This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Princess Beatrice in a great fedora while on vacation in St. Barts (Daily Mail)

New tiara for Princess Kako of Akishino on the occasion of her 20th birthday (Imperial Family of Japan)

Princess Lenonore of Sweden in a woolly hat for her mum’s New Year’s message (Princess Madeleine Facebook)

Royal Hats

Parade of tiaras as the Imperial Royal Family celebrates New Year (Imperial Family of Japan)

Danish royals attended their traditional New Year’s banquet (video of the royal arrival from starts at 13:30)

New portrait of the Swedish Royal Family and a photo review of 2014 (Swedish Royal Court)

Interviews with the King and Queen of Norway and a look back at their family’s activities in 2014 (NRK)

Princess Eugenie interviewed artist Tracey Emin for Bazaar magazine (Bazaar)

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. This Week’s Extras took me a while to get through so well-done for all your regal story hunting HatQueen! Princess Beatrice’s crisp white summer fedora looks great and I want one! I wouldn’t mind any of the Japanese tiaras but I’d like to try on Princess Kako’s new one and the rest of her sparklies as top priority. Danish royals didn’t give us any big surprises though I did love Crown Princess Mary’s cloak over the white dress, but I do wish we could have seen the entire dress under it.

  2. This is a good series of articles so thank you HatQueen for providing this. The Japanese Imperial Royals all look superb. The new tiara for Princess Kako of Akishino is beautiful, and Happy 20th Birthday if you are reading this Princess. Princess Beatrice’s white fedora is the best hat she has worn to this day.

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