Weighing in on the Royal Hats of 2014

Royal Hats Year In Review 2014Over the past month, we have looked back at all the hats, headpieces, fascinators and fouffs that graced royal heads in 2014. After much discussion, the time has come, dearest readers, to offer your nominations. We will nominate hats in the following three categories:

 Favourite 2014   Least Favourite 2014  Best style 2014

Please make your nominations in THIS POST (please repost them here if you posted them already elsewhere) by clearly naming the person who wore the hat, the number of the hat as it appeared in the review post, and why it has received your nomination. I will add thumbnail pictures to your post so everyone can see the hats you nominate. To reign in this discussion, I’m going to limit your nominations to just 5 in each category.

Here are links back to all of the previous review posts:

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Hats Worn by Other Royals

Nominations will remain open until next Wednesday, January 7; on Thursday, polls for each category will open for you to vote. Only hats with the most nominations will move forward into the poll so make sure to put your nominations forward here in a comment!

73 thoughts on “Weighing in on the Royal Hats of 2014

  1. Well, I tried this once, but will try again.
    This is really fun!
    The Duchess of Cornwall is hands down winner in the hat sweepstakes. She can wear almost any style of hat with aplomb. I particularly liked #4, the blue beret with brown feather for its simplicity, then #7, the pink stunner at Ascot, and #11, black and elegant. Queen Elizabeth looks lovely in green #29. Kate #23, very pretty. And, Princess Mary in the purple pillbox #14.

  2. my favourites:
    Maxima 31
    Victoria 7
    Haya 5
    Sophie 51
    Chantal 14
    and honorable mention for trying a new form: Masako 77

    Maxima 39
    Mathilde 25
    Margrethe 17
    Hanako 7
    Margriet 1

    Overall: Sophie, Camilla, Silvia, Haya, and of course Queen Elisabeth

  3. I loved all the retro, small hats this year. My favs were
    Princess Victoria 7
    Kate 17
    Kate 15
    Princess Mary 14
    Princess Haya 5

    My worsts were
    Hereditary GD Stephanie 10
    Princess Anne 5
    Sophie Wessex 53
    Queen Margrethe 17
    Queen Max 34

    Best style of the year for Mary, Kate, Zara and Sophie. And a vote for Queen Elizabeth because I hope I look as good has she does when I’m almost 90 years old. I think she’s probably more stylish than anyone else her age.

  4. This is so interesting! There were so many beautiful hats this year. My favorites were
    Camilla #8
    Queen Maxima #31
    Kate # 15
    Queen Elizabeth #34
    Queen Elizabeth #41

    Lady Helen Taylor #19
    Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg #10
    Princess Anne #5
    Queen Maxima # 17
    Queen Maxima #22

    I think the best hat style this year was with Queen Elizabeth, Princess Alexandra, Empress Michiko, Camilla and Kate.

    Thank you for writing this blog and always making sure that everyone stays respectful even when we don’t like the hats. I come here every day and love it so much!

  5. Narrowing my best & worst down to only 5 was seriously hard work! I’ve kind of cheated on the best ones but here goes:

    Countess of Wessex 50 & 51 so stunning
    Princess Victoria 7
    Kate 17
    Beatrice 28
    Maxima 10, 18, 23 and 21
    Princess Haya 4 (obviously!) and 5
    and Queen Margrethe 21 because her hats are usually so ugly but this one is so great

    Queen Maxima’s antlers 22
    Queen Maxima’s bandage hats 15 and Queen Mathilde’s bandage hat 25
    Princess Victoria’s Mohawk/rooster comb 6
    Queen Margrethe’s teletubby 17
    Countess of Wessex’s flattened garbage can 53

    From my list, you probably think I’m going to choose Countess of Wessex, Queen Maxima and Princess Haya for the best overall style. They all hat GREAT hats but they also really bad ones so they’re out. So I think I have to go with Queen Elizabeth and Empress Michiko for being truly flawless. And the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall for consistency.

  6. Everyone seems to really like Queen Elizabeth’s hats. Are you sure your not confusing liking her hats with liking her? She’s an awesome lady but some of her hats are really REALLY bad. #7, 14, 25, 30, 33, 50, 53 and 63 are all way worse than anything Maxima wore this year.

    • Well, I think you can take it that there are plenty of people who do actually like the Queen’s hats! Personally I don’t think any of hers can be classed with the worst hats of the year ( I rather like a couple of your disliked ones listed here). It is fascinating to hear the differing opinions. The variety of views is what make the comments interesting, as witnessed by the fact that at least one hat has been nominated for both best and worst of the year!

      • I believe 2 hats have been nominated for both favourite and least favourite of 2014! Proof that all of this is completely subjective (but hopefully, still fun!).

