British Royals Visit Canada House

Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Alexandra of Kent attended a reception at Canada House in London today. The Queen repeated one of my favourite hats in cornflower blue straw with a squared crown and slightly raised brim on one side. I adore this hat- the colour is fantastic on Her Majesty, the black and white feather alstroemeria blossoms are so beautiful and the hat is a perfect compliment to the Queen’s well cut coat and floral dress.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 18, 2014July 28, 2012; June 2, 2012

Princess Alexandra wore a dark green wool hat with triple twisted band around the base of the crown and a spray of feathers at the side. The hat was a subtle counterpoint to Alexandra’s dove grey ensemble and I thought she looked elegant in it. Earlier in the Day, Princess Alexandra was spotted in a dark green coat, meeting with members of the Canadian Scottish Regiment at the Canada Gate at Buckingham Palace.

Designer: unconfirmed. My guess is Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: unknown. Perhaps the hat is new?

Those of you who follow the Queen’s hats with eagle eyes will notice she made the switch from felt winter hats to lighter weight straw hats this weekend. I think this change officially heralds the arrival of spring!

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16 thoughts on “British Royals Visit Canada House

  1. I do like this hat too. The blue is a particularly lovely colour. However, I also just want to comment that when people criticise Angela Kelly’s designs for over-embellishment, this hat shows that other designers sometimes pile it on too – we have a crown with a slight wave built in, a very exuberant bunch of flowers with feathery trim, and a looped bow as well.

  2. I really like the way the black and white trim contrasts with the beautiful blue. A while back I saw this waving queen solar figure in a store and knew exactly which hat was being portrayed.

  3. Yes I like Princess Alexandra’s hat very much too- good size for her, well proportioned, nice trim and such a rich interesting colour. Very nice. Her Majesty looks good too….and happy. Thanks.

  4. Love both the Queen’s hat and color and Princess Alexandra’s dark green hat. I especially loved the lapels on Queen’s coat. Such a nice change from her normal coats without lapels. That green color of Princess Alexandra’s hat would look lovely on the Queen as I can’t remember seeing her in this color.

  5. The Queen looks stunning in cornflower blue and this hat and outfit were perfect for her. Princess Alexandra’s green hat looked good, but I though the grey outfit was rather drab and the cut not up to her usual standards.

  6. The bright blue RTM hat is the best part of the Queen’s entire outfit, and all parts of the outfit are beautiful. Bright blue coats were worn two days in a row, though. (Today’s certainly is the better coat.)
    While I very much like Princess Alexandra’s hat, I think she should have stuck to wearing the green coat or should have switched hats when removing the coat. The dress needs better pressing and/or hemming, and the dark green hat only highlights the varying shades of mismatched light gray or tan in the rest of the outfit. Princess Alexandra usually is so carefully put together — and I’m sure she was today too until she removed the coat.

  7. Both HM and HRH looked absolutely splendid. Haven’t seen Alexandra in anything quite like this before, so I was very excited and think green is a great color for her. Brava!

  8. Massive geek that I am, I was only thinking earlier today that this hat hadn’t been worn in a while, and that it deserves another trot out. Glad to see this one getting another soon, shows why the Parvin/Trevor Morgan combo produces some of her best outfits.

    She was out and about again at the races yesterday too, repeating a very natty red and blue number. Busy weekend for Her Maj!

  9. Love the color of blue on the queen and the hat is lovely. A little too much black in the trim, imo. I’m glad she is back to wearing a brooch. She didn’t wear one at the races and I thought the world ended. Also, I am always happy to see Princess Alexandra. She seems to be ageless and elegant. Her green hat went perfectly with her green coat. Maybe the weather warmed up a bit.

    • Great catch! I didn’t notice the Queen didn’t wear a brooch yesterday (too busy looking at the hat I suppose). She looks rather dressed down without one.

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