Princess Yoko Visits Toyama

Princess Yoko of Mikasa was in Toyama for a series of engagements yesterday. She began in Oyabe City, presenting the awards from the 16th Welfare Golf Tournament in the same black bowler hat with jade bow that we saw her wear last weekend in Osaka. Later in the day, she changed into a smart navy fedora with cream band around the crown to visit  a program for disabled adults in Takaoka City. Doesn’t the fedora look great on her?

Princess Yoko, October 16, 2014 | Royal Hats Princess Yoko, October 16, 2014 | Royal Hats

Photos from The Imperial Family of Japan

7 thoughts on “Princess Yoko Visits Toyama

  1. Bowlers and fedoras would not be my first choice for a young woman or frankly for any woman. They are hard to pull off at any age.
    Somewhere between the overly adventurous hats and poorly coordinated (in my opinion) outfits worn by the York princesses and the constrained and staid outfits of these young women from the Japanese royal family there is a happy medium of wonderful, stylish “young princess” looks. Plenty of money is being spent but without great return. Get expert help (Yorks) and “keep trying” (JRF) is my advice.Oh! and keep wearing hats!

  2. Beyond the strict code of modesty and conservative sense of propriety, I get the feeling the lesser princesses are expected to always keep their attire several notches less fashionable than the empress. But when she’s not around, I appreciate that they do seem more likely to sneak in a little more color and detail.

  3. I”m intrigued. Princess Yoko’s black and green outfit of October 15 has the same shape at the neckline as the green and black outfit today. They are two different tops, aren’t they? (Yes, I know black is not the same as green.) It’s just that the two necklines have basically the same, unique shape. The hat looks different from this view, but I can see how it’s the same hat.

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