Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in Kent

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Kent this morning to open a new wing at the National Memorial to the Few and unveil their Diamond Jubilee statues at Canterbury Cathedral. For these events, Her Majesty stood out in her bright blue and turquoise hat. We have seen this hat numerous times in the past year and I must admit, I like it more with each outing. I particularly appreciate the balance of colour between the hat and matching coat – not an easy thing to do with colours as vibrant as these. I’m not so fond of are the buttons on the coat (something I noticed for the first time today) or the rough yarn trim on the hat but this outfit, overall, is a good one for the Queen.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat by Karl Ludwig
Previously Worn: January 11, 2015; October 18, 2014April 29, 2014November 14, 2013

Queen Elizabeth has seen so much over the course of her reign but I wonder if it isn’t just a little odd to see herself cast in lifeless stone?  This aside, I think stone mason Nina Bilbey, who carved these statues, did a lovely job of making the Garter robes look like flowing fabric.

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20 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in Kent

  1. I suspect changing the trim on the hat would make a world of difference to this entire ensemble. That fun fur strip just pushes everything–the color combination, the rough wool elements–too far.

  2. There is to much going on here, the 2 blues are fighting each other for attention, this is not a good color combination. The buttons look like something I could buy at a local fabric stores that sells plastic buttons, the hat, well for starters, I don’t like that shape in the front, that curve is so wrong, and the entire shape is to big for her face, the raw wool, is that an after thought by the designer for they did know what else to do or what? The coat looks to tight on her………..in fact this outfit is a disaster and the only thing good here is her bright blue eyes that are sparkling, and that wonderful gracious smile. Oh the jewels are perfect as always and my favorite is the earrings, just love those!

  3. The Queen suits blue but I don’t like these 2 shades of blue together like this. The coat doesn’t look classy and the buttons are ugly. I think this is one of Angela Kelly’s worst hats and coats. I hate those split crown hats and I don’t think they look good on the Queen. The little bow on the hat looks way too twee for a lady of the Queen’s age and status. The rough yarn trim on the hat is ugly and looks amateurish. I wish the Queen would try out some other designers and milliners. At least her Parvin coats and Trevor-Morgan hats look well-made and less gimmicky.

    • I agree with you totally Aussie Princess Caroline. I hope this is the last time we ever see those split crown hats. I would love to see the Queen try some new designers too. Bruce Oldfield has made some fabulous clothes for the Countess of Wessex, and I would love to know what he could design for the Queen. Jane Taylor has made some of the best hats the Countess of Wessex has worn, and Philip Treacy has made some great hats for other royals like Princess Michael of Kent, so I would be curious how he would hat the Queen.

      • I have to disagree with you 100%. Just because Jane Taylor and Philip Treacy make great hats for other royals does not mean they would automatically be good designers for QE. Her style is totally different from their work. Here’s what I mean:

        Jane Taylor

        Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

        Philip Treacy

        Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      • I agree that the Queen should try some other designers. The Jane Taylor and Philip Treacy hats aren’t really the Queen’s style, but they may have a few tricks up their sleeves to tone down their usual haute couture looks. Stephen Jones might have some ideas that would please her. There are loads of designers out there who would be delighted to design for her. The Angela Kelly hats and clothes are getting boring.

  4. Queen Elizabeth looks lovely as usual, but I am not a fan of this hat shape on her; it’s too close to her mad hatter shaped hats. I don’t especially like the two colors of blue together, either. I love to see her in bright colors in just one shade, but I also think she looks wonderful in pale shades such as soft pink or pale blue.

  5. Funny about the comments on the buttons. I think they’re from the same manufacturing lot at these (quite possibly available at a mass-marked sewing supply store):

    It would be interesting to see this hat without the yarn trim. The balance of colors, as you said, between the coat and hat is excellent. Because of the extremely bright colors and the sharp contrast, however, I don’t think the extra embellishment of the yarn is necessary, but this remains a good working outfit: bright, relatively simple design, trademark hat shape.

  6. I like this hat, but would like it better without the rough yarn trim. The whole outfit is just okay, a little too matchy-contrasty for my taste. But, HM looks wonderful, as always.

    She is a lot taller in stone than in real life!

  7. I like the colors on this hat too, although I have to agree about the yarn trim. Not a fan of that rough finish, but her majesty looks lovely in those colors. Her skin is extraordinary, and nearly everything she wears enhances it. The work on the statues is truly amazing, although I have to say the Duke’s statue looks more like him than the queen’s looks like her. The robes on those statues are just astounding. They really do flow.

  8. Yes it must be emotional for her to see the carvings.
    I do wish she would consider a new hat and clothes designer. This outfit looks so homemade. Note the silly buttons on the coat. You could buy that at Jo Ann’s or Hobby Lobby. She deserves better. She pays haute couture prices I am sure. Often Awful clothes.
    Do designers offer examples of their work to her? I doubt she would ever go to a show like other royals.

  9. I also really like the colors on this hat – despite it almost boarders on some of those comical mat hatter crowns she does too often, this one is a tad more subdued and works for me.

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