Queen Names Cruise Ship

Sixty-two years after launching the royal yacht Britannia, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived at the Ocean Cruise Terminal in Southampton today to formally award the name of their beloved yacht to a new, larger P & O cruise liner. Queen Elizabeth repeated a peach hat with fabric covered crown and straw brim.

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The brim of this hat is edged in the same wool bouclé fabric as the crown (and the Queen’s coat) and the hat is simply trimmed with four peach feathers anchored by two circles of fabric and a slim knotted bow.

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This ensemble is all about texture – maybe even too much texture. On its own, the Queen’s bouclé coat is dangerously close to ‘fuzzy bathrobe’ territory but I think the hat saves the day. The straw brim and use of feathers on the hat breaks up the overall ‘fuzziness factor’ and miraculously, gives balance and focus to the ensemble. Is it my favourite of the Queen’s hats? Not by a long shot. I do, however, think that this outfit is vastly improved by it. In the end, isn’t that precisely what a royal hat is supposed to do?

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: July 18, 2012March 14, 2011November 23, 2010September 14, 2010; November 19, 2009

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22 thoughts on “Queen Names Cruise Ship

  1. I like the hat, but the Queen is wearing too much peach, and the fabric of the coat looks like peachfuzz, so it has a costume look. I also think the peach drains color from her, and it is not one of my favorite colors for the Queen to wear.

  2. How does this “front of the head” hatpin work? I understand anchoring a hatpin through your chignon at the back, as Queen Maxima often does. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t seem to have enough hair to secure anything?

  3. Not my favourite outift or hat, but perfectly serviceable. I thought the hat would be an Angela Kelly one, since to me it seems to bear out the “less polished” criticism often levelled at many of her designs (which sometimes I agree with), so was surprised to see it’s by Rachel Trevor Morgan.

  4. I enjoyed the style of her coat and hat. I have always been a fan of the boucle fabric. But I am not a fan of the peach color. Although the Queen looks lovely, as always, her face seems to have an orange tone, possibly taken from the color of her hat and coat. The Queen looks lovely in anything of color, but this peach wasn’t one of my favorites.

  5. The cut of the feathers on this hat are interesting. It seems like there are endless things you can do to feathers for an interesting focal point. I like the use the crisp straw contrast with the fuzzy fabric… However, the 2 circles look amateur and homemade. Not like HM at all. While the peach color is lovely, maybe the fabric was a mistake. I hope this outfit is comfortable.

  6. I agree that the hat is the best part of this outfit, but I like the outfit in its entirety. I think the four feathers are attractive and, as others have said, take attention away from all that peach fuzz.

  7. I think she looks lovely in peach, and it makes a lovely spring day that much lovelier. I like her hat and her outfit, but I do understand what you mean about the boucle.

  8. As others have mentioned, not my favorite color on HM, but at least it doesn’t blend in with her hair like some of her whie and cream hats do. Overall, she looks very spring-like and warm. Very beautiful pearl and diamond acessories.

  9. Ah the old peach fuzz. This is a very old favourite – I actually thought it had been retired.

    I get people’s gripes – it’s a lot of fuzz and a lot of peach – but I’ve always had a soft spot for it. As does her Maj, and I think it’s had even more outings than you’ve spotted here, it must be one of her most worn ensembles in the past few years, so I’m quite surprised to see it here for quite a high profile outing.

  10. The outfit works for her, but I think it’s because she is so cheerful looking. It’s a cheery color. But, coat, dress and hat in boucle? It seems a bit much. I would like the hat better if it were a smooth fabric. The decorations are better than usual… not too overblown.

  11. Lovely to see a change from Angela Kelly’s usual. Stewart Parvin is an excellent tailor whose coats have a superb fit and Rachel Trevor Morgan’s hats are a great improvemen on some of Ms. Kelly’s designs. I agree that the colour is not my favourite, but, as already noted, it makes Her Majesty stand out in the crowd which is the intent. I can’t help noting how happy the Queen seems these days.

  12. I like texture very much, but here my first thought was … terry cloth?!? Actually, it seems to be very cosy, and the colour gives me a spring feeling!

  13. This is meant for a smile…my grand daughter thinks the Queen is cute…love the phrase …and in this outfit I think she is too. Might be a tad too bright colour and I never like the hat shape…but she looks comfortable and yes cute.

  14. Not a fan of this particular colour… Of course, she wants to be seen and this pumpkin orange helps her achieve it! 🙂

  15. She looks lovely in peach – and I don’t think the boucle is too much. I would have thought this might have been a real melancholy date for HM – but she looks happy. She’s got to still be (inside) upset over the decommissioning of her old royal yacht.

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