This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Napoleon’s hat expected to fetch 500,000 euros at auction (BBC)

Queen Elizabeth in a fur papakha hat for church at Sandringham last weekend (Rex Features)

Swedish and Norwegian Royals at the funeral of Princess Kristine last weekend (Expressen & Svenskdam)

Princess Eugenie out and about in New York City (Zimbio)

An answer for those who wonder how the Queen moves her hats when she travels (Daily Mail)

Royal Hats

Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein celebrated his Silver Jubilee (Luxarazzi)

Queen Letizia spoke at the second International Conference on Food in Rome yesterday (Casa Real TV)

Wonderful look back at Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s wedding (Royal Court Jeweler)

Prince Harry talked candidly about his Sentebale charity while in Oman this week (Daily Mail)

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I just don’t believe she has a duplicate of each outfit either. That does strike me as Daily Fail nonsense. Angela Kelly mentioned nothing of the sort in her book, and it would just be the kind of waste which the Queen is meant to hate. However it was interesting to see the rather unceremonious manner in which her clothes and hats were carted about. Back of a white van indeed!!

  2. I’d never read before that each of Queen Elizabeth’s outfits has a duplicate. There might be a REPLACEMENT outfit on hand for outings, but I just wonder about the accuracy of the duplicate. Could be, of course. Remember this incident, though?
    (Perhaps we should start watching for subtle differences between coat/hat A or coat/hat B at different wearings!)

  3. Love the story about the Queen but the Mail’s captions always leave something to be desired – spelling, accuracy, etc. Fascinated by the staff numbers and the logistical planning that goes into any outing. I had an idea but this story reveals how much fine detail is involved.

    • I agree sandra. I was surprised that the Queen has a duplicate of every outfit, however, I understand why because no matter how careful she is, someone could spill something on her, and she is able to discretely change to the spare outfit and people would be none the wiser.

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