  7. Favorite hats (In no particular order): Princess Haya #4, Princess Caroline of Hanover (Monaco) #2, Queen Elizabeth II #34, and the Duchess of Cambridge #13 & 17

    Best hat wearer: Duchess of Cambridge – very few hats look bad on her

  8. Ok this was really rather difficult (you killed me with a limit of 5, though obviously a very sensible decision!)

    My nominations are as follows-


    The Netherlands part 1: 23 HRH Princess Beatrix. A beautiful blue hat, true to Princess Beatrix form.
    The Netherlands part 2: 18 HM The Queen of the Netherlands. Absolutely superb white and black picture hat.
    Denmark 9 HRH Crown Princess Mary. A very elegant hat (perfectly matched with the suit).
    The United Kingdom part 3: 15 HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Excellent red pillbox to kick off the New Zealand and Australia tour
    The United Kingdom part 4: 8 Her Majesty The Queen. I know this hat made the top ten in 2013 but I think it stands out so much.
    (Allowing me a Slight indulgence here 43 The Queen’s pale pink hat from the Hillsborough Castle Garden Party was superb and I was there in person and thought it was really very appropriate for the rather delightful scene which unfolded throughout the afternoon).

    So now we roll onto the worst! I have struggled immensely to limit this to 5…. (I have 7 but I think I’ll cut two now and limit them to a quick mention! Ma’am, please take your big purple bucket and put it in the bin! (Obviously directed to HRH The Countess of Wessex), secondly Princess Isabelle von und zu Liechtenstein- no just no! never wear you big mauve monstrosity again….

    Now my formal nominations-


    Denmark 17 HM Queen Margrethe II’s dreadful hat (words to describe it escape me!)
    Belgium 25 HM Queen Mathilde’s bandages
    Belgium 10. HM Queen Paola’s starched napkin
    Sweden 9. HRH The Crown Princess’s horrid little fascinator
    The Netherlands part 2: 39 HM Queen Maxima’s tea cosy.

    Best Royal Hat style 2014: for always being immaculate, perfectly matched, dutiful, dedicated and a perfect Queen: Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

    Thank you for all your fantastic posts this year, you have been quite simply superb!

  9. Best hats: Queen Elizabeth no 29, Princess Haya no 4, Princess Mary in purple no 14, Princess Beatrice no 28, Duchess of Cambridge no 23

    Worst hats: Maxima no 22, Maxima no 28, Maxima no 15, Mathilde no 25 , Countess of Wessex no 53

    Best royal hat wearer.: Queen Elizabeth
    Worst royal hat wearer.: Queen Maxima

    I also like Camilla’s pink hat, but it’s not new.

  10. The best hats in 2014 were worn my Queen Elizabeth.
    number 22
    number 34
    number 37
    number 41
    number 60

    Send her victorious, happy and glorious
    Long to reign over us, God Save The Queen.

    • I agree that Queen Elizabeth’s hats are the very best royal hats of all. I agree that all the ones you chose are the very best. I would just like to add number 28 and number 40 and number 8. Even though that makes more than 5 I think these are all beautiful hats. Thank you very much.

  11. My favourites would be Queen Elizabeth’s lime green hat – a memorable one for a memorable occasion (no 29); the two Ascot hats worn by Princess Haya, (no 4, for its epitome of My Fair Ladyness, and no 5, with number 5 being perhaps my very favourite hat of the year), and as something completely different, Queen Silvia’s no. 20, a cute take on a cloche style, and Bea’s little orange number (29) for striking simplicity.

    Worst hat – well, how about Mathilde’s no. 25? and Maxima’s 15?

    Royal Hat Style: Empress Michiko for creating a style that has come to embody her, and the Duchess of Cornwall for the same. The Queen for being consistently beautifully and thoughtfully turned out. And the Countess of Wessex for wearing so much of interest with very few disasters. I’m tempted to say Maxima too for fearless experimentation, but since quite a lot of what she wears is unattractive, even if interesting, I guess that might be stretching the boundaries of the category too much!

  12. I discussed this with my family, and we spent hours looking back on this amazing year of Royal Hats, and we are so thankful to this blog for bringing us so much enjoyment. We are hoping for more of this in 2015. it was very hard to narrow it down to 5 choices in each category. We finally decided that the best hats were the more original and memorable ones that grabbed our attention and which also looked good with the outfits worn with them also, and which flattered the wearer.

    Best hats:
    Best of hall was Princess Haya, Photo 4, Dubai & Jordanian Royal Hats, the huge glorious Philip Treacy Ascot hat
    Princess Haya, Photo 5 Dubai & Jordanian Royal Hats, another glorious Philip Treacy Ascot hat
    Queen Maxima Photo 18, Dutch Royal Hats Part 2, classic black and white wide brimmed hat
    Princess Benedikte’s red beret, Danish Royalty Photo 4.
    Queen Maxima Photo 21, Dutch Royal Hats Part 2, a stunning huge hat.

