British Royals Attend Commonwealth Observance Service

The Commonwealth Observance Service, the UK’s largest multi-faith celebration, took place this morning at Westminster Abbey. As in years past, the service was attended by Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the British Royal Family. For this event, the Queen repeated her cream and gold split crown hat with black and gold feather trim. The photo taken inside the Abbey shows (bottom left) shows the textural depth of this hat and the warmth of its colour.  It has always been a great hat on the Queen and judging by the number of times she has worn it, she obviously agrees.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat designed by Karl Ludwig.
Previously Worn: September 6, 2014May 6, 2014March 12, 2014; March 20, 2013October 31, 2012July 19, 2012

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her navy wool felt hat with squared crown and angled brim, trimmed with a navy twisted rope wrapped around the base of the crown. While I have already been clear on my feelings about this hat’s strange ‘sausage’ rope, I thought this hat’s paring with Camilla’s silk dress and velvet trimmed wool coat was beautiful. Mixing different shades and textures of blue fabric in one outfit can be tricky but the result here is cohesive, interesting and very elegant.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: October 21, 2014April 8, 2014; December 25, 2014; March 19, 2012

The only new royal hat we saw today was the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge who topped her blush pink McQueen coat with a coordinating percher hat. The hat, a tear drop shaped straw beret, was trimmed with pleated silk twists. The addition of pleated silk gave the hat constrast, movement and a decidedly modern feel and provided some sculptural edge to balance Kate’s coat.  While I would love to see Kate venture with different (larger?) hat shapes, she has years and years of royal life ahead of her to do so and I thought this hat was a winner.

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Designer: Jane Taylor.
Previously Worn:This hat is new

While I would love to see the Duchess of Cornwall expand her millinery wardrobe with a few new additions, I think this trio of hats was a strong and attractive one. What did you think of these three hats today in London?

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35 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Commonwealth Observance Service

  1. I also think Kate’s hat makes her coat look less juvinile. The collar on the coat really bugs me. I don’t know anyone under the age of 40 who would wear that. The hat is great and would be even better with a different dress.

  2. First Queen Elizabeth looks divine, this is perfect one her and her smile says it all. Now for the Duchess of Cornwall, that sausage hat is ugly, I have seen her wear it before and still think it is one ugly hat, why when she has so many beautiful hats where this one. Okay for the Duchess of Cambridge, I really don’t like this hat, it shape is silly and it looks like it is going to fall off her head even though we know it won’t. I really do like her coat, the 3/4 sleeves are fine, nothing wrong with those sleeves and the color is perfect on her, the pearl buttons, there okay, nothing to wrong or right with them. She looks more relaxed today then in recent days, hopefully she will be wearing a new style of hat instead of those saucers that she wears most of the time.

  3. The Queen looks fabulous. Great colours, shape and everything. I think she is the best dressed of this trio.
    The Duchess of Cornwall has a nice winter outfit which I think, is not so well suited when the others wears spring colours on “a lovely spring day”.
    The Duchess of Cambridge has the same syndrome as Camilla. She owns so many hats that have the same shape that I’m reaaaally bored. How can she have such a small hat collection (compared to more senior royals) and already so many hat twins? The coat is fine, it suits her, but I have never liked it so much. Too loudly romantic for me maybe, the soft pink colour + the pearl buttons are too much.

  4. The Queen looked lovely, and even though I don’t like these split crowns hats of Angela Kelly, I will concede this is the best of the bunch, probably because it is all in one colour, and the tweed fabric looks classy and very British.

    I like the shape of the Duchess of Cornwall’s navy wool felt hat with squared crown and angled brim, but I detest that navy twisted rope wrapped around the base of the crown that resembles a huge sausage. Her outfit looked good, especially with the classic velvet trim. Probably a simple back velvet trim on the hat would have been more attractive. I wish she would ditch this clutch purse, it looks shabby.

    I didn’t like the Duchess of Cambridge’s blush pink McQueen coat, but I’ll give her a pass, as she is pregnant, but I wouldn’t like to see this one again. I am not a fan of her coordinating coats with percher hats, but this tear drop shape seems to work best on this type of hat. The trim of pleated silk twists was original. At least her hair was tied back and not competing with the hat.

  5. So much to talk about it would appear! For the record Kate wore this coat at last years Trooping the Colour, so a logical repeat there. Thankfully IMO the hat worn on that day NOT repeated, (sorry don’t know how to provide links but someone might)- it was pink and flat! These percher hats are not my favourite but this one is okay and Kate appears to like them- looking forward to the upcoming feature already HQ! And finally- have to disagree with the comments that Kate’s outfit today looked childish. I had an absolute TOUCHÉ moment with Laura’s comment and pics re childish maternity fashion. Very funny Laura- thank you…..and very true!!!
    P.S. Camilla looked very nice today and the sausage hat is growing on me too.

