One Hat, Three Coats

Royal HatsQueen Máxima’s fantastic scarlet Garbo style hat earlier this week got me thinking about other royal hats in this genre (stay tuned next week for post on this chic hat style). During some related research yesterday, I came across an incredibly stylish grey Garbo hat worn by Queen Mathilde, also designed by Fabienne Delvigne. Mathilde has paired this hat with two different patterned coats- one in a bold grey and black pinwheel print and the other, a grey and camel leopard print:

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Celebrating Koningsfeest on November 15, 2011

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At a Memorial Mass on February 19, 2013

The pattern of these two coats creates remarkably different outfits with this beautiful hat. Which coat do you think works best with this hat?

Update: Queen Mathilde repeated this for the annual Te Deum Mass on February 17, 2016 with another coat.

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24 thoughts on “One Hat, Three Coats

  1. I never knew that I liked this hat style until this week but it is wonderful!
    Either coat is fine….I don’t love them but they’re ok. BUT–I love the boots with the hat, for sure! If we can work on the coat now….

  2. This hat is stunning on the Belgian Queen. I cannot say that I like either coat all that much. The hat works. But it cannot really make up for the lack of good structure with either coat. Both coats are rather bulky.

  3. Queen Mathilde is one of the most stunningly beautiful woman. I like the hat, but prefer it with the leopard patterned coat.

    Ever since I saw Catherine Zeta Jones, in The Darling Buds of May, wear a softened edged leopard print trench coat on the show, I have liked this look.

  4. In my New York opinion the black/white coat pushes the hat up, (My styling expression) or brightens it, whereas, the animal print (I do love animal prints) pulls the hat down (dampening or dulling) the look. I would have liked to see that animal print with a tan hat.

  5. Queen Mathilde and the hat look great in both. I like the cut of the leopard print coat better, but the hat looks good with either one.

  6. I’m not a fan of either one. The first coat looks like an optical illusion and the second just doesn’t match with the hat (and I don’t really like Queens in animal print). I really wish Queen Mathilde would wear it with this dress. Much better print, much better match, and much better than the hat she wore it with!

  7. It’s surprising that this hat goes so well with each coat. Having a monochrome hat tones down both flamboyant coats. Thumbs up to both outfits.

  8. Yes, the second coat for me. I don’t think you would naturally consider grey with a leopard print but it somehow works. The neckline of the coat is very chic and the cut impeccable. I love these Garbo style hats so am much looking forward to the upcoming post.

  9. I like both looks for different reasons. The black and gray one lets the coat shine, and the animal print shows off the hat more. Very difficult to choose. I think the animal print might be better with something in a brown tone, so I will choose the black/gray print as winner.

  10. I love the hat, but am not a big fan of the coats. Although I dislike animal prints, I find that it looks the best with the hat, and Mathilde really rocks that coat. In theory I should like the color combination on the other coat, but it is so bulky and unattractive. It looks like she is attending a Klingon funeral! I do love Mathilde and Phillipe. He waited a long time to get married, and he chose a winner. They are always so happy and appear very much in love. Of all the current queens, I think she is the loveliest of a bumper crop of lovely ladies. She looks so relatable and so easy in public. She clearly enjoys her role, but isn’t a show off, and doesn’t put on airs.

  11. I think the leopard coat allows the hat to stand out more making a statement. However I do not like animal prints at all so I will go with the checkered look as my favorit outfit.

  12. The neckline on the leopard coat is so elegant and sets off the hat very well. I like the more elegant cut of this coat (very good tailoring, cut close to the body and not bulky like the other coat) much better and it looks better on Mathilde which makes it also look better with this hat.

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