Remembering Queen Fabiola

Royal Hats

As we continue to celebrate the life of Queen Fabiola this weekend, here is a look at the hats and headpieces she wore from the late 1960s until 1990.

Queen Fabiola, 1961 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, 1968 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, 1969 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, July 30, 1970 | Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola, June 30, 1970 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, March 23, 1969 | Royal Hats    Queen Fabiola,  June 30, 1970 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola,  October 10, 1971 | Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola,  September 21, 1977 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola,  1979 | Royal Hats

Queen Fabiola, February 6, 1982 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, October 6, 1983 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, September 22, 1984 | Royal Hats Queen Fabiola, September 15, 1990 | Royal Hats

Photos from Getty and AP via The Royal Forums. Click on each photo above to link to the original source.

5 thoughts on “Remembering Queen Fabiola

  1. Oh dear the 70s and 80s weren’t kind to people were they! I like how she tried to stay in fashion and no doubt this was all fabulous couture…. But it is a bit hit and miss! However she always looks fab and happy. A really great Queen.

    • I agree JamesB. The Queen looked fabulous when she got it right, but she was a fashion victim sometimes, as almost everyone was in the 70s and 80s, for instance, that second last photo of the blue donut hat! RIP Your Majesty.

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