Queen Elizabeth Visits Naval Ship

Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to the HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s sole amphibious assault ship and landing platform helicopter. For today’s engagement, she repeated her orchid purple hat and matching coat. Made of silk crepe, this hat with tall, domed crown and downward facing brim is trimmed with two fuchsia arrow feathers. While I still have qualms about the proportion of this hat, its vibrant colour made the Queen to stand out against the grey ship and navy uniformed sailors. This hat seems to be growing on me – is your affection increasing for it as well?

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: December 25, 2014

Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Naval Ship

  1. The Queen looks good in these bright colours, but the crown of the hat is a little high on such a petite lady, and the feathers are too tall.

  2. I liked this hat at Christmas, and I continue to like it. Its style is good and the color truly fabulous. I still want to see the dress to see how much red (?) fabric there is in it: just a center stripe, half and half? From the next-to-the-last photograph above as well as from a couple of others I’ve seen, I am assuming that the coat’s lining is red as well.
    I find it interesting that this year’s Christmas outfit has been reworn before Christmas 2013’s persimmon orange with the (perhaps recycled) black fur hat. If the orange outfit were to get a new hat, it could be reworn too.

    • I thought that too – I loved the Orange, and didn’t even mind the Halloween colour scheme. Hope that coat gets another look in soon, she’s been in a big recycling mood lately – nothing new since Christmas I think…

      • No, there hasn’t been anything new since Christmas. She usually unveils new outfits and hats for Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday so we won’t have to wait long.

  3. I like the colors and the style of the hat. It isn’t so big as to hide her face. Something that has been very important to her. I’d like to see more royals take that advice. The brooch is great too since it resembles a boat!

  4. I absolutely love this. It’s so fresh, youthful and vibrant – and she looks amazing. The fit of that coat is brilliant, the hat is restrained and I love the shape.

    This one shouts right to the top of my favourite outfit list for Her Maj.

  5. I’ve always liked this hat. It fits in with her current hat preferences very well and has less of a ‘mad hatter’ vibe. I think that is because the crown of the hat isn’t wider than the base – a style we have seen her wear frequently. I love the colors. Very few people are daring enough to wear this combo!

    Question: are those fabric covered hat pins on the side?

    • Yes, they are. If you look closely, Her Majesty always has fabric covered hat pins to match her hats exactly. Occasionally, when she feels that cicumstances warrant it (weather/outdoors events) she will add a slightly longer jewelled pin to the front of her hat for security!

  6. It’s a nice pop of color and I am starting to like this too. When you need to be seen, this is a great color to wear, and it’s flattering for her skin tones. Then again, I have never seen her wear anything that didn’t flatter her. She gets it right and always looks regal, amazing and pretty.

  7. This hat works wonderfully for the Queen. I don’t think it would work on most women, though. But you made a great point about the color popping against her surroundings. People come to see her and I like to think she and her dresser take this into consideration while choosing her outfits AND hats.

  8. I loved it at Christmas, and I love it now! I’m curious @HatQueen, where do you find out what HM’s hats are made of? I’m not certain there’s any straw associated with this hat (considering that wouldn’t have seemed seasonally appropriate at Christmas), but I could be wrong! Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • I had an inside tip that the brim of this hat was made of straw. I also wasn’t convinced as to my eyes, it looks like the whole thing is covered in silk crepe- after a secondary inquiry, I confirmed it is indeed, a fabric covered hat. So you were right!

  9. I agree – this hat now is a hit with me vs my initial wish that the feathers were shorter on it. The color is brilliant on her

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