Seeing Double: The Duchess of Cornwall

Royal HatsEvery time the Duchess of Cornwall wears her black picture hat covered in ostrich feathers, it seems to elicit a polarized response. Interestingly, this love-it-or-hate-it hat has a twin:

At a November 2014 memorial service

At the September 2011 wedding of her nephew

Each made of straw with a wide brim slightly raised on one side, these hats are easy to pick out of a crowd because of their distinctive (and extensive!) ostrich feather trim. While this pair of hats seems to prove that birds of a feather really do stick together, I’m still curious about why, in a world of a million hat trimming possibilities, Camilla chose two versions of this same hat.

Photos from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Seeing Double: The Duchess of Cornwall

  1. I like huge hats on the Duchess, but think there are too many ostrich feathers on both of these. The one thing she needs to change is making an appointment with a professional bra fitter. I realize she is not young and is well endowed, but there are ways to have them “in place” a bit more. Not like she doesn’t have the resources!

  2. Don’t like either of them, although the black one looks better than the white. Love the stick insect brooch!

  3. I recall reading the the queen wears bright and saturated colors so that people will see her and know she went to some special effort to be with them. I think Camilla is trying to find her own style to stand out in a crowd. Don’t love the hats, but they look nice on her

  4. I love both hats too, although I’m not crazy about the second outfit, the white, with its tassels or whatever on the shoulders. The Duchess of Cornwall always looks fabulous in large, over-the-top (literally) hats. Whenever she needs one, I’m sure it’s simpler just to request additional colors of existing hats instead of always looking for similar (and perhaps less satisfactory) hats.

  5. MrFitzroy has always thought the black version was charmingly Camilla, in an over the top “Pearly Queen” sort of way. She wears it well and clearly loves it.
    The White version, however — at least in that photo and from that angle — appears to be one of the Queen Mother’s ‘dust mop’ feather hats plonked on top of a sideways straw cowboy hat….though perhaps that association is only due to the Annie Oakely weaving project jacket she is wearing with it.

  6. I absolutely love these. They’re pure Camilla, dramatic, fun, not to be missed. I can’t see how anyone could not like them. I think she looks magnificent!

  7. I’ve firmly been in the “love it” camp on this style. Can we please instead discuss the trimming on the shoulders of that coat though? 😉

  8. There are too many feathers, however I love the shape of the hat itself. I have to say I really dislike the white outfit.

  9. The next question should be, why do all of the Queens hats look alike. They basically all have the same shape. Camilla has found her style and she looks quite nice in these hats.

  10. This is not a hat that everyone will like or want. I find myself conflicted about it every time I see it in fact. Sometimes I like it, sometime I hate it, but in general I would like it with fewer feathers, and I prefer the black to the white – maybe because it won’t be worn as often. The shape is fine but the feathers veer into over the top territory. Depending on the picture, it can look okay or awful. Regardless, the Duchess likes this hat and it is a Camilla hat, so I will take seeing her in this hat to not seeing her at all!

  11. Just today I was looking at these two hats and trying to find info about them in your blog! Thanks for the confirmation that they really are the same hat. 🙂

    I haven’t ever been the biggest fan of the black one but I really do like the light version.

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