  6. I like HM’s outfit and hat because it is so her. She likes the style and is comfortable with it, and she goes with it. I like The Duchess of Cornwall and her lovely smile, but am not a fan of her outfit. It doesn’t look like it fits properly. The Duchess of Cambridge looks lovely, but I hate the hat. It isn’t a design I like. It looks too small.

  7. The Queen looked elegant as she always does and I loved Camilla’s hat with her coat and dress. The different shades of blue could have easily clashed but the dress is the same shade as the hat (both shiny) and that helps. I didn’t like the rope sausage around it the last few times I saw it but it’s growing on me.

    I didn’t like Kate’s hat for myself but it looked very good on her. Has she worn this coat before?

  8. Three nice outfits today. The Queen’s oft-repeated outfit is lovely. This is one of the best split crowns since the entire hat is one fabric and one color but with added trim. Any hat and coat trims that include black, actually, are a good idea, since it makes those awful black shoes and handbag seem a logical choice.
    The Duchess of Cornwall would look very nice in this outfit if the sausage roll were removed from the hat. Hat goes with the coat’s trim, as do the shoes, but that sausage roll is distracting. And kill that purse.
    I like the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit too, shoes included. (What’s wrong with the lighter color? She’s so often in black, blue or tan.) The trim on Kate’s hat, even though the shape is boring, does add interest to a simple coat.

  9. Kate’s hat is great, coat gets a pass because it’s McQueen but WHAT IS UP with the HIDEOUS pink satin bridesmaids shoes?

    The Queen AND Camilla wore more stylish shoes than Kate did today. WHY WHY WHY?

    • Thank you. The shoes seemed off and I couldn’t identify why, but you nailed it -bridesmaid dyed to match satin shoes. Yuck!

    • The shoes are Prada but that don’t save them. See peeps even designers make bad mistakes! Kate’s hat is fabulous. Coat has a nice swing but the collar is just to baby doll in that pink. I could hate on that coat but it’s SOOOOO much better with the hat. Love Camilla’s hat but girlfriend, you do so much better with STRUCTURE. Clone your black suit in every color and you’ll feel like $1,000,000. Best dressed today is Queen Elizabeth. The gold cream and black is FABULOUS. She is perfect head to toe. XOXO.

  10. The Queen looks stylish and very happy. I love seeing her smile. The trim on Camilla’s hat ruins an otherwise beautiful hat. Kate’s coat is too short and, I agree, rather childish looking. Three quarter length sleeves on a coat is ridiculous.

    • Kate’s hat is lovely. I’m surprised at the comments about her coat looking childish. I think it is a beautifully tailored maternity coat. It was a lovely spring day here in London and the 3/4 sleeves are perfect.

    • LOVE Kate’s hat and coat. Retro chic and cute but not childish.

      THIS Is what childish maternity fashion looks like.

      • As much as I was a fan of the fashions of the Princess of Wales, she never managed to nail Maternity Chic! As for Sarah, Duchess of York, I have never liked a single garment or hat she has worn when pregnant or not!

      • Oh, the days when designers thought adding yards of pin tucks, pleats and gathers to a maternity frock made it “slimming”. And to think we thought Diana’s ruffles and collars were so stylish!

        I hadn’t thought about these dresses as childish but they are the exact same cut as a toddler dress. Thank goodness maternity fashion is now about dressing like the rest of your life. Kate seems to do that well with her maternity clothes.

        Thanks for the trip down memory lane Laura!

  11. First hat I have ever liked on Kate. It’s still sharp in its lines but sophisticated. Sadly the coat ruins should be worn by a 12 year old. The hair has to be cut. It is getting worse all of the time. Kate is getting older. Needs a makeover.
    The Queen looks better in the outfit this time. Time for Cam to donate that outfit.

  12. HM looks grand – lovely hat on her even if I am not a giant fan of her split crown hats – this one is short enough it’s not in that Mad Hatter look category. The colors look great on her. Cams needs to pitch the sausage on that hat and have it re-designed – and oh so boring and dated to see Kate in this hat. Despite it’s being new, it looks like the same old, some old that she’s been wearing for years now.

  13. The Queen looks great, though we’ve seen this one a lot now. Camilla, also oft repeated but I rather like the sausage hat.

    Glad to see Kate repeat an outfit on the other hand! She doesn’t do that so much these days and it’s a fab coat. The hat is lovely, and the pleats are a different embellishment. But I’m just bored of this hat shape on her, she’s worn the exact shape so many times now (her collection must have a good few hat twins worthy of a feature!?) and she has other pink hats she could have worn with the coat! I’ll let her off, she’s heavily up the duff after all – but please Kate – some variety one day!?

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