Danish Royal Family Kick Off Birthday Celebration in Arrhus

The Danish Royal Family attended attend a Lunch reception at Aarhus City Hall today to mark the forthcoming 75th birthday of Queen Margrethe. A vision in white, Queen Margrethe repeated her rimmed saucer hat trimmed with a white fur knot bow. We first saw this hat in 2012 for her Ruby Jubilee and it continues to be a great shape and proportion on her. Queen Margrethe is partial to bright colours and I find the tranquillity of this all white ensemble is a nice departure for her. As I have said before, this feels like a quintessential winter hat for a Scandinavian queen.

Designer: Whiteley
Previously Worn: November 17, 2014March 17, 2014;  April 4, 2013; February 3, 2013; January 14, 2012

Crown Princess Mary repeated her simple black calot hat. Paired with her grey bouclé coat, pleated cream silk dress and black accessories, however, the look was anything but boring. I thought Mary’s side chignon ‘hosted’ the hat beautifully and that her ensemble was classically elegant.

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: May 9, 2014November 8, 2012;  November 7, 2011

Princess Marie wore a new hat for this event, a navy blue felt calot with large, flat bow at the side. While we have seen Princess Marie in several small pillboxes and berets, I think this is her first calot hat; the brimless shape and off-the-face positioning suits this petite princess very well. Marie’s chignon also hairstyle works very well with this hat and balances the oversize bow. While I’m not partial to Marie’s jacket (it seems very ageing), I think this will be a great hat for her.

Designer: unknown. Coat by Paule Ka; navy & white floral dress by Warehouse. 
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

The official birthday party gets under way next week with numerous European royals scheduled to congregate in Copenhagen to celebrate. I suspect this event will bring us some more great hats. Which one of these more simple pieces stood out to you today in Aarhus?

Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Danish Royal Family Kick Off Birthday Celebration in Arrhus

  1. Princess Mary and Princess Marie always look so elegant. These hats are beautiful but they don’t try and draw all the attention to themselves. I wish we saw this family more because their hats are always so beautiful.

  2. Is it a coincidence that there is so much white on these three exquisite ladies or was it a dress code “wear white”? I think her Majesty could have used a touch of colour. So much white on her does not do her justice. Mary and Marie looked great. Fantastic outfits, chic hats, great updos and brooches.

  3. All 3 ladies look lovely. I am please that Princess Marie tried out a different style of hat from her usuals. The navy blue colour of the hat looked great with her colouring, and the calot was a great hat shape for her, and the large, flat bow at the side added interest, without being too large and overwhelming. She really suits a chignon. On the down side, her coat looked a generation too old for her. Crown Princess Mary had the best overall look. She suits the black calot hat, and the side chignon worked well to balance the hat. However, I do wish that she had worn a new hat. The Queen’s hat and outfit were striking, though I prefer her in a colour, because I think the all white look, when you have white hair and pale skin, is too much white.

  4. All three hats are successful. I particularly like Marie’s as i find it much better than most of the hats I remember her wearing!

    • I usually prefer hats with brims but Marie looks amazing. I never thought about proportion before reading this blog but now I notice when it’s off. Marie’s hat is just right for her and I love how the side bow adds so much to the shape of the hat.

  5. I think they all look wonderful. I do like the Queen in her Nordic White. I see Mary is wearing the historic sapphire brooch given to her by the Queen when her first child, Christian was born. A nice sentimental touch. I really like all three hats.

  6. Princess Marie and Princess Mary look stunning. Interesting that they both wore the same hair style. Was it planned or just a coincidence? I think Queen Margrethe looked washed out dressed all in white. Since she is so pale, white would not have been my first choice of clothing to wear. I liked the understated style of all three hats.

  7. I do love the Danish Royal ladies. HM looks wonderful in the all white outfit, and Princess Mary looks very stylish and amazing. Princess Marie has an effortless chic, although I tend to agree that the jacket is more suitable for an older woman. What fun that the two princesses have matching hairdos!

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