Start of Mexican State Visit

The British Royal Family welcomed Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Señora Angelica Rivera de Pena on state visit to the UK today. Queen Elizabeth hosted this welcome in a hat we have not seen her wear for a while. With a textured tweedy square crown and a white straw brim, this hat was simply trimmed in a green band around the brim and a small cluster of green straw leaves and the same lace appliqué flowers that adorned her coat. With so many different textures and materials on one hat, this hat could have easily ventured into ‘too much’ territory but I think Angela Kelly found a perfect balance. It’s a lovely hat with just the right amount of contrast and embellishment.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: May 17, 2011

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her purple felt picture hat with feather spray of feathers. This photo today reminded me that Philip Treacy used the same trim on Camilla’s coat collar for a double wrap around the crown, giving this smooth hat great texture. I love how the hat is a slightly deeper shade of purple than Camilla’s coat- I think it gives a slight increase of depth and dimension to her overall outfit. I’ll be sad when it comes time to retire this hat because it’s one of Camilla’s best.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: March 21, 2013December 25, 2012; March 26, 2012; March 12, 2012; October 26, 2010;  March 8, 2010

Angelica Rivera topped her beautiful white coat with a simple black straw circular rimmed percher hat. The hat, trimmed with a bow, completed a trio of black accessories that made for a classic black and white look. I imagine it’s tricky for first ladies to get the fashion ‘just right’ on these big events and Señora Rivera looked very elegant.

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A great day of hats was had in London today, don’t you agree?

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14 thoughts on “Start of Mexican State Visit

  1. Queen Elizabeth has brought along once again her trademark look which she obviously likes but I cannot get on board with these big hats with tall crowns and short brims. I do not think Angela Kelly’s hats and coats do the Queen any favours, but she seems happy enough in them. If I was her, I would wear Stewart Parvin coats, and experiment with some other top British designers like Bruce Oldfield, and wear Rachel Trevor-Morgan hats, and try out some other top milliners, such as Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy, who have designed hats for her relatives with great success. The Duchess’s hat and coat and dress look more professionally made. Senora Rivera looked superb and I would love to own her entire outfit, hat and accessories. The commoner outdid the royals in the fashion show!

    • Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy make fab hats but they are not the right designers for the Queen. RTM is a great fit for her as would be Vivien Sheriff, William Chambers or Siggi Hats.

      Talking of designers, it boggles my mind that none of the Brit royals have worn Noel Stewart. The man is a millinery genius.

  2. Angelica Rivera had the winning look here I believe. Her hat, hairdo, clothes and acessories hit all the right notes. Runner-up in the fashion stakes was the Duchess of Cornwall. The hat is good, and I like the darker purple tone in it, though I am getting a little tired of seeing this hat. I like the coat, though there is a bit too much trim on the collar, and I have seen it a few times now. The clutch bag is a strange grey tone, and looks out of place with her outfit, and she has repeated this bag recently a few times. I hate to say that the Queen is wearing my least preferred hat and outfit. I don’t mind the hat, though the crown is a bit tall, but all that lace trim on the coat looks excessive to me, and I don’t like lace trim on coats, and I don’t like these Angela Kelly collar-free coats at the best of time.

    • I agree with everything here Alex. I will never fathom what the Queen sees in those Angela Kelly collarless coats and tall crowned hats.

  3. Three excellent outfits today!
    I too am glad to see the Queen’s coat dress again after its debut in Ireland. Although the dress has been worn on several occasions in the palace, I don’t think the coat and hat have been seen since 2011. Until this wearing I hadn’t realized that the green lace trim down the front of the coat goes all the way around the back hem. The trimmings on the hat are well designed, and I have no objection to the hat’s size or shape. Often recently the Queen has had a new outfit for state visits, but I’m glad this seldom-worn one was repeated.
    The Duchess of Cornwall looked superb too, although I still don’t understand her fondness for that purse, which photographs a strange color that usually clashes with whatever she’s wearing.

  4. I like this hat of the Queen’s; I think it succeeds because the monochrome colour palette gives an impression of simplicity, even though, as you point out, there are different textures involved too. It’s a nice outfit altogether – I wasn’t sure when I saw just the top half of the coat, but the way the trim curves out at the bottom is very fetching, I think.

    I absolutely love the colour of Camilla’s outfit, and like the shape of the hat and the front featheriness, but I must say I’m not so keen on the encircling shaggy trim.

    Senora Rivera looked superb.

  5. I don’t usually care for hats where the top is made of something different than the brim but this hat on the Queen is so elegant. I love how the lace on the coat was also used on the hat. It ties the whole outfit together so nicely.

    • I’m not crazy about the boxy shape of the Queen’s hat but I love the materials and the unexpected contrast between the green and white.

      Camilla looks gorgeous but I agree it’s time for a new hat.

  6. So glad to see this outfit and hat make a return after their premiere on HM’s Irish state visit a few years ago. It’s so wonderful, and a great nod to the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday. This purple outfit and hat seem to be Camilla’s outfit for receiving any foreign heads of state; as JamesB said, I think she wears this too often to these sorts of events and would love to see something new in the rotation. The Mexican First Lady looked stunning and pulled off her first major hatted event so well. Brava! Definitely a winning day for millinery in London!

  7. Speaking only about colour. The Duchess was dressed a bit too dark. The Queen looked nice even though we are so use to this style…coat neckline etc. The white coat is one of the nicest I have ever seen. I like it when pictures show the full outfit .
    The hats overall were nice.

  8. Loved the hats and the colors. The Duchess’ purple was a lovely color and the Queen looked marvelous. Señora Rivera was a delight. Great hat, great coat, and lovely lovely hair. Her coat reminded me of something the Duchess of Cambridge or Sophie Wessex might wear. It is stylish, flattering, and timeless.

  9. Couldn’t agree more. Liz looks note perfect, this is where AK’s quirky hand with an accessory works well – and she’s reined it in which is just right. I like this outfit a lot and am glad that it wasn’t retired after just one outing.

    Whilst I love Cams’ rigout we’ve seen it a lot, and often for a state visit. I do wish she’s mix it up a bit more, this is lovely but I’m a bit bored.

    And Señora Rivera….. Wow, she looks a knockout. Doesn’t hurt that she’s goegeous but that is one glamorous outfit for meeting the Queen in!

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