Countess of Wessex Attends Royal Reinterment

When the remains of King Richard III were discovered 3 years ago in Leicester beneath a car park in the foundations of Greyfriars Church, one of the most interesting royal stories in recent memory began to unfold.  Today, 530 years after he was killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field, King Richard was finally laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral. The Countess of Wessex attended today’s reinterment service in a simple black velour cocktail hat with draped silk twisted bow.

Countess of Wessex, March 26, 2015 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats

Countess of Wessex, March 26, 2015 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats

Designer: Jane Taylor
reviously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from Splash News and Splash News via Corbis

16 thoughts on “Countess of Wessex Attends Royal Reinterment

  1. I thought the Countess of Wessex looked great and this is one of her best looks. The hat is perfect on her. The Duchess of Gloucester looked good and her simple beret was alright here, as it was not a jolly event, so no call for a big fancy hat. Both Royal ladies looked dignified.

  2. This one on Sophie is much better than the patent leather look at the Afghanistan service a week ago. Very elegant indeed. As for the Duchess of Gloucester, I say her hat is black as that was the color of the day; I think the lighting in the photo made things look more navy (have this problem all the time at the hat shop I work at).

  3. I like Sophie’s hat very much, but I am struck at how similar it is – stylistically – to the one she wore to the Afghanistan service a week ago. She has done that before – such as when she went on a beige hat binge a year or two ago. Then she seemed to have several beige cocktail hats and also brimmed hats that were similar in style. I also believe she may have added a small hairpiece to add volume to her hairstyle. These days some interpret such statements as ‘snark,’ but I do not mean it that way. I think she looks great, and it helps her hat sit well. In days past, hairpieces were just as much part of an outfit as a handbag or pantyhose.

    • Deb W I agree. Lots of royal ladies use hairpieces, for example, Queen Silvia of Sweden, who has those big updos behind her tiara, yet shortish hair. If doing so improves the effect, then why not?

  4. I love Sophie Wessex’s overall look, but I think cocktail hats are not quite right for funerals and memorials and similar occasions. The Duchess looks good but I don’t like the little antenna sticking up on the beret.

  5. Sophie looks fantastic! Very well put together. I like the hat – black, for the seriousness of the occasion but not dour.

  6. This one is Ok – I am never a big fan of cocktail hats – esp ones that perch – but this looks nice with her hair pulled into a bun

  7. She looks absolutely amazing. The hat is a delight and the coat is very nice. I love it that she wears those high heels too. She looks effortlessly sophisticated. Epic win.

  8. Love what I can see of this hat. It remins me a bit of Kate’s Percherons hats. The Duchess of Wessex looks very sophisticated, but I was surprised there were not more royal family members in attendance.

    • @ penelope: The Duke of Gloucester attended also, because Richard III had the same title before he became king. – The reservation of more senior members of the Royal Family results from the notion that Richard III was an usurper to the throne that the Tudors claimed. The Windsor family see themselves in the tradition of the Tudors. Anyway, The Queen send a message to the reinterment service to be read out that allegedely was very friendly (didn’t hear it myself).

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