Seen It Before: Sharing Among The Swedish Royals

Royal Hats One of the major royal events this summer will be the wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist. Sofia has attended a number of royal occasions in the past and worn several hats and headpieces. Eagle eyed reader Sara noticed something familiar about one of these hats:

Sofia Hellqvist. March 16, 2013 | Royal Hats Sofia Hellqvist at the March 2013 funeral of Princess Lilian

Crown Princess Victoria, May 14, 2012 | Royal hats

Crown Princess Victoria at the May 2012 funeral of Count Carl Bernadotte

No question- it’s the same hat. It makes me curious if we’ll see some more hat swapping between Sofia and Princess Victoria as Sofia starts her royal life.

Photos from and Ragnar Singsaas / Stringer via Getty



15 thoughts on “Seen It Before: Sharing Among The Swedish Royals

  1. Call me crazy, but I think this hat looks better on Sofia, especially at the slight angle she has it set at. On Victoria it looks a little too small and reminds me of a dock worker’s hat. Concerning hairstyles, I’ll give a guy’s perspective and say that while it is possible to change your hairstyle, when it is shorter, one’s options are more limited in how it can be styled. I wish I could do certain hairstyles, but with the texture of my hair (thicker and somewhat wavy), I can only do so much unless I want to spend hours with various products and blowdryer (which I don’t). I think Daniel seems comfortable with his hairstyle, and his comfort and confidence are what’s most important.

  2. I agree that the hat sits better on Victoria’s head. The photo of Sofia makes me thinks that her head is slightlly too big for this hat (or the hat is slightly too small for her head!).
    Regarding the hairstyles, I think Daniel has found a hairstyle that suits him and he’s happy to keep it, I don’t mind. Men don’t change hairstyles this much anyway.
    But Victoria has long hair and I think it is really a shame that she doesn’t make more of it. She could be so creative with it, instead of always have it tied in a tight bun. I also wonder what effect it has on the hair on the long run, to be pulled into a tight bun all the time. At the very least, she does have several types of updos, if there is nothing more, then I am thankful for this. 🙂

    • Victoria worn her long hair at her young age, which looked very goog on her. Bun is convienice especially when she needs to hold Estella, but now she can & should try different hair styles to meet the occasions

  3. Interesting discussion about hairstyle in this post- what hairstyle do you think works best for hat wearing? What alternate hairstyle would you suggest for Crown Princess Victoria?

    • I wish Victoria had her hair down every now and then, alternatively with her usual updos and half-updos (like the Duchess of Cambridge for instance). If only.

    • HatQueen I am a big Crown Princess Victoria fan, but I think her hairstyles are often scraped back in an old-fashioned way that is not flattering. She has beautiful hair and a softer hairstyle, and some variation of her hairdos, such has chignons or ponytails, could work wonders. She has proved she can do much better in the past. Usually long hair all hanging down, like the Duchess of Cambridge usually wears, doesn’t work with hats. There has to be a compromise between these extremes!

  4. The hat looks better on Crown Princess Victoria which is not surprising because it was made for her head shape. As others have already said, it is high time for new hairstyles for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, and some more stylish frames for his glasses, or contact lenses wouldn’t go amiss. I hope Sofia Hellqvist won’t have her hair dyed that harsh black for the wedding. I hope she wears a tiara or a nice headpiece, and doesn’t just pin the veil to her hair like some recent celebrities have done. I am so looking forward to this royal wedding!

  5. It’s better on Victoria I think – Sofia has it at a slightly odd angle. Still, nice to see a bit of sharing.

  6. Nice of CP VIctoria to share with Sofia, who probably has a small hat collection in relation to the royal family. It looks at bit small on Sofia, but that may just be the angle of the photo. I’m all for sharing between the royal ladies!

  7. In this case, the hat looks great on both HRH and Sofia. No doubt she will eventually buy a few black hats of her own, since there are, sadly, never a shortage of occasions to wear them. I am looking forward to this summer. Who doesn’t love a royal wedding?! Okay, my husband doesn’t, but I am always glued to the TV or computer screens whenever there is one taking place. I still remember getting up at three in the morning for the Cambridge’s wedding and watching all day, and then buying the magazines and poring over them. Nearly all of the European royals will be there and I am hoping to see all of my favorites. Which includes almost every one of them. 🙂

    • Just wondering if the guest list has been released? I haven’t seen any thing about that. I think this wedding will be similar to Princess Maddie’s instead of Princess Victoria’s. While PV is the heir and all the royals came to her wedding, PM was more for the friends of the couple and those royals that were close to CG/S.

  8. Good to see the economics that is involved. An off topic remark….I would like to see Crown Princess Victoria’s husband change his hairstyle.

    • I would like to see BOTH of them change their hairstyles! As for the hat swapping, I guess Sofia will soon learn that every Royal needs several black hats in store for funerals and solemn occasions.

    • I agree with you excep CP Victoria needs to havea hairstyle makeover as well. They are attractive people, but with a hairstyle change AND a change of eyeglass frame for Prince Daniel. Nice that CP Victoria and her future sister-in-law are close enough to loan such items as hats.

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