Princess Beatrix Presents Human Rights Award

Princess Beatrix was in The Hague yesterday to present the Max van der Stoel Award to Spravedlivost, a human rights NGO in Kyrgyzstan. For this event, she repeated her burgundy brimless hat with domed crown and feathers wrapped around the tall sides. This hat will always say “Bird’s Nest!” to me but it is just SO Beatrix that I can’t completely dislike it. The mix of gold and burgundy throughout her ensemble really works, don’t you think?

Princess Beatrix, September 2, 2014 | Royal Hats Princess Beatrix, September 2, 2014 | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images

I don’t mean to be cheeky but I can’t resist quipping that THIS is how to do red(ish) patent leather heels!

Designer: likely Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: November 21, 2013;  November 22, 2011

Photos from Albert Philip Van Der Werf and Albert Philip Van Der Werf via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Presents Human Rights Award

  1. Princess Beatrix’s unique silhouette always seems to me to echo the style of 16th century Dutch old master portraits in the shape / proportion of hat, collar and sleeves.

  2. Ah, leave it to Princess Beatrix to show us how it’s done! Now, not all of us can wear hats the shape of a cake tin but she does it with style. I love the colour of her entire ensemble, every little bit, from the feathering of her hat to the gloss on her shoes . . . perfect in every way and perfectly Beatrix.

  3. In my opinion this is how a Queen should look: distinctive, unique, impeccably tailored, groomed, and coiffed, beautifully but not gaudily be-jewelled, and with an attractive hat and gloves if the occasion demands. Yes. It is a little eccentric for my taste but as Melly says above it is quintessentially Beatrician and a delight to see. Brava Beatrix.

  4. Real birds nests tend to be much more tidy than human made birds nest hats. This hat, however, is very tidy and very beautiful. Nicely Done!

  5. I don’t believe Princess Beatrix has ever disappointed. We can almost always count on her wearing this style of hat although it would be interesting to find out the reason she prefers this style. She is always impeccably dressed from head to toe.

  6. Quintessential Beatrix. Not my taste, but she does it well and consistently looks lovely. (I find that I really like her necklace, actually…)

  7. I agree that on anyone else, I would dislike that hat, but it is just her style and she looks lovely. I do agree about the red shoes as well.

  8. the entire outfit reminds me of a wealthy russian cossack on christmas vacation, must be the winter-y colour and the brocade braids. the hat is very beatrix, to put it this way, yet a lot less cake-shaped than usual. it complements the outfit and the wearer perfectly. all that counts, bird’s nest or not.

    and yes, patent leather can be tricky, but with beatrix we can remain calm, i guess. very unlikely that she would get lost in too high heeled platform hoochie mama territory (as one poster in the order of splendour blog named it). i would have preferred gloves in some other colour, a bit too much red for the accessories, but that’s a minor quibble.

  9. I hate the hat, but she almost always wears this style, so clearly she likes it and that’s what matters. I love the effort she makes. Her hair is always styled, the makeup is good, and she always looks refreshingly normal, and regal at the same time.

  10. I noticed the shoes quickly and really liked them. This is a regal lady to the highest standards. However I do not like the colour. Wonderful style.

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