Hat From The Past

Royal Hats 20 years ago today, Princess Anne donned this hat while on a tour of South Africa.

Princess Anne, November 25, 1994 | Royal Hats

I can’t think of another royal chapeau that includes the wearer’s name, can you?

Photo from Tim Graham via Getty

6 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

    • It was gifted to her during this trip and she decided to wear it (kudos to her for that- most royal gifts go on display but we never see them used). I believe her name was woven right into the straw.

    • I agree jamiemid, I don’t recall seeing this hat, or if I saw it, it wasn’t brought to my attention that Anne’s name was on it. I wonder who made it? If it was an amateur member of the public, they did a very good job indeed!

  1. I saw an interesting program showing how the famous “panama” hats are woven in Ecuador including an example of one that took the weaver four years to complete. I don’t think this one is a panama but it does look to be skillfully woven. A useful, light sun hat.

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