Summer 2015 in Royal Hats

Royal HatsIt is impossible to talk about royal hats without including Irish milliner Philip Treacy in the conversation. His designs consistently appear in our year-end parade of favourites and he remains a go-to milliner for numerous royal clients- here is a peek at his spring collection.

 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC864 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC943 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC902 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC877 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC867 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC925 Philip Treacy SS 2015 DW123b Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC933 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC902Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC910 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC908 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC900 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC915 Philip Treacy SS 2015 OC928

Designer: Philip Treacy Spring Summer 2015
Synopsis:  Treacy’s usual spread of wide picture hats, high slices, vertical plates and elaborately trimmed cocktail hats are joined by boaters, sweeping wave hats and a rainbow array of fedoras. The trims are larger than life blooms, curls and feathers that stand up to the strong shapes and are spread with Treacy’s characteristically lavish (yet balanced) touch. The collection is soaring, vibrant and resolute.
Royals likely to wear these designs: We have already seen the Duchess of Cornwall in a modified version of OC920 and in an all-cream version of OC941. Princess Haya and Zara Phillips both wowed at Ascot last year – Grand Duchess Marie Theresa, Queen Silvia and Princess Michael of Kent are also long time wearers of the brand. I would love to see Princess Haya in OC889 and OC888 and think Zara Phillips in the pink OC919 would be wonderfully unexpected. OC926 is a great match for the Duchess of Cornwall and OC928, the classic mint green boater pictured above, seems perfect for a queen. I would also love to see Crown Princess Victoria ditch her flimsy fascinators in favour of the richly hued OC869. For a bit of fashionable edge, OC886 can’t be beat.

Which hats in this collection would you like to see on a royal head?

Photos from Philip Treacy London

13 thoughts on “Summer 2015 in Royal Hats

  1. Princess Diana had a hat very similar to the black & white one with feathers. From memory she wore it on a tour of the USA in 1985

  2. I’ve followed Philip Treacy’s designs for years, so now he’s so recognizable to me and sometimes don’t get as excited as others just because I feel I already know what he’s gonna do. But every year there are a few surprises, and this collection is no exception.
    OC873 was one of the featured hats for the Ascot Style Guide, and I think it would be wonderful on Princess Haya, the Countess of Wessex, Zara Phillips Tindall, or even Queen Maxima.
    OC876 is definite for the Duchess of Cornwall, and would be a different color for her. I think this would also look great on Maxima, Crown Princess Mary, or possibly Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie.
    OC877 should be worn by Haya, either on Opening Day or Ladies Day at Ascot. Would be divine! Would also be fun for Maxima.
    OC883 would look good on Zara, Lady Gabriella Windsor, Princess Benedikte, or possibly Crown Princess Mette-Marit.
    OC889 would work well for most of the royal women. Would like to see it on the Duchess of Cambridge, Mette-Marit, or HGD Stephanie.
    OC891 would be another great one for Haya for Ascot, or for Zara.
    OC896 is another versatile one for many of our favorite royal ladies. Camilla, Mathilde, Maxima, Kate, and Princess Alexandra are my top choices for this one.
    OC938 would be fun for Maxima, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, or Kate.
    Finally, DW117b would be another versatile one for many; my picks would be Maxima and Kate.

      • All good! I agree with your picks for Princess Haya- especially OC877 for Ladies’ Day at Ascot! I don’t think we’ve seen the Duchess of Cornwall in mint green yet and you’re right- it would be a great colour for her.

  3. OC869 on a York princess. I’d love to see
    OC875 on Sara Chatto.
    OC879 on Haya.
    OC881 (green would be great on her) or OC908 on Camilla.
    OC884 on Kate (maybe in a softer color).
    OC890 on Zara.
    OC892 on Princess Michael.
    OC896 on Camilla.
    OC910 on Sophie because I’d like to see her go for the big splash.
    I don’t know who I would put the OC912 huge rose on, but I would love to see it at Ascot! I think the queen would be beautiful in a smaller version of OC924. The color combo would be so lovely with her hair and complexion.
    I think we could talk Queen Maxima into wearing OC940; it would go with so many things she wears. Can’t find just the right match for Anne. Still thinking about that one! I would steer all of them away from anything that reminds one of Bea’s hat at Will’s wedding

  4. Yes! Lots of great possibilities here. But it strikes me that all the models have their hair scraped back and under cover. How the hair is worn affect the impact of the hat…. anyway, dozens of glorious possibilities there! I see several for Zara – Charlene: – Sophie Wessex: – Beatrice Borromeo: – – Victoria or Charlene or Sophie: or – Princess Michael ;

    I WISH I had an opportunity to wear a beautiful hat!

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