How to Wear A Hat

Royal Hats A number of you have asked about hat placement- why many royal cocktail hats are worn so far forward or why brimmed hats are often worn at a slight angle. British milliner Philip Ian Wright provides us with an answer here.

5 thoughts on “How to Wear A Hat

  1. Really useful video. I have so many friends who say they look awful in hats, when the problem is that they are wearing the hat the wrong way or sometimes the wrong hat for themselves. Useful advice to wear it around the place the get used to it, and push it back when indoors.

  2. Phil with the neck chains and thumb ring has sold me on a hat cocked over my eye. you will see it on church next Sunday!

  3. I love these videos from Mister Wright. They are fascinating, informative, and fun. He is a bit cheeky and that’s what makes it fun. That and the deadpan delivery. Thank you so much for posting this, and I hope there are more to come. I have learned so much from these videos, and what he says makes a lot of sense. I could watch this one again. Great advice.

    • Yes, I’m with you jamiemid. Mister Wright has a certain way with words (which I personally find incredibly engaging and amusing) but as you say he is also very informative. He seems to know what people, who are not regular hat wearers, (myself included) might be challenged by and is always encouraging to give hats a go. Another session with him would be very enjoyable. Thanks.

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