    Worst hats:
    The worst was Queen Margrethe’s purple beanie, Photo 17 Danish Royal Hats.
    Queen Maxima’s dangerous looking black pointy branches, Photo 22, Dutch Royal Hats Part 2.
    Queen Mathilde’s bandage hat, Photo 25 Belgian Royal Hats
    Sophie’s burgundy Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat monstrosity, Photo 53 Great Britain Part 3
    Queen Maxima’s flesh colored bandage head wrap Photo 15 Dutch Royal Hats Part 2.

    Best Overall Royal Hat Style:
    Queen Maxima
    Queen Elizabeth II
    Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein
    Princess Benedikte
    Empress Michiko of Japan

    An honourable mention should also go to Crown Princess Masako, who returned to public life, and did such a good job when homage to the visiting Dutch Royals, the House of Orange-Nassau, in a suit and bumper hat of orange hue, which flattered her coloring so well, and wearing such a genuine smile, Photo 74 Japan Part 1.

  13. My Best List is:
    Princess Alexandra of Kent #25
    Countess of Wessex # 51
    Princess Mary # 14
    Queen Maxima # 23
    Duchess of Cornwall #7

    Least Favourite Hat:
    Queen Margrethe # 17
    Countess of Wessex #53
    Queen Maxima #19
    Princess Anne #5
    Queen Paola #10

    Best Hat Style – in no particular order:
    Countess of Wessex
    Duchess of Cornwall
    Princess Alexandra of Kent
    Queen Maxima
    Queen Elizabeth

    Happy New Year! Dear HatQueen. I have really enjoyed your site all year, many thanks.

    • My top five –

      Maxima – #23
      Maxima – 38 – I love this trilby
      Mary # 14
      Sophie #50
      Marie Chantal at the Derby #14

      Least favorites – don’t get me started

      Best Hat Style – Maxima and Sophie Wessex


  14. Here are my top 5:

    1. Princess Beatrice #28
    2. Kate #23
    3. Kate #17
    4. Princess Haya #5
    5. Princess Eugnie #41

    I totally agree with the worst ones everyone else is naming (Queen Maxima #22 and 39, Queen Mathilde #25 and Sophie Wessex #53) but I also think the hats totally covered in feathers are creepy and gross. Camilla #12, Princess Michael #11 Queen Beatrix #26

    For the best overall style I choose: Kate, Princess Haya, Princess Beatrice and Queen Maxima

  15. Best hats
    Queen Mathilde #26 creative, light and beautiful
    Queen Mathilde #20 restrained, interesting, elegant and so fashion forward
    Lady Helen Taylor #18 fantastic. I wish more royals wore Stephen Jones because he is a visionary milliner.
    Countess of Wessex #42 black hats are usually so stuffy but this one is playful and wonderful on Sophie
    Countess of Wessex #43 avant garde, brave, daring and beautiful
    Princess Beatrice #28 adore this modern interpretation of a traditional picture hat

    The worst hats? The predictable ones we have all seen before. That includes just about everything worn by the Duchess of Cambridge (esp. 13, 14 & 19) and all of Princess Victoria’s awful twee fascinators (esp. 6 & 9).

    The best overall hat style is always by those who are risk takers- Countess of Wessex, Queen Maxima, Princess Beatrice, Queen Mathilde (although her hats were even better in 2013 than in 2014) and Lady Helen Taylor. And Princess Anne gets a vote for bravely wearing whatever she wants, regardless of what’s in fashion!

    • I might agree with you on overall best style if this blog were not called “Royal Hats”. However, the roles and responsibilities of senior members of the royal families impose restraints on the clothes they wear and on their millinery. Also not all the royal women represented here are equal. For example what the Countess of Wessex wears is not important to me except as she represents or supports The Queen who is my head of state, and her husband the Earl of Wessex who also has an official role. Princess Beatrice and Lady Helen Taylor have no official roles and are on a looser rein although as guests of The Queen I believe they should put their best best foot forward. Finally my criteria for judging the overall royal hat style were: good planning, grooming, overall styling, coordination and consistency. If you can do all this and take risks – go for it. I think Maxima, Mathilde and Sophie took risks but didn’t consistently pull them off. That’s not what I want from my head of state. The rest is down to our difference in taste I guess. I certainly rate Stephen Jones as a highly creative and imaginative milliner.

