Farewell to the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were in Derbyshire today to attend the funeral of the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, a longtime friend of Prince Charles. Camilla wore her simple black straw hat with side bow for this event.

Duchess of Cornwall, October 2, 2014 in Lock & Co. | Royal Hats

The current Duchess of Devonshire wore a large scale cloche style hat in black wool with an upturned brim on one side.

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The Duke of Devonshire’s two sisters, Lady Emma Cavendish and Lady Sophia Cavendish, wore a black veil and black picture hat.

Embed from Getty Images

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15 thoughts on “Farewell to the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire

    • Thanks, again, Jelsta. The Countess of Burlington looks to be wearing a Philip Treacy hat – both the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex have a similar style.

  1. Ditto from me re Camilla, perhaps still feeling the loss of her brother. She was carrying a scarf featuring some rather sweet stylised elephants…..although we are meant to be talking about the hats!!! I quite liked the hat worn by the current Duchess of Devonshire, the mixture of floppy and upturned brim perhaps the attraction.

  2. This must have been hard for Charles; from reading Debo’s books, she clearly adored him ( she called him ‘Friend’). Debo was quite a woman!

    I thought he and Camilla looked marvellous, Camilla in particular looked lovely, I love her dress.

  3. I agree with everything said by christinecarson and jamiemid regarding Camilla’s demeanor, apparel, and her support of Prince Charles. Camilla always dresses appropriately, not only for her age but also for the occasion. The outfit she wore today was a perfect example of dressing for the occasion.

  4. I’ve never seen a veil worn like that of Lady Emma. It looks almost like a nun’s veil. Does anybody know something more about this, or am I just a fashion simpleton?
    The hats of Lady Sophia and the two duchesses are great.

  5. Camilla looks truly lovely. That hat is a great style for her. She looks very pensive and dignified, very regal. I also liked the large picture hat on one of the Duke’s sisters. Camilla is doing a superb job. She dresses and acts appropriately, she supports her husband, and never overshadows him. I suspect that her sadness was mainly empathy for Charles, plus some sadness for a friend dying.

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