Queen Elizabeth Cheers Horse’s Final Race

Queen Elizabeth attended British Champion’s Day at Ascot today for the final race of her horse, Estimate (unlike her owner, Estimate is now headed into retirement). For this event, the Queen she repeated her two-toned bright blue and turquoise stovepipe hat. It is a vibrant hat that Her Majesty wears well, don’t you think?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: April 29, 2014;  November 14, 2013

Photos from Getty as indicated 

13 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Cheers Horse’s Final Race

  1. I like this hat. And the outfit. I know that a lot of viewers are cool to the split crown, but I think HM wears it well. She must like the style as she has many hats in this shape. I’m not crazy about the frayed rope trim, but it is at least a little bit restrained (considering how effusive Angela Kelly hats can be…).

  2. I guess I am suppose to agree with everybody. sorry but I do not. The coat is an improvement over the carbon copies we saw earlier this year. The hat squashes her face. Ccolour is good.

  3. She does look lovely. The colors are very nice, and she looks so cheerful and happy. Angela Kelly is doing a wonderful job with the clothes and hats. The Queen always looks so fresh and the clothes are timeless. She looks age appropriate but doesn’t end up looking mumsy and dowdy as Queen Margrethe sometimes does. Elizabeth has been the Queen my entire life and there will be a lot less joy and color when she is gone. There is no one like her.

  4. Love this whole ensemble on Her Majesty, completely put together and I agree with Snug Harbor, the pale blue edging on the hat finishes it off so nicely. I like this size of brim on the Queen, unlike the slightly more overhanging mushroom brim. One of HM’s best looks. It looks so cosy too. Thanks.

    • My thought was that it made the hat look more casual. It could be made to look more elegant with a different trim but I am OK with it as is for this autumnal and less formal race occasion.

  5. I like this outfit very much. I know that it’s rather bright, but both bright blue and turquoise work well for the Queen.
    I much prefer today’s turquoise and bright blue outfit to yesterday’s turquoise and black outfit for three reasons: (1) the band of opposite color around the brim of the hat today finishes or grounds the hat, making it more polished, (2) yesterday’s black collar was too big for the coat, and (3) today’s coat fits, unlike yesterday’s which puckers and pulls.
    Both today’s split crown and yesterday’s hour glass shape are unique Angela Kelly designs. Odd, they’re both attractive and make the Queen appear taller, I suspect. Although many AK designs often have too many added do-dads, yesterday’s hat had too few. Today’s looks just right. I believe that this one of the Queen’s most successful recent working outfits.
    (Hat Queen: you need to add this hat to the split crown category in your AK summary.)

  6. https://royalhats.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/two-new-royal-hats-at-ascot/comment-page-1/#comment-15028
    This is a link to what the Queen wore to the 2013 version of this event. Estimate didn’t win then either. I prefer this hat and outfit to the 2013 look. I still think there is too much trim on this hat, but it’s not as heavily trimmed as the 2013 hat, thank goodness! I am not a personal fan of stovepipe hats, but this one works, as it doesn’t come down too low on her face. The Queen looks fabulous in bright blue and turquoise! I don’t like the buttons on the Queen’s coat as they distract the eye from the brooch. The brooch is lovely. At least her boring black bag and shoes work with her outfit this time.

  7. Love the colour combo, which isn’t an obvious one. Not so sure about the frayed trim, it looks a bit like that “eyelash” knitting wool and I deffo don’t like the buttons on the coat, but viewed as a whole the hat works very well with the coat and Her Maj looks terrific in both. Her brooch looks nice too.

    • Funny that you mentioned the buttons. These are the same buttons, I believe, although in a different color, found in another AK coat: the light blue that the Queen debuted when meeting the president of India of 2009. Perhaps AK bought them wholesale.

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