  16. Well I’ve had to give this a bit of thought.

    Number one for me – no doubt about it is Beatrice’s stunning picture hat (#28) she really needs to wear more picture hats.
    Number 2 is Sophie’s stunning black number (#51) it’s utterly beautiful.
    Then I’ll go to the Netherlands. Maxima’ aubergine slice was a dramatic winner for me (#31)
    Then to Norway for Mette-Marit’s white pillbox, though admittedly it’s as much about the coat (#6)
    Back to Britain for Camilla. Could be any of hers really but I’ll plump for the fabulous flyaway bows, (#8)
    And I can’t leave Lil out – so out of a great selection, I think it’ll be #65, I know it wasn’t a popular choice but I thought it was a fabulous departure.

    And the least faves. Well… Step up Max again. #22 and 39 are bloomin’ awful.
    Mathilda also puts in an appearance – what is this damn bandage about? #25.
    And then Anne, why does she plonk these little cocktail numbers on her cottage loaf?! #8…
    And last but not least Haya. To be fair it’s the outfit as much as the hat, but that Van Gogh look was absolutely terrible! #3.

    And my favourite hatter of the year. Well I’d love to say Max, but there have been too many misses. Kate could be it, but I need more variety. Mathilde is another one but there’ve been too many doughnuts. So for consistency and always looking perfectly hatted, it can only be QEII.

  17. My absolute favorite hat of the year (and one I’ve remembered ever since I first saw it here) was Princess Haya’s black and white hat that she wore to Ascot this year. Breathtaking and memorable, without being overdone.
    My other nomination for best hat is Camilla’s blue beret (?) with a peasant feather–I believe she wore it in Canada. That’s my favorite color and I love the contrast with the browns of the peasant feather. Very striking, yet simple.

    I also nominate Princess Haya and the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) as having the best overall hat style.

    My nominations for least favorite hats have to be Maxima’s branch, the flesh-toned bandages, and Sophie’s recent maroon hat that she wore to a military event.

    Thank you for a MARVELOUS blog–it is one of my favorites! 🙂

  18. Best hats are all Dutch Royals Part 2, hats numbered 18, 21, 23, 30 & 31.

    Worst ones are Dutch Royals part 2, hats 15, 22, & 39. Then Belgians hat 19 bandage hat. Then British Royals Part 1, hat 19, crumpled up thing.

    Best Royal hatted lady Queen Maxima, but she is also worst too! Queen Elizabeth did great job, so did Sophie Wessex, Crown princess Mary of Denmark & queen Silvia of Sweden.

      • Thanks for noticing my error Your Majesty, I sent in my choices from my phone so committed the numbers to my not so great memory because i didn’t have pen and paper handy. Yes, I meant 19 from my worst list, the lady Helen Taylor scrunched fabric headpiece. I thought Princess Alexandra’s brimmed blue hat at 25 was one of the best hats of the year.

      • Dear HatQueen, I wonder if there is a way you could introduce a system where readers of your blog could click on an arrow to upvote reader comments. I usually can’t type comments because the only chance I have to read your blog is travelling on the train to and from work, and I’m usually standing, so holding the rail with one hand and scrolling on my phone with the other, hence I don’t post comments usually, but vote on your surveys. I discovered your excellent blog from the link on http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com.au/ where they have an arrow system as well as the chance to post full detailed comments for those who can.

  19. Favorite Royal Hats:
    1 Princess Haya #5 – such style and elegance
    2. Princess Haya #4 – over-the-top masterpiece
    3. Princess Beatrice #28 – modern and funky, colours look amazing on her
    4. Princess Mary #14 – most perfect pillbox since Jackie O
    5. Queen Elizabeth #45 – The Queen of Hats always dresses to perfection, and she glows in yellow

    Least Favorite Hats:
    1. Queen Paola #10 –
    2. Queen Mathilde #25
    3. Queen Maxima #39
    4. Queen Maxima #22

    Best Overall Royal Hat Style:
    1> Princess Haya – she WEARS her hats…the hats never wear her. She is so stylish
    2. Queen Elizabeth – she is perfection
    3. Sophie Wessex – I love her overall style and her daring in hat-wearing
    4. Princess Beatrice – really starting to find a style and presenting well
    5. Duchess of Cornwall – really a bold hat wearer.


  20. Favorite Hat:
    1. #7 Duchess of Cornwall. She can rock a big, fussy hat like no other.
    2. #31 Queen Maxima. This hat is perfection in every way. Love the color and I’m not usually a purple fan.
    3. #5 Princess Haya. It was between this one and the Eliza Dolittle hat but this one is so elegant.
    4. #23 Duchess of Cambridge. A sweet hat that is Kate personified. It paired very well with the rest of the outfit.
    5. #60 Queen Elizabeth. An unusual choice, I know, but I love the green and this hat is very polished, just like Her Maj.

