Dutch Monarchs Welcome Spanish King and Queen

King Felipe of Spain and Queen Letizia paid their introductory visit (the first since becoming Spanish monarchs) to the Dutch King  and Queen today. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima welcomed their Spanish friends this morning at Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. I expected Queen Letizia would forgo a hat today and was therefore surprised when Queen Máxima did not.

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Queen Máxima repeated her purple wool ‘slice’ picture hat with sharply upturned brim around one side of the hat. I adore the gentle wave on the lower side of the brim and love how all the drama from this hat comes from the form instead of the trimmings. And who doesn’t love a queen in a purple hat?! I suspect some of you will quibble about the colour clash between this hat and Máxima’s dress but I suspect any mismatch we detect may an issue of lighting and fabric sheen (as you can see from the way the dress photographs so differently in the  following photos). My issue is the necklace, which looks like a medieval torture device. There were times in history where such displays of weaponry warned visiting monarchs not to mess with their hosts and while I suspect this was not the case today (!), I think this necklace was an odd choice that tragically, detracted from the beautiful hat.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvinge
Previously Worn: March 19, 2014; November 12, 2013

Queen Letizia did not wear a hat. The Spanish royals show us time and time again that they are not a hat wearing bunch and while I thought today might coax even a small hat onto Letizia’s head, it was not to be. So far, we have only seen Letizia wear hats for major royal weddings where the dress code clearly required a hat and I suspect that trend will continue.

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These four monarchs were clearly delighted to see one another and it appears that a lovely visit was in store. What did you think of Queen Máxima’s hat today (and Queen Letizia’s lack of hat?!)

Photos from Getty as indicated; Patrick van Katwijk and Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

23 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Welcome Spanish King and Queen

  1. Maxima….if she needs a sister/best friend/next door neighbor/whatnot, I am available. And not just because I want in that hat closet of hers! But I adore this hat and it looks beautiful with that polished hairstyle.
    Letizia, as always, looks nice, but as many of you have said….she needs to take it up a notch! Especially when the other royal lady in the room is Maxima. You could try anything new that you wanted, practically risk-free, because you would KNOW that Maxima would be doing something more…. Take a chance, Letizia!

  2. I like Queen Maxima’s hat and wish that Queen Letizia had worn one as well. I cannot believe that I am going to say this, but *whispers* ” I love Maxima’s necklace.”

  3. Queen Maxima seems to always wear what is appropriate and she is great fun to watch. I love her! Even if I don’t love what she has on, she seems to really try and I love her for the effort she makes each time. Plus, I have read she is a kind and supportive woman.

    Like beautiful Queen Maxima, Queen Litizia is a very beautiful woman. I think her dress has beautiful detail and shape, but if she had worn a small hat and had her hair pulled back/up, she would have been perfect in the photos.

  4. I think QL looks lovely but as Mr. Fitzroy stated, so eloquently, not “finished” . Queen Max, on the other hand, looks Stunning! But I do have a issue: the purse! Why is it necessary for the Queens (and I include HMQueen Elizabeth II in this group too) to carry purses all the time? Couldn’t the Kings and/or Princes/Dukes carry the lipstick/lipgloss, hankie/tissue, readers, and comb? It’s not like they need IDs, money, credit cards, hand sanitizer, hand cream, odd receipts, store loyalty cards, insurance cards, and tissues. (Oh wait, I’m projecting, that’s my purse!) I really think they could just do without!

  5. Oh boy, Max knocks it out of the park – she looks tremendous in the group shot. I daresay the plastic fantastic necklace is by some up-and-coming Dutch designer that she’s just given a leg up to. Letty’s dress is lovely, but she would have done better with a hat or an updo with a fancy mantilla-style comb.

  6. Letitia,s lack of a hat by this occasion is against good habit in the Netherlands.. When the host where a hat, than you have to do that too!

  7. I wished Leticia would’ve worn a hat! A little berry red wool pillbox or cloche to match the dress would have been amazing.

    • Your suggestion is making me all fluttery! Letizia would indeed look amazing in a red pillbox or cloche. Her petite frame is perfect for one of these small scale hats.

