Princess Hisako Attends Conference

Princess Hisako of Takamado visited Oita yesterday to attend the 26th National Conference on aerial environment. For this conference (marvelously named “Towns under the Starry Sky, Towns under the Blue Sky”), Princess Hisako debuted a new olive green bumper hat. While the trim on this hat – an olive and dusty rose striped sash around the crown and a dusty rose bloom on the side – had a rather old fashioned, Victorian feel, it provided much needed focus and a point of brightness to Hisako’s monochrome ensemble. I think this vintage-feeling hat is quirky but rather sweet – what words come to your mind to describe this hat?

Princess Hisako, October 26, 2014 | Royal Hats

Photo from Asahi Shimbun

10 thoughts on “Princess Hisako Attends Conference

  1. I think the hat suits her. The color isn’t one that I would choose, but the ribbon on the hat and the necklace give a needed pop of color to her outfit.

  2. I believe the Japanese RF are restricted by the Government about the type of attire they can wear. Can any-one shed some light on this?
    That said, their hats are just woeful.

    • Adelaide, the Imperial Family of Japan do not really have much say so in their day to day lives (including their wardrobe). Everything has to be approved by the Imperial Household Agency. Even the Emperor himself is not immune to their authority. Google the Imperial Household Agency and you can learn more.

  3. I cannot agree with the two previous comments. When I saw the photo I just shook my head in disbelief. The color of the ribbon on her hat, however, is very nice.

  4. The hat is adorable, I really like that hat, it is cute and fun and so pretty. The rest of her outfit is sooooooooooo old and out of date.

  5. I like this vintage style of hat, and it suits the Princess, however, I think the olive green outfit is a really drab shade of green, and doesn’t suit her at all.

    • TiarasRUs I agree with you. The hat looks good on her and I think has an androgynous vibe apart from the ribbon trim. The shade of green is the problem here. There are many other better greens out there.

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