Norwegian Royals Welcome Indian State Visit

The Norwegian royal family welcomed the Indian President on the first state visit between the two countries today. Crown Prince Haakon met President Pranab Mukherjee and his daughter Sharmistha at the airport and accompanied them to the Palace Square, where they were received by the King, the Queen and Crown Princess Mette-Marit. Queen Sonja wore a navy blue pillbox hat in what looks to be crushed silk velvet (her tailored suit jacket was in the same fabric). The colour looked beautiful on Sonja and I really liked the placement and scale of the pillbox with her hairstyle. We have not seen this Queen in a pillbox hat in a long while and I thought it was wonderful on her today.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I think this hat is new

Crown Princess Mette-Marit repeated her flat pale pink pillbox hat, worn nearly vertically on the back of her head. I love the side view of this hat but find the front view rather frustrating as it looks like she is not wearing a hat at all.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: January 15, 2012; April 26, 2010

Princess Astrid repeated her orange curled fascinator. It’s a rather quirky headpiece and the unexpected nature of it makes me almost like it. Maybe.

2014-10-13 Indian state visit 4

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 15, 2014

A brief video of the above photo is available here. My favourite hat today was the pillbox worn by Queen Sonja- did any hats stand out to you?

Images from Getty as indicated and Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix via The Royal House of Norway

9 thoughts on “Norwegian Royals Welcome Indian State Visit

  1. Applause all the way around: any event where you get a side order of Dress Uniform Haakon (can anyone say “action figure”?) and Astrid in any sort of headwear is a win in my book!

  2. I liked MM’s coat from the back, looked like interesting detail, but not so much from the front. I do think there’s a point (age) at which woman should stop wearing bows on their clothes! I also don’t care for her dark hose and shoes, but that’s only a minor quibble. Sonja always looks good and this event was no exception. I’m liking her wrap a great deal. Harald is still a striking figure in uniform, isn’t he?

  3. I tend to agree with all your comments, Hat Queen. Mette-Marit usually wears her pillboxes this far back, and although it suits her, it being so invisible does almost negate the wearing of the hat in the first place! I do like Sonja’s pillbox, a good size for her and an interesting fabric.

  4. Yes, I thought Princess Mette-Marit looked good today too. The three times this hat has been worn it has been teamed with this rather nice coat so MM is obviously happy with the ensemble as a whole. I love the colour. I think the placement of the hat is okay, she tends to wear the pillbox low and with all the hair tucked away and I am okay with it this way on the Crown Princess. Thanks for the video, always good to see Royals going about their work.

  5. Aw…I heart Astrid. She’s so quirky. This fascinator suits her…unusual sense of style.
    Sonja’s hat was my favorite–lovely shade of blue, different fabric than I’m used to seeing her wear, nice shape and placement.
    Is it typical to be met at the airport like that? I’ve never paid much attention….but if it isn’t, it should be. Seems like a sweet and hospitable gesture.

  6. The royals looked very becoming. Queen Sonja’s hat was my favorite, and I thought Princess Mette-Marit looked the best I’ve seen of her lately. Sometimes her outfits leave me puzzled, but her coat-dress today looked very nice. I agree about the size of her hat or how far she has it on the back of her head. From the side, I was very fond of her hat and the way her hair was styled, but from the front, it wasn’t as impressive. Being very new to this site, I’m uncomfortable commenting on Princess Astrid since this is the first time I’ve seen a photo of her.

    • I think Astrid looks remarkably youthful given that she is 82. Others find her style a bit quirky and she does have a penchant for flamboyant spectacles and on occasions wears one of the more bizarre “antenna like” tiaras. However, I think she usually dresses well and appropriately with a little flair. It is worth reading about her. She was First Lady of Norway at her widowed father’s side for a longish period. I quite like her fascinator and it is nicely matched with her dress. The other hats are unremarkable and I dislike the Queen’s shawl over her jacket and MM’s dark hosiery.

      • Please don’t misunderstand….I think Astrid is totally fabulous. She DOES always look great and I appreciate that her originality shines through! She’s one of my favorites!

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