Danish Royals Welcome Dutch State Visit

The remaining working members of the Danish Royal Family also were on hand today to welcome King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima for their state visit. Crown Princess Mary wore one of our favourite hats last year, her oversize purple felt pillbox with feather trim. This event gave us a better view of this hat than we saw during its first outing at the opening of Danish Parliament last fall, leading me to ooh and aah over the the colour, detail and scale of this hat. It’s so very good.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Shell” design
Previously Worn: October 7, 2014

Princess Marie followed Princess Mary’s fashion formula, topping her chic cream coat with a purple fedora (and matching purse!). While I wish better photos were available, it looks like this new hat for Marie is a keeper. She wears fedoras exceptionally well and purple is a great colour for her.

Princess Marie, March 17, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Princess Benedikte repeated her ecru felt hat with contrasting swirl and raised brim at the back of the hat. It is a hat we have seen numerous times on Benedikte but one that looks great on her. With her oyster tweed suit and fur trimmed wrap, I thought Princess Benedikte looked stylish and elegant.

Princess Benedikte, March 17, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: my guess is Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: October 7, 2014January 30, 2014; January 14, 2012 

Many royal watchers were expecting the Danish royals to bring their fashion ‘A game’ for this state visit and when it came to hats, they certainly did not disappoint. Which was your favourite royal hat in Copenhagen today?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Splash News and Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

15 thoughts on “Danish Royals Welcome Dutch State Visit

  1. I liked all the hats and clothes worn by these royals. Mary is the winning hat and look for me. I would place Benedikte’s second not becuase it is bad, but because Mary’s is just so good. Princess Marie’s hat choice is one of her best. I would have preferred that she hadn’t copy-catted Mary.

  2. It’s interesting Margrethe, Mary, and Marie all chose a shade of purple for their hats. I think Mary won overall between the 3. Benedikte’s hat was my favorite out of everyone present.

  3. I still love Mary’s pillbox, and Benedicte looks elegant. I stil can’t get on board with a fedora style for a formal occasion. If Marie were wearing this at, say, a horse show or other semi-formal event, I’d applaud it, as I like the colour and she does indeed wear it well. But it just isn’t right for a state visit!

    • I like all the hats but I agree that the fedora doesn’t look as formal as the other hats. I love that purple pillbox hat!

  4. I think all three ladies look lovely and elegant. I think they also are dressed to not compete with the queens, as good princesses do.

  5. My favourite was Marie’s by far. A real hat is a great colour, which goes so well with the coat she’s wearing!
    For some reason, I have never really liked the purple pillbox Mary is wearing. Maybe it is a little bit too dark, maybe a little too small for her head?

  6. I was slightly underwhelmed by the princesses I’m afraid. Mary’s hat is lovely and her coat is too, I just find them together not all that exciting. Mary’s outfit too – fab component parts, I don’t know I’m just not in love with them together. So funny they both went for variants on the same theme!

    Still love that hat on Ben.

  7. I remain in adoration of Mary’s purple pillbox, it was my favorite royal hat of 2014. She (almost) always looks so reserved and elegant to me. Maxima always makes me smile, even over that blinked up travesty of a coat.

  8. Purple and beige seems to be colour choice. Both Princess Mary and Marie look nice. Princess B looks lovely. I am sure now I do not like Queen M coat.

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