Queen Elizabeth Accepts Tea Invitation

Queen Elizabeth accepted an invitation to tea in Warwickshire at the home of a longtime admirer who proudly served Her Majesty on Royal Doulton china with hand-painted periwinkles. In a serendipitous turn of events, the Queen and her host, Mrs. Richard Bucket (pronounced boo-KAY) attended the much anticipated event in two versions of the same Frederick Fox designed hat. The hat, with a distinctive upfolded brim and trimmed with oversize pompom and curled quills, was worn in a black, white and green version by the Queen and a hyacinth pink and purple version by Mrs. Bucket. Despite the millinery mixup, it appears an enjoyable visit was had by all and Mrs. Bucket was heard boisterously extending an invitation to “an executive candlelight supper” as the pair bid farewell at the end of the visit.

Royal Hats APRIL FOOLS!!!

After Her Majesty’s departure, Mrs. Bucket discussed the visit at length with journalists outside her home. She confirmed she had served the Queen biscuits from a tin bearing the royal warrant and went on to make multiple, curious comparisons between the monarch and her Mercedes-driving relative with a sauna and room for a pony.



Happy April Fool’s Day!

Thanks to reader Baxter for passing on this photo and instigating this silliness.

25 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Accepts Tea Invitation

  1. ‘Keeping up Appearances’ was one of my favourite British comedies. I have always been a huge fan of the old British comedies and it is a crying shame that they no longer make anything comparable to ‘Keeping up Appearances’ and ‘Are You Being Served’. Happy April Fool’s Day and a Happy Easter HatQueen and Royal Hats fans.

  2. Loved going down memory lane with poor Richard and Hyacinth. Although we had repeats of Keeping Up Appearances for many years on our local PBS station, I never tired of Hyacinth’s antics. My sister-in-law could be Hyacinth’s twin, except for the fascination with the royal family.

  3. Hatqueen, remember that Hyacinth bought a three piece suite which was an exact replica of one in Sandringham House!

  4. I know we’re taking a bit of a tangent, today, but I couldn’t resist watching this again!
    I’m laughing out loud all over again!


  5. Fantastic!
    “KUA” is my absolute FAVORITE Brit-sitcom.

    The best episode took place on the QE2, when Hyacinth wore a different outfit/hat in each scene!
    “Are You Being Served” comes in a close 2nd!
    What got past the sensors back then is amazing.

    • Although this is about Royalty, People should post their favourite Mrs Bucket outfit, could be a poll once for a change 🙂

    • You know the Vicar was thrilled to hear all about this visit.

      “Are You Being Served” is beyond brilliant and hilarious! I love the episode when they prepared for the Queen’s visit to the high street and Mrs. Slocombe was dressed in the Silver Jubilee hat and outfit.

    • Jimbo I couldn’t agree more. Thanks to the thought controlling political correctness that has been forced upon us, humor is almost dead.

  6. Room for a pony! I so miss Keeping up Appearances. What a muck of things Hyacinth would have made if the Queen really had come to tea. Thanks for the giggle.

  7. Oh my what a thought!
    The hat is sooo vintage! I bet the Queen has it tucked away somewhere still. Mrs B wore some great hats and outfits too.
    Make me laugh out loud & forgot the grumpy start to my day. Brilliant !
    Loved it.

  8. Reading this going to work and I’m laughing out loud. Imagining Hyacinth having the Queen to tea has got this dreary Tuesday off to a better start!

  9. My word, I was half way through before I realized this was a spoof. Brilliantly done! You had my husband and I in complete stitches over our morning tea!

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