Poll: Favourite Royal Hat of 2014

After launching yesterday’s poll for the least favourite royal hat last year, it is time to turn the tables around and decide on which one was your favourite.  Please click on each of the following twelve  photos to link back to the original post with larger photos and information about each hat. Your finalists for best royal hat of 2014 are, in random order:

Embed from Getty Images 

1. Queen Máxima’s boysenberry upturned hat  2. Princess Haya’s black and white vertical hat  
3. Crown Princess Mary’s purple pillbox

Duchess of Cornwall, June 17, 2014 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Victoria, June 8, 2014 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats  Queen Máxima, May 26, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

4. Duchess of Cornwall’s pale blue picture hat  5. Crown Princess Victoria’s retro rose headpiece  
6. Queen Máxima’s black and white picture hat

 Duchess of Cambridge, April 20, 2014 in Jane Taylor | The Royal Hats Blog  Queen Máxima, August 30, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats  Queen Elizabeth, June 14, 2014 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

7. Duchess of Cambridge’s grey percher hat   8. Queen Máxima’s natural straw slice hat   
9. Queen Elizabeth’s white and royal blue hat

Countess of Wessex, June 19, 2014 in Jane Taylor| Royal Hats  Queen Máxima, June 24, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

 10. Countess of Wessex’s black hat with bows 11. Queen Máxima’s burgundy picture hat  
12. Princess Haya’s white cocktail hat

Everyone is able to vote once every 24 hours- this daily vote enables you to vote for multiple hats at a time. The poll will remain open until next Friday, January 16 at midnight GMT and we will celebrate the results next weekend. Happy voting!

Please click on each photo to link back to the original post with additional information and photo sources

9 thoughts on “Poll: Favourite Royal Hat of 2014

  1. 3 of the five that I nominated are included in the list…that makes me 8 out of 10 from both lists! Thanks for the hard work HatQueen!

    • Queen Máxima’s hats (1, 6, 8, 11) were all designed by Fabienne Delvigne
      The Duchess of Cambridge and Countess of Wessex’s hats (7,10) were designed by Jane Taylor
      Hats worn by Princess Haya, Crown Princess Victoria and the Duchess of Cambridge (2, 4, 5, 12) were designed by Philip Treacy
      Queen Elizabeth’s hat (9) was designed by Angela Kelly
      Crown Princess Mary’s hat designer has not been confirmed. I suspect it is Susanne Juul.

  2. I find it fascinating that the worst and the best belong to our dear Queen Max. Perhaps it’s because she’s the most adventurous fashion-wise in her hat choices (not to mention jewelry -that necklace that doubles as body armour!)

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