Princess Alexandra Opens Emergency Services Facility

Last Friday, Princess Alexandra of Kent officially opened the new Bromsgrove Police and Fire Station. She looked characteristically elegant in a purple coat topped with a picture hat in a lighter shade of purple wool felt. The crown of this has is a little too tall for my liking but I adore the band around the crown, in the same shade as Princess Alexandra’s coat. The contrasting use of two shades of violet is so pretty on this hat, isn’t it?

Princess Alexandra, October 31, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed. My guess is Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: October 25, 2013November 2010October 30, 2010

Photo from West Mercia Police

12 thoughts on “Princess Alexandra Opens Emergency Services Facility

  1. So happy to see Princess Alexandra out and about and back to performing royal duties, that she could wear a box on her head and I’d think it was lovely. That said, this purple color really suits her and the contrasting band on the hat is very nice.

  2. I like a crown on a hat that is a crown, so no argument from me that it is too tall. Rather the whole hat seems slightly big on the gracious Alexandra. However I haven’t seen a pic that isn’t taken from above her standing level and maybe this would have me seeing things differently. Love the Jacaranda colour.

  3. Love these colors on Princess Alexandra; I’d like to give this outfit a try, myself. You are right, Hat Queen, the crown is a bit to tall, but it’s a minor nit given the overall excellence of the ensemble.

  4. The color of her hat and coat compliment her coloring; she looks wonderful. I agree with the hat being a little bit too tall for her fine features, but it is a nice looking hat.

  5. I love the colour scheme (although to my eye it’s definitely a royal blue coat and hat band on a lavendery-purple hat). The crown is somehow a little heavy, though – may be not so much too tall is just a little too big all round.

  6. As stated before, this is one very elegant, chic royal lady that knows what being royal is all about. She seems so gracious and kind, the family is blessed to have her still working for them. I love the hat, and the coat and all the colors, very nice.

  7. Thank you for posting that picture. I agree the crown is a bit tall, but the colors are beautiful and it is so good to see her out and about again. She seems such a lovely, gracious ,lady.

    • I agree Jean. Princess Alexandra has always dressed appropriately for her role, and I love the hat and outfit, though the crown is a tad too tall for her, and I think it is straying into Pharrell Williams’ hats territory. The purple color suits her very well.

  8. I love the hat and I love Princess Alexanndra. She always looks stunning in photos, and is very elegant. She is another of the older generation that takes her duties seriously. The Kents are all favorites, and it is nice to see them out and about. I am so glad that you posted this picture.

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