One Suit, Three Hats

Royal HatsOne of my favourite outfits worn by the Countess of Wessex in recent years is a palest blush pink beaded dress and jacket designed by Bruce Oldfield. Sophie has stepped out in this outfit three times, each time pairing it with a different Jane Taylor hat:

Look #1: Large waved percher hat in blush straw worn at Zara Phillips’ wedding, July 30, 2011

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: Rosy brown straw saucer hat with silk rose at the Order of the Garter service in June 2012

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #3: Ivory lace covered beret percher with blush silk rose and feathers worn at the Church of Scotland Assembly, May 2014


These three different hat styles lend a very different feel to this dress and jacket. Which pairing do you like best?

Photos from Getty as indicated and The Church of Scotland

26 thoughts on “One Suit, Three Hats

  1. Yes I like the first picture best also. #3 just completely turns me off but I think it may have something to do with the blouse just doesn’t look right in that picture, I’m not sure why since its the third time she wore it-not the first (my thinking being maybe if it were the first time it could be lack of tailoring)

  2. I agree with so many others, that the first hat is the best hat, and the best suited to the outfit. I like the other 2 hats, but I don’t think they work quite as well as the first with this outfit.

  3. I love the first hat but I also appreciate how the other hats give a different feel to this suit. It’s like choosing the best out of three very good options! The lace on the third hat goes so well with this suit and I also like how the brown tones in the second hat give an old world feel to the whole outfit. If any one of these hats arrived on my doorstep I certainly wouldn’t complain!

  4. I think that Hat 1 is the best pairing with this suit. It was also a perfect suit and hat for a wedding, formal, feminine, yet making a statement, and appropriate for church. I select hat 3 next, because she looks good in cocktail hats, though they are not usually a favorite hat type of mine. The hat is probably a little fussy, given the dramatic ruching effect of the jacket, and the overall look is then a little busy. Hat 2 is also a pretty hat, but I don’t like that it covers one of her eyes. Which hat do you like best with this suit HatQueen?

  5. I don’t really understand why Sophie gets so many hats to go with her outfits, she has similar perches to the smaller pink ones in abundance. No matter, the big hat is fabulous, and I wish she’d repeat it with this suit because it’s amazing, I like number 2 as well, 3 is alas just a bit too identikit for me.

    • Do you mean these ones

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

      • Yes I do! And that’s not tha half of it – I can think of about another 4 more! Sorry but how many small beige hats can one woman need?! Sophie isn’t afraid of a millinery statement, yet buys so many of these bloomin’ things! I don’t know…

  6. Of these three I like hat #2 best. #1 seems to go too far in the “ready-to-fly-away” department. If it were somewhat more subtle, I would have chosen it. #3 is a pretty hat but forthis outfit, I’d have left it in my closet in favor of a different hat

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