    • I agree SASSY. A small hat would have completed her look. Her hair just looks like she got out of bed and didn’t even brush it. She looks unfinished.

  8. lovely but I am afraid too much money is being spent…not sure why one Queen would dress up so much and the other stayed rather conservative.

  9. Once more I am forced to say it. Maxima looks out of his world amazing. That dress is fab, I think it makes a contrast with the hat which I like, and the necklace, whilst undoubtedly out there, is a great source of interest. This woman just gets what it is to be aQueen, she totally does the part, and for that I just love her.

    As ever Letizia looks, well… Nice enough. A comb or a bit of jewellery wouldn’t hurt. Sod it, a hat wouldn’t hurt! She has clearly upped her game since being Queen – fewer trouser suits and Mango separates, but even her Varela coats, well…. I’m a bit bored already. I know. Miaow.

  10. Queen Máxima’s hat is the best part of her outfit, although, as usually is true, she makes a bold statement with the entire outfit. I don’t think the over-the-top necklace detracts from the over-the-top hat, although it does divert attention from the apparent mismatch between the hat and the dress. To match one color in different materials often is not successful when different levels and types of lighting are involved.
    If Queen Letizia had been told, as I suspect, that Máxima would be wearing a hat today, it does seem odd that Letizia chose not to wear a hat yet again. Queen Letizia is noted for her fashion presence in Spain, but hats are rarely worn by Spanish royalty. Not to wear a hat today (on someone else’s turf) seems to me like a mistake.

  11. Maxima is the Queen of Quirk and I love her for it! I would be so sad if she tamed it down. I do love that she did a nice low chingon instead of leaving her hair loose like she did in the red Garbo hat yesterday. Much more polished!

    Letizia looks lovely but I just wish someone had de-wrinkled the skirt of her dress! A designer dressing a royal should know better!

    The men, handsome as always. Perhaps King W-A should try out a beard a la King Felipe! Might look dashing!

  12. I wish Maxima would not alway require one or another saying that “she can get away with that.”, or requiring all the attention on herself. Her hair and hat are lovely. I feel it would be polite to allow the visiting royalty to shine. Having said that, it would also be nice if the visiting royalty would step it up a little too. I do hope they have an enjoyable visit.

  13. I love Letty’s style, all pared down Executive Royalty with some subtle, stunning touches. Max is the polar opposite with her exuberance but sometimes, and only sometimes, I wish she would stop, have a good look in the mirror and take off just one thing before leaving the palace.

  14. For Queen Màx — That, as they say, is a LOTTA look! She pulls it off, as she nearly always does, MrFitzroy doesn’t even mind the necklace, though cannot imagine any other royal who could remotely make that work. One assumes there is no hugging involved when that piece is worn, it could stab someone in the neck!

    For the Spanish Queen, while the dress is lovely, she just doesnt look as overall pulled together as she might — and she certainly would have known that Màxima would not be in shrinking violet mode sartorially. Fine if she’s not a hatter, but compensate for that. How about pulling the hair into a neat chignon, or at least combing it? The dress neckline is screaming for a simple necklace or brooch — so the lovely earrings don’t look so orphaned. Perhaps more of a statement purse? She just doesnt look ‘finished’. She certainly has her own style, but it does her no favor if she appears to be someone’s secretary rather than a Queen. Letizia will either figure it out, or MrFitzroy will just get used to it!

  15. Oh if ONLY Letizia had worn a hat and had a chignon this would have been one of my all-time favourites. I adore Maxima’s entire outfit – including the necklace – I love whimsy! The plum colour is perfect on her.

  16. I love Maxima’s hat! It is gorgeous! I love it with her outfit, too. The necklace is a trifle alarming but since she is the Queen with Flair, she can get away with it. I do wish Letizia liked hats. Her dress is beautiful and she is sporting some lovely ruby and diamond earrings, so that’s nice. A cream colored picture hat to match her clutch would be awesome.

    I’ll bet it’s nice for Maxima to have a chance to speak Spanish!

  17. Love both queen’s dresses.Queen Maxima’s hat goes greatly with this dress in my humble opinion. Her necklace definitely steps into quirky territory. But I am a bit of a quirky myself.so love that too

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