Queen Elizabeth Views Memorial at Tower of London

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” WWI memorial art installation at the Tower of London this morning (learn more about this piece here– 888,246 poppies will be planted in the moat by volunteers by November 11, 2014 with each poppy representing a British or Colonial fatality in the First World War).

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

The Queen surprised with a new hat in vibrant turquoise blue. The hat was another one of Kelly’s ‘Hourglass’ hats with a sharply curved, tall crown- this version was made in the same turquoise wool as Her Majesty’s coat and trimmed with a simple black velvet rosette. While I think this version is the most successful of the seven hats Queen Elizabeth has in this shape, it still looks bulbous, off balance and a little Mad Hatter-ish to me. It is, however, a fantstic colour on the Queen and perfectly contrasted against the sea of red poppies today. What do you think of this new hat?

Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat by Stewart Parvin.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty as indicated 

25 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Views Memorial at Tower of London

  1. The British Queen looks lovely in this Angela Kelly designed hat, and while I agree with some other comments that it is a bit outlandish, I think that the vibrant turquoise blue, and the simple trim, are working for her. The fit of the coat is not as good as it should be, as you can see puckering of the fabric in the button area. The emerald brooch does not match, and I am very stunned, because the Queen has turquoise blue brooches that would have been better.

  2. Count me in as another who loves the hat, I think it lends a modern flair to HM while still looking appropriate for both her age, status and occasion. The colour is beautiful on her, as well.

  3. I’m one of those who enjoy this hat shape, which I think is quirky and out-of-the ordinary but still not into the territory of caricature. It’s really a plain outfit otherwise, and the hat shape just brings something extra (and the embellishment is restrained, which I think it needs to be). And the ensemble is such a well chosen colour to be bright but still contrast magnificently with the poppies – an inspired choice.

  4. Ahh, this hat, indeed complete ensemble, is fine with me. I am finding the quip about removing mirrors at Buckingham Palace a little OTT (whilst respecting your right to a differing opinion Jean) and I can’t think of another person who would be more respectful of the fallen than HMQE 2. I agree the simplicity of the trim is key and the colour sublime. Wish I was back in London to show my children this incredible installation. Thanks.

  5. oh dear. Need you ask? The Dr Suess or Mad Hatter rides again and this was no place for fun and games or comedy. They must have removed all mirrors from Buckingham Palace.

  6. Today’s new outfit reminds me of my favorites of the Queen’s outfits:

    Since today’s coat has a blue-green printed dress (visible in one photo at Getty) rather than a dress from the same, heavier turquoise material, I’m assuming that today’s outfit is lighter weight. Otherwise the Queen should have stuck with the first turquoise with black trim.
    I don’t mind the weird, hourglass shape of the new hat, but the single black rosette looks amateurish and too small compared to the complicated black trim on the older hat. The older coat lies flat and looks smooth. Today’s coat is pulled and puckered at the buttons.
    I agree that the color of the outfit is perfect for today’s outing, but I don’t think this is a particularly inspired or well-made outfit.

  7. Yes, I can see what the naysayers are getting at, but it’s possibly only a tiny bit too tall. The shape is quite interesting and the simple decoration perfect. The coat is great and the black trim entirely appropriate for the occasion (as well as making sense of the eternal black shoes and handbag). My only niggle is that HM is wearing an emerald brooch on a turquoise coat. Lovely as the brooch is, an all-diamond/pearl-diamond affair would have been better.

  8. Wonderful color on QEII and such a perfect choice to contrast with the poppy field. The hat is too tall for her. Ms. Kelly, I hope you are paying attention. Cannot say enough about this wonderful memorial. Visually and emotionally stunning.

  9. nice colours likely cold enough for a coat..coat this time looks fine…do not like shape of the hat but it does all work nicely together…do hope the hat shape is not repeated over and over like we have seen in the past.

  10. I love the color, I like the coat but I’m not crazy about the hat, I don’t care for the shape.

    The first thing I thought of is the contrast between the flowers and her Majesty’s outfit. Stunning…

  11. I like the hat. The color is great, nice contrast. I think the hat shape is fun and adds height. And, darn it, what’s wrong with fun!?! She obviously likes this style and why not? She is The Queen and can wear what she likes! She likes a little flare!

    • I agree with efrompdx. The color is great on the Queen. I don’t usually like this shape of hat, but here it seems to work. It borders on costume, but the Queen has pulled it off. Thank goodness the trim has been kept simple.

  12. I really like it! The colour is fab (she has a lovely RTM hat in the same colour way which has been seen a lot), an unlike others I actually really like the shape. It’s rather fun, and quite youthful. And of course a clever contrast against the sea of red!

  13. The color is gorgeous on her, and she looks very pretty. The hat is another thing altogether. I have seen many ugly hats on the royals over the years, but this one is in a category all by itself. Enough already your majesty, enough!

  14. Love this color on her but like many – hate, hate these Mad Hatter shaped hats she wears. She sure must like the shape – she has a ton of them! Maybe she likes the added height it gives her.

  15. The color is fabulous against the red, but I would prefer a more feminine shaped hat. This shape always makes me think of the Mad Hatter too.

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