    Least Favorite Hat: I trust that no explanations are necessary
    1. #3 Princess Anne
    2. #38 Princess Eugenie
    3. #39 Queen Maxima
    4. #43 Countess of Wessex
    5. #14 Queen Elizabeth

    Best Overall Hat Style: Duchess of Cornwall

  21. Best hat:
    – Princess Haya in Philip Treacy’s for Ascot Ladies Day
    – Countess of Wessex Jane Taylor’s black number for Ascot
    – Queen Maxima’s Straw picture hat for the 200 aniversary of the Netherlands
    – Anyone of the big picture hats worn by the Duchess of Cornwall
    – Queen Maxima’s “bird” hat for the state visit to Italy

    Worst hat: can’t mention only five. Not many really ugly hats, but lots of boring or déjà-vu

    Best overall hat wearer:
    – Queen Maxima
    – Countess of Wessex
    – Duchess of Cornwall

    And a special “most disappointing royal hatwise” to Quen Letizia

  22. Favorites
    Queen Maxima – 10
    Queen Maxima – 23
    Queen Maxima – 31
    Princess Claire – 13

    Least Favorites
    Princess Margriet- 1
    Queen Maxima – 39
    Queen Maxima – 11
    Tatiana Casiraghi – 3

    Best Hat Style: Queen Maxima, Princess Beatrix, Empress Michiko, Princess Claire of Belgium, Queen Elizabeth

  23. I am most drawn to classic and elegant hats that are more refined and not so over the top.
    Lady Gabriella Windsor (8)
    Lady Sarah Chatto (27)
    Duchess of Cambridge (17)
    Queen Elizabeth (32), (43) and (46)
    Grand Duchess Maria Theresa (17)
    Princess Benedikte (4)
    Queen Maxima (18)
    Lady Brabourne (16)

    I think the most elegant royal hat wearers are Queen Elizabeth, Empress Michiko, Princess Benedikte, Queen Mathilde, Lady Gabriella Windsor and Princess Alexandra

  24. Favorite hat

    1. Queen Maxima # 31
    2. Queen Maxima #18
    3. The Countess of Wessex #51
    4. Queen Maxima #21
    5. Crown a Princess Mary #14

    Least favorite hat-

    1. The Countess of Wessex #53
    2. Queen Mathilde # 25 head wound hat
    3. Queen Maxima #22 antenna head
    4. Queen Margrethe # 17 Teletubby hat
    5. Zara Phillips Tindall #21

    Best Overall hat style
    1. Queen Maxima, yes she has some duds but she can really hit it out of the park.
    2. Duchess of Cornwall
    3. The Countess of Wessex
    4. Duchess of Cambridge
    5. Crown Princess Mary

  25. My nominee for best hat of the year: Duchess of Cornwall No. 7, the pink hat for Trooping the Colour.

    Nominee for worst hat: Countess of Wessex No. 53, the burgundy Hessian helmet.

    Nominee for best hat style: Duchess of Cornwall.

  26. My favorites,
    Queen Mathilde, 27, great hat in a wonderful color, she looks amazing.
    Duchess of Cambridge, 17, on Easter morning in Sydney
    Queen Elizabeth, 34, 38, 70 but she always looks so beautiful.
    Countess of Wessex, 51, in Jane Taylor hat at Ascot, gorgeous
    Princess Haya in Philip Treacy at Ascot – magnificent
    Duchess of Cornwall’s, 8 blue hat at Ascot,

    Princess Anne, 5, the hat looks alive,
    Countess of Wessex, 53, did she try to find the ugliest hat?
    Queen Maxima, 17, 22, 28 and 39
    Queen Mathilde, 26, it really is the Bandage hat

    Best Overall Hat Style – Queen Maxima, Queen Elizabeth.

    Thanks for the recap! Happy New Year

  27. How has no one mentioned Max’s number 23. The huge straw picture hat. Makes such a great statement and went with so many outfits.

    • Lindsey I do love this hat but didn’t vote for it in the top 5 just because we’ve seen it a few times now, and it’s very simple other than ins spectacular shape, so it no longer has a surprise element. I voted for hats I would wear myself, whereas this would overwhelm me and most other people.

  28. There have been some beautiful hats this year! Thank you, HatQueen, for bringing them to us! My nominations for best royal hats of 2014 are:

    Queen Mathilde’s circle of pink roses #23
    Princess Benedikte’s pink pleated hat #3
    Duchess of Cornwall’s pink flowered hat #37 and blue hat with wispy bows #8
    Queen Elizabeth’s pink rose hat #23 and mint hat covered in pastel flowers #37
    Princess Annemarie’s white rose and lace fascinator #7
    Queen Maxima’s striped pink rose hat #19
    Empress Michiko’s hat covered in pink rose petals #10
    Countess Marianne Bernadotte’s mint rose hat #2
    Crown Princess Victoria’s cabbage rose headpiece #7
    Princess Michael’s cream hat with white roses #12
    Princess Alexandra’s blue hat with flowers #25

