Imperial Family Attend Recital

Members of the Imperial Royal Family attended a music recital today in the Imperial Palace’s Peach Bloom Music Hall performed by the graduating students of five university music programs. This event brought out a number of new hats on their first outings. Crown Princess Masako’s  hat, with a domed crown and and upfolded brim, was covered in pink silk and edged with pointed pink lace trim around the edge of the brim. The same lace edged her jacket, tying the ensemble together. We don’t commonly see lace trim used in this way on royal hats and while it is almost too sweet, it gives some much needed texture to this new hat.

Crown Princess Masako, March 18, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Kiko and her daughter, Princess Kako, both chose new brimless white hats. Pricess Kiko’s rounded pillbox was made of the same same embroidered white silk as her jacket. The wave pattern, embroidered into the fabric, tied the two pieces together and gave a little interest to the perimeter of the otherwise plain hat. Princess Kako’s bumper hat was trimmed by a silk ribbon wedged between the brim and crown of the hat. The same ribbon was used for a flat bow at the back.

Princess Kiko, March 18, 2015 | Royal Hats Princess Kako, March 18, 2015 | Royal Hats

As usual, the remaining Imperial princesses showed a little more colour and variety in their millinery. Princess Hanako of Hitachi wore a new brimless teal bumper hat in the same fabric as her suit jacket. The bumper shape, which creates a rolled ‘ring’ around the hat’s crown, and the ruched fabric wrapped around the side of the hat, gave this petite piece considerable interest and movement. I thought the colour was particularly becoming on Princess Hanako.

Princess Hanako, March 18, 2015 | Royal Hats  Princess Hanako, March 18, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Nobuko of Mikasa wore a navy hat with curled brim and large, multi-looped bow on the side. The brim was slightly raised on one side, giving the illusion of a jaunty, diagonal brim. Princess Akiko of Mikasa wore a pale pink with squared crown. The hat looks to have a very petite flared brim, making it look like a very modern version of a cloche and giving marvellous contrast to her feminine, ruffled suit.

Princess Nobuko and Princess Akiko, March 18, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Hisako of Takamado (seen behind Princess Akiko, above) wore a simple black felt boater style hat. The hat was trimmed in a dark olive green crushed silk band that coordinated with her suit. While I think this ensemble is also new, I believe it is a replica of the purple and black ensemble we saw Princess Hisako wear back in December. 

Imperial Family, March 18, 2015 | Royal Hats

Photos from FNN News and Sankei

11 thoughts on “Imperial Family Attend Recital

  1. I think the closer they are in line to the Emperor–the less say they have over their appearance and wardrobe. Princesses Mako and Kako are dressed very much like their mother, Princess Kiko–who also has a very strict style.

  2. Thanks for the close ups! I like Princess Nobuko’s hat the best: brim, bow, angle and color. CP Masako and Princess Hanako’s hats are tied for 2nd place. Hard to choose between lace trim and bright color. Other hats are nice and fit the IHA standard.

  3. While enjoying everything you post, I also am learning about the different royal households. I find the Imperial royal household especially interesting since their style seems so secretive, or predictable. Would any member of the Imperial household ever wear a fascinator?

  4. BIg thumbs up for Crown Princess Masako’s hat and jacket. Not just the fabric and trim but the style of the hat matches the jacket perfectly. I think it’s a clever design.
    I’ve learned enough about the Japanese royalty family’s proclivity for hats from this blog to know that Princess Hanako of Hitachi tends to wear the most colorful outfits, and this was no exception. I alas think that Princess Nabuko of Mikasa’s whole outfit is particularly attractive.

  5. Bless CP Masako’s heart. I love her hat! Just a little bit of that lacey trim matching her outfit makes the hat and, even though I can’t know for sure, it is almost like she is trying to add some individuality from the strict code of dress she has to abide by. Kuddos to her!

  6. Princess Nobuko looks truly elegant in the navy outfit and full-brimmed hat! I really like the size of Princess Kiko’s hat as well–it suits her quite nicely. The rest of the hats, as usual for this court, seem to be the wrong proportion for their wearers. I mean, they fit–technically–but they don’t suit.

    • I agree – she can wear what she likes as long as she is happy and up and about! I quite like her hat but cannot imagine anyone else in the world wearing it!

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