Remembering Queen Fabiola

Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola of Belgium passed away today at the age of 86. Throughout this weekend, we will celebrate her life with a look back at some of her many hats. Today, we’ll start with the hats worn during her first few years as queen. The 1960s was a fun era for hats and Queen Fabiola wore them well.

Queen Fabiola | Royal Hats   Queen Fabiola | Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola | Royal Hats Fabiola de Mora y Aragón, September 26, 1960 | Royal Hats    Queen Fabiola | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, May 6, 1961 | Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola and Queen Elizabeth, May 17, 1963 | Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola, July 21, 1961 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, 1962| Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, May 1963| Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, May 12, 1963| Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola | Royal Hats

All photos from Getty. Click on each photo above to link to the original source.

12 thoughts on “Remembering Queen Fabiola

  1. Way late to this article, but I figure it’s never too late to give a nod to a great lady such as Queen Fabiola. She is still so missed – her great personality, zest for life and her wonderful sense of humor. But now she is with her beloved King Baudouin. RIP Your Majesty.

  2. Thanks so much HatQueen for your lovely tributes to the late Queen Fabiola. She didn’t always get it right sartorially, but when she did, she was amazing! She could really work any kind of hat or tiara. RIP Your Majesty, and my thoughts are with the Belgian Royals and the people of Belgium.

  3. A lovely lady, who understood how a Queen needed to act and dress. The sadness of childlessness seemed to bring her and Baudoin closer together and closer to the people. Thank you for this look theough her hats. Her death isn’t a surprise as she had been unwell but she’ll be nonetheless much missed I’m sure.

  4. One of the most elegant royal brides ever. I loved the fur trimmed gown. She was a force to be reckoned with and, I would guess, a much loved and respected member of the Belgian royal family. With the possible exception of Queen Silvia, no other Queen had such perfect tiara hair. May she rest in peace.

    • I agree totally Glitter Girl. Queen Fabiola had fabulous hair, even in her old age. She could sure rock a tiara or a hat.

  5. The Queen was a very elegant and intelligent woman with an amazing sense of humor, and she looked wonderful in many of her hats. She wore the hats and they didn’t wear her. The Belgians will miss her, as will we all.

  6. So sad. Rest in Peace Your Majesty. Queen Fabiola was a brave woman. When her life was threatened by someone threatening to kill her with a crossbow, she responded bravely. She went to her next public appearance with an applein her hand as a nod to William Tell. She was a very elegant lady and she will be missed.

    • I agree Rodney. It is awful how a public figure who seemed to have always worked hard and served her country could be threatened, and Queen Fabiola handled this so bravely and with her usual humor.

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