Dutch Monarchs Begin German Visit

After completing their state visit to Denmark, King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands moved on to begin their two day visit to Germany today. For their arrival in Luebeck, Máxima repeated her grey felt hat with ‘slice’ brim sharply upturned on one side. We have seen this hat numerous times on this young queen and today, for the first time, it was paired with this tri-toned dress. The hat is a staple for Máxima and looks great on her. I think, however, the unattractive dress doomed this outfit from the start. Next week we’ll compare all the outfits she as worn with this hat and I suspect, this one will not win. What did you think of Queen Máxima’s hat and dress combination today?

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March 19, 2015 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: February 18, 2015; January 30, 2014October 16, 2013October 5, 2013

Photos from Getty as indicated and Carsten Rehder, Patrick van Katwijk and Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

17 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Begin German Visit

  1. Got those dangerous hat pins again, I see. Surely her dresser realises how unattractive – and downright nasty – they look! Her outfit looks okay from the front, but I don’t care for the odd back on the top. Max may feel the heat so if she was going to spend time inside and outside chose a sleeveless outfit for the central heating and a coat for the brisk outdoors. Practical for her?

  2. Of the five wearings of this hat, this pairing is the least satisfactory, I think, but the hat itself remains spectacular. I guess the hat was chosen to match the skirt. I don’t understand the outfit in general, though, I’m afraid. Does picture 5 indicate that the back of the top goes with or is the same fabric as the coat? One would never see those two pieces together. The front of the outfit, without coat, is too dark to stand out well in photographs.

  3. I love this hat on Queen Maxima! I don’t care about the outfit (and yes, something is off) but the lovely lady wearing it gets an A+ from me…

  4. The elements look fine, but the proportions are off. To me a large heavy-looking felt hat does not go with a sleeveless dress – either the hat should be lighter – like straw, or the dress should have sleeves.

  5. I like the hat with the dress – it’s the shapeless coat that doesn’t match anything hat ruins it. I can see what she’s doing – she’s got Her outfit and it works, check. But then ‘brrrr, it’s still chilly here’ so chucks a coat on. and there it goes wrong. Bring this one back in summer – sans that coat!

  6. Love the hat, but a little confused by the rest of the outfit. I like the idea, but just think there are a few too many things meshed together. It looks like the front of her top is leather (with the back in some sort of fabric), and no sleeves for this time of year in northern Europe? I like the idea of the coat, but not unbuttoned. And I think there are too many competing colors; her top and skirt should’ve been in that oxblood-brown color, then I think it would look more streamlined.

  7. Maxima never disappoints. I like the hat and dress but I’m not a fan of the coat. Maybe if the coat was more tailored.

  8. Home economics class….that sure brings back wonderful memories. I like the outfit. Is it possibly a German designer? It also appears that she even had her nails done to match.

  9. I don’t care for the color of coat with her outfit (I think it’s a skirt and blouse, not an actual dress?). But other than that– I love the blouse and I love the hat, which coordinates with the skirt. Other than the wrinkles, I think she looks great! And completely MAX.

  10. I do love this hat on her, and the clothes are okay, except for the coat. It does look like a throwback to the fifties, and it isn’t a style I care for at all. The top she is wearing doesn’t photograph well and I can’t figure out what color it is: brown or burgundy or a hybrid, and I can’t decide what the fabric is. This outfit will never be a favorite, but like beachgal, I think it looks okay. She is a beautiful woman and clearly enjoys her life. It is a joy to see her.

  11. I dislike a lot of her dresses but this one (or is it a set?) does not bother me at all other then the skirt looks like it wrinkles badly. But I do like the colors and I like it with the hat as well – not a huge fan of the cut of the coat however – the wide open neck and wide raglan sleeves look like something I might have seen made by a high school student in the 50s in home economics class from an easy to sew pattern.

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