    I think the worst hats are the percher ones that look like they are stuck with glue on a royal’s forehead. The worst ones this year were:
    Lady Helen Taylor’s black net hovering hat #19
    Zara Philips scoop of grape ice cream on her forehead #18B
    Princess Beatrice’s horrid orange nacho chip #29
    Kate’s navy flying saucer that landed on her head #18
    Kate’s boring and flat grey placemat #22
    Sophie’s gravity defying plate #42
    Queen Maxima’s awful leaf #19

    I think the best hat style this year was found with: Queen Elizabeth, Empress Michiko, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Princess Alexandra

  29. Favourites
    1. Princess Haya – 4 The perfect beautiful frivolous hat for Ladies Day at Ascot
    2. Princess Benedikte – 4 A structured hat that enhances her natural beauty and suits her role
    3. Duchess of Cornwall – 8 A statement hat like this works at Ascot and is well matched with her tailored outfit
    4. Princess Hanako of Hitachi –10 A sophisticated shape and a beautifully made hat which draws subtly draws your attention
    5. Queen Elizabeth – 27 A simple and chic hat and outfit for an elderly Queen arriving in Paris

    Least favourites
    1. Queen Paola – 10
    2. Queen Maxima– 28
    3. Queen Mathilde–26
    4. Princess Ann – 5
    5. Countess of Wessex– 42

    Best overall royal hat style
    Queen Elizabeth – Good planning, grooming, overall styling, coordination and consistency.
    Princess Hanako of Hitachi – Sophisticated overall styling, coordination and consistency
    Duchess of Cornwall – Wears large and small hats well, coordination excellent
    Princess Benedikte – Her dress and hats enhance her natural beauty and suit her role
    Duchess of Cambridge – shows promise but needs a wider variety and more sophisticated hats

  30. Favorites (in no particular order):
    Princess Haya #4 at Ascot
    Queen Elizabeth II #54 at Commonwealth Games
    Queen Maxima #31 at Spanish Welcome
    Lady Penny Brabourne #16 at Ascot
    Princess Benedikte #4 at Dance Project
    (Runner Up) Duchess of Cornwall #8 at Ascot

    Least Favorites (in no particular order):
    Queen Mathilde #26
    Queen Maxima #39
    Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie #10
    Queen Paola #10
    Zara Phillips Tindall #18A
    (Runner Up) Princess Royal Anne #12

    Overall Royal Hat Style (in order):
    1. Queen Elizabeth II
    2. Empress Michiko
    3. Queen Maxima
    4. Duchess of Cornwall

  31. My nominations for best royal hat last year are all showstoppers!

    Camilla #8 loved the color on her and the side trailing bows were gorgeous
    Maxima #31 love the high brim and she looks fantastic in purple
    Haya #4 there are no words for how amazing this hat is
    Baroness Brabourne #16 don’t know who she is but love her hat
    Marie-Chantal #14 so very elegant
    Sophie #50 I love the sheer stripe in the brim and how it folds up on the side of her head
    Sophie #51 perfect hat for a glamorous blonde at the races
    Zara #22 I usually hate small hats but this one is so great

    Worst hats are the most boring ones. I have already forgotten them.

    Best hat style this year: Camilla, Sophie, Maxima

  32. Best style for the year:
    Queen Maxima
    Queen Elizabeth
    Duchess of Cornwall
    Princess Benedikte
    Princess Alexandra (I really wanted to go with Princess Claire, because I liked everything she gave us this year…but we saw Alexandra in far more hats than Claire. Sigh.)

  33. Least favorite:
    The worst was Margrethe’s purple beanie thing, 17. No adult woman should wear a hat like that.
    Also awful and potentially dangerous were Maxima’s pointy branches, 22.
    Mathilde’s bandage hat, 25, made me think she’d been standing too close to Maxima’s branches.
    Sophie’s burgundy monster, 53, would have been a chic alternative to a hard hat in a construction zone, but…not anywhere else.
    Stephanie’s pink ruffly hat, 10, rounds out my bottom five.
    Dishonorable mention goes to Maxima’s beige-pink bean pod, 17.

  34. I’m going to have to do this as three separate posts…
    Favorites first:
    My favorite was Maxima’s black and white hat, 18. Simple lines, classic styling….would steal for my closet in a heartbeat.
    Coming in at a close second was Maxima’s lovely pleated brim hat, 31. Just enough of a twist to keep it interesting…and far more versatile than I’d have thought.
    Queen Elizabeth’s bright turquoise blue pleated hat, 41, is a great color on her and very elegant.
    Camilla’s pale blue Ascot hat, 8, was fabulous. There’s a lot going on but it’s well balanced, and she wears it well.
    Finally, Claire’s grey wool hat, 13, is simple and chic, and suits her style.
    Honorable mention go to Alexandra’s blue hat, 25, Maxima’s burgundy picture hat, 21, and Benedicte’s red stacked hat, 4.

