  5. One word… STUNNING! I’m just amazed how Maxima has transformed from a HRH to a Majesty with true dignity and she carries both her charisma & style, just 1 year into in this role very naturally! Im charmed by her more and more everyday.

  6. Wow! I think this is one of my favorite of her outfits. I love the bright red color on her and how the hat frames her face.

  7. Before reading others’ comments, I’d decided that I liked the hat, the hair and the shoes. Despite the other comments, I continue to like the whole outfit. It’s striking.

  8. She was lovely and happy as always, but the hat misses for me. I don’t like the shaping on it, because it looks like one side is broken. I think it’s nice that she does her own hair, but the bun is very messy. It always derails the look with the strands of hair poking out. The overall effect is trying to hide a bad hair day under the hat. Not crazy about the Barbie doll shoes either.

  9. The jury’s still out for me on this one. The color looks wonderful with the dress (which is lovely, by the way) but my grandmother had a pincushion shaped much like this when I was a kid, and in a similar color, no less! I would probably like this in a different color but maybe this one will grow on me.

  10. I agree with others, I love the outfit, I really love the hat. I’m a big fan of Queeen max. But not a fan of the shoes.
    Ps- first time poster but have been admiring this blog for a while (have recently read it all the way through from the beginning). Thanks for the great work!

  11. Now, from many angles, the citrus yellow hat yesterday looked very similar, but then there was the disappointment of seeing it from the other side. This red one just shows how much better the proper hat is compared with the doughnuts! I can’t say it’s as favourite a shape for me as for Maxima, but I did think it looked absolutely spiffing with this outfit.

  12. I would love Max to get past the toque stage, particularly with the mess of a bun. The colour is stunning on her, the shoes are ghastly.

  13. I think she looks beautiful. You have the most wonderful pictures on you blog. How do you keep up with all of the outings and engagements?

  14. Her shoes were horrendous (I hate platform shoes) but the remainder of her outfit was perfect. She is very
    stunning and always appears to be suitably dressed. I did like her red hat hugging he head – quite attractive.

  15. I thought the hat was great, I liked everything about her outfit except open toe shoes, the shoes looked awful while the hat looked gorgeous and very becoming on her. Your right Hat Queen, it did compliment her dress. And as usual this red is wonderful on her. She should wear this color more often…way to go Max!

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