Hats From The Past

Royal Hats Twenty years ago today, two European queens were on foreign tours. The hats they wore on March 27, 1995 give a window into royal millinery fashion two decades ago.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands greeting well wishers in Jerusalem during her tour of Israel. Her blue felt hat featured a much larger brim and substantially flatter crown than we are used to seeing her wear these days. This was likely the work of her longtime hat designer Harry Scheltens.

Queen Elizabeth in Prague, Czech Republic, in a royal blue hat with tall crown and upturned brim with stitching detail. Most of the hats we see the Queen wear have embellishment (feathers, flowers, bows, etc.) of some type and I adore the strong, clean lines of this unembellished piece. I suspect this was a Frederick Fox design.

Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Hats From The Past

  1. For QEII that’s a good hat from the 90s but most of them we’re pretty forgettable, and often downright dowdy. I know a lot of her AK hats are over trimmed these days, but by and large she looks better now than she’s done in years – and certainly she in afraid to experiment with colour and style, which you can’t say about many nearly 89 year olds!

  2. I have to agree with Snug Harbor on Queen Beatrix’s hat. It looks much better than her preferred style today, and Queen Elizabeth’s hat is a winner. I like that much better than those stovepipe hats she likes now. It is fun to see these older pictures. Two grand Royal ladies, and two very nice hats.

  3. Queen Elizabeth looks like a Queen…minus the fur would be kinder…the Queen could look like that again if she got new hat and clothes designers.

  4. The two queens do look younger in these photographs from 20 years ago, of course, but I’m afraid that the hats look better than many of those they wear now too, especially Queen Elizabeth’s royal blue. That’s a beautiful hat! I don’t see why that couldn’t be worn now. I’m sure it’s sitting in its own cupboard somewhere.
    Princess/then Queen Beatrix’s hat, while more dated looking now, is a refreshing change from all her current bumper-trimmed cake-like hats, with or without a central point.

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