  35. I loved Crown Princess Mary’s grey calot hat (13) and purple pillbox hat (14). I also loved Princess Mette Marit’s pink pillbox hat, Princess Victoria’s headpiece at Princess Leonore’s christening (7) and Queen Maxima’s flowing pink headpiece (19).

    I did not like the heavy hats worn by Princess Anne (4), Countess Sophie Wessex (53), Queen Sonja (17) Princess Beatrix (35) and Queen Maxima (11).

    I like the royal hat style best of: Crown Princess Mary, Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Mathilde, Zara Phillips and Princess Beatrice.

  36. My Favorite Royal Hats are:

    1. Queen Maxima # 18 Classic and beautiful. Angels were singing!
    2. Duchess of Cornwall #8 She wears large hats well. Elegant and lovely.
    3. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa # 17 I liked the shape and green is my favorite color.
    4. Crown Princess Victoria # 7 I normally do not like open crown hats, but she looked marvelous.
    5. Princess Hanako of Hitachi # 10 Modern and unexpected. I loved it.

    My Least Favorite Royal Hats are:

    1. Countess of Wessex # 53 Looks like someone sat on Dr. Seuss’ hat…hideous.
    2. Queen Paola # 10 Pointed, blue, and sparkling monstrosity.
    3. Queen Maxima # 17 Looks like she is wearing giant lips on her head.
    4. Princess Anne # 5 She needs to give the feathers back to the buzzard…they look better on him!
    5. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie # 10 Pepto Bismol…(I need some after these 5 hats!)

    Best Overall Royal Hat Style

    1. Queen Elizabeth II
    2. Duchess of Cornwall
    3. Queen Maxima
    4. Queen Mathilde
    5. Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

    • I too like Queen Elizabeth’s hat 41. I should have included it. It’s the most underrated of her 2014 hats. Its picture on the recap list isn’t particularly flattering, but when viewed from straight on, it’s absolutely stunning. I never understood why, until this year, it wasn’t repeated after its initial wearing in Australia.

  37. I loved so many hats this year! I could only narrow down to my top 7 and I hope that’s OK!

    Princess Kate 17 and 23 these hats are small but not boring at all! I like how they are kind of soft and feminine and look great with Kate’s dark hair
    Princess Beatrice 30 she looked amazing in this gold hat
    Princess Eugenie 34 and 41 I totally forgot about the black hat but when I saw it I fell in love! I also loved her pink hat at Christmas it was so cute on her!
    Princess Victoria 7 Victoria looked great and I loved how it was a remake of her mom’s hat. So adorable!
    Princess Tessy 6 her grey and navy hat was so cute with her navy dress and the bow was just right (so hard to do)

    My top 5 worst hats were
    Queen Silvia 20 I think red and black don’t look good together
    Grand Duchess Stephanie 10 I really like her and I am totally rooting for her but this pink hat was really bad
    Princess Mary 11 and Princess Marie 7 fascinators are so over and these pink ones are really not flattering
    Princess Victoria 6 it made her look like she had a white Mohawk. So bad.
    Princess Anne 8 it looks like a bird landed on her head and is going to take off any second

    Best hat style in 2014: Queen Maxima, Contess Sophie Wessex, Princess Kate. And Queen Elizabeth because she’s classic.

  38. I always think Princess Margarita of Romania looks lovely in her hat and outfit co-ordination. She is #7 and #8 in the last post.

  39. My favorite hats:
    # 8 Queen Sophia – she rarely wears a hat, and this is a good choice
    # 1 Princess Benedikte
    #31 Queen Maxima
    # 7 Duchess of Cornwall
    #50 Queen Elizabeth

    Least favorite hat:
    #25 Queen Mathilde

    Best overall hat style
    Queen Maxima

  40. Favorites:
    Queen Elizabeth II, hat 27. Simple hat design draws attention to the trim on jacket. Not one of her stand-out-in-the-crowd bright colors, this outfit is subdued but perfection.
    Queen Elizabeth II, hat 52. Colorful, beautifully designed and positioned flowers on hat perfectly mimic flowers in dress, play up turquoise of coat.
    Empress Michiko of Japan, hat 6. Bigger of those fascinating saucer styles. Same muted color combination hat and jacket forces one’s eyes back and forth between hat and jacket.
    Duchess of Cornwall, hat 8. Calm color, totally over-the-top design, from the front looks as though the hat is in motion.
    Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Norway, hat 6. Not seeing this hat from the front makes one all the more surprised when, from the side, one discovers a hat that goes beautifully with her elaborate coat and her trademark hairstyle.

