Seeing Double: Princess Eugenie

Royal HatsThis weekend will undoubtedly bring us a parade of royal hats as numerous royal families celebrate Easter. While I’m not sure if Princess Eugenie will return to England from New York and join her family for Easter Sunday Service at St. George’s Chapel, she has two very fitting Easter hats in her closet to call up on if she does. Two years ago, Eugenie stepped out on two versions of Robyn Coles’ Lily Beret – one in dark green with a classic white lily and the other, in deep purple. It’s not every day we see a giant lily with soaring spadix on the side of of a hat and this unique trim sets this hat apart from all other embellished cocktail berets. The distinctive nature of this hat’s design makes me curious not just about why Princess Eugenie chose two versions of this hat, but why she wore both versions within the space of a week.

At a May 30, 2013 Palace Garden Party and at the June 2, 2013 60th anniversary celebration of the Queen’s coronation

Curiosity aside, don’t you agree that the white and green version would be a cheekily perfect Easter bonnet?

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Princess Eugenie

  1. I like the base of the hat without the lily, I don’t like flowers that look like that are shooting for the stars and ready to take off, yet the base with something else perhaps a small veil crunched p on one side held with a jeweled pin. And I took notice in the first picture, why is she wearing wedges to a more upscale event, wedges are for unprofessional daytime wear like sports, shopping etc?

    • As the royal family walk about on the grass at these Buckingham Palace garden parties, I suspect the wedges are much easier for grass-walking than heels.

      • Oh Thank You for pointing that out to me, I hadn’t realized she was going to Ascot….silly of me, not reading properly. And your right, wedges are better for walking on grass, those heels are a killer on the feet. I don’t do heels anymore…….cute flats are my style.

  2. The first one looks like a joke hat that you wear to a fun party and the purple one just looks sad. I love Eugenie but I don’t love these hats.

  3. I think the green is more successful overall; the colors are beautiful and the proportions and placement on the head are great. While I like the color of the purple one, the based looks to be more bowl-shaped to me, and I would prefer the lily to be in a more contrasting color. At any rate, it’s a great style for Eugenie.

  4. I quite like both hats but I wouldn’t buy 2 of the same in different colours. Both hats would be improved by a neater hairdo. The green and the purple colours are very flattering to her colouring.

  5. I think the purple hat is the more successful one, and provides a good contrast to her green suit. In the case of the green and white hat, the green doesn’t really go with anything else she is wearing, and there isn’t a dramatic contrast, as in the purple and green case, so there is no special effect. I might like the green and white hat better with a different outfit.

  6. I love the color purple, but I agree with James. The green one looks better and I think the contrasting colors make the hat more successful. The purple one looks a little flat by comparison.

  7. Rather like these and think they’re due a spin at Ascot. These two looks are good ones for Eugenie, she’s dressed to suit her shape and the hats provide a bit of fun. I prefer the green one, but can see why she couldn’t decide between them so bought both!

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