    Least favorites:
    Tatiana Santo Domingo Casiraghi, hat 3. Because of its dark color, one concentrates on the hat’s shape, and it looks damaged.
    Zara Phillips Tindall, hat 18A. Bizarrely shaped little hat with something dead affixed to its front.
    Queen Máxima, hat 22. Head bandage matches hair color.
    Queen Máxima, hat 26. Head bandage matches hair color.
    Queen Máxima, hat 34. Head bandage matches hair color.

    Best hat style:
    Queen Elizabeth II. Hat style is consistent and purposeful: can be seen from a distance, not so trendy that it can’t be worn over a 10-year period, complements the outfit by using the same color, pattern, trim or fabric.

  41. Well I am going to keep it short: Best hat of all Princess Alexandra, Number 25 in Great Britain part one.

    Worst hat of all Queen Mathilde number 25 in Belgium. (25 must be my favourite number!)

    and best hat style goes to the Duchess of Cornwall, tied with Princess Michael of Kent.

    HatQueen you are a STAR! I don’t know how you manage to give us all such a happy playground every day, and keep everything under control, while living another normal life as well, as I am sure you do! Happy New Year!!

  42. Queen Mathilde #27 love the orange color and the shredded brim and how much GUTS it took to wear this hat.
    Princess Haya #4 the glorious Philip Treacy that could have overpowered her but so didn’t
    Princess Haya #5 more subtle but still fab
    Countess of Wessex #50 cream perfection
    Countess of Wexxex #51 black perfection
    Zara Phillips #21 another gorgeous Philip Treacy
    Queen Maxima #19, 21 & 31 all gorgeous pieces by Fabienne Delvigne
    I also loved Princess Bea #30 fantastic to see a royal in Misa Harada and this gold hat that was perfect with her fuschia dress

    • I’m going to pass on the worsts because there were too many to count.

      Best royal hat style of 2014: Queen Maxima, Princess Haya, Countess of Wessex, Duchess of Cornwall, Queen Mathilde

  43. I have been keeping a running tally during these posts and this has been so much fun! I think the best hats this year were Princess Benedikte #1 black with feathers and #4 red. Also Queen Margrethe #21 with the grey popmpom. Also Queen Elizabeth #23 pink and #34 white and royal blue but her prettiest was #37 with all the flowers. I love that hat! I also loved Queen Elizabeth #51 teal blue with the black lace.

    I love the hat styles of: Princess Benedickte, Princess Alexandra, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Silvia and Princess Beatrix.

    • I agree with Princess Benedickte’s red hat (4) and Queen Margrethe’s grey fedora (21). Queen Maxima also had some real winners the black & white hat (18), the burgundy picture hat (21) and the purple hat (#31) I also loved Queen Silvia’s white hat (19) because it looks so pretty with her dark hair and she doesn’t often wear hats with brims. But my top favorites are Princess Beatrix’s hats blue straw hats with brims (22 and 24) Princess Alexandra’s flower blue hat (25) and Queen Elizabeth’s yellow hat 42 and blue hats 34, 36 and 65. I don’t like pink but I also love Queen Elizabeth’s pink rose hat (8).

      I think the worsts were Sophie Wessex burgundy helmet (53), Maxima’s antlers (22) and banana yellow donut (28) and flesh colored bandage head wrap (15) and Queen Paola’s triangle hat (10). Also Queen Margrethe’s teletubby hat was pretty bad (17)

      I think the best overall parades of hats this year came from Queen Silvia, Queen Elizabeth, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Beatrix, and Princess Alexandra always looks classy.

  44. I think pillbox hats look the most royal so my favourites are all pillbox hats
    Princess Mette-Marit in pink #8
    Queen Silvia in white #22
    Princess Mary in purple #14
    Kate in red # 15
    Sophie in leopard # 54
    Princess Eugnie in magenta #41
    Queen Maxima #36
    and I can’t forget Princess Michael in white with feathers! #16

    here are my least favourite this year
    Lady Helen Taylor #19
    Queen Maxima’s antlers #22
    Queen Maxima’s bandage hats #15
    Princess Victoria’s rooster comb #6
    Princess Haya #1
    Queen Margrethe’s teletubby #17

    Best overall hat style this year: Kate, Queen Elizabeth, Sophie, Queen Silvia, Queen Maxima

  45. My favorite royal hats in 2014 were:
    Camilla #8 large hats can look heavy but this one was so light it looked like it could float!
    Princess Beatrice #28 Bea doesn’t wear picture hats often and this teal and navy one looked great on her
    Sophie Wessex #51 just beautiful
    Queen Maxima # 18 I love the shape it was so classic in black and white
    Princess Claire of Belgium #13 I loved the grey hat with her orange coat.

    My best overall hat style this year nominations goes to: Queen Maxima, Sophie Wessex, Queen Elizabeth, Camilla and Princess Beatrice.

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