Queen Elizabeth At Newbury Races

Queen Elizabeth enjoyed a second day out at Newbury Racecourse on Saturday. For this day at the races, she sported a blue and red hat we have not seen her wear in a several years

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Made of straw, the hat features a tall, diagonal crown and short, downward facing brim; the focus of this piece is a large, twisted blue bow piped in cherry red. It`s a whimsical hat that gives some light hearted contrast to its more serious, coordinating coat. The stripe of piping always reminds me of a Union Jack and seeing Her Majesty in patriotic blue and red (with her white hair!) can`t help but make me smile.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: January 1, 2012; April 27, 2011

Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth At Newbury Races

  1. I love this hat and it really brings out the Queen’s blue eyes. I prefer her coats with collars. The trim is interesting and very Union Jack inspired.

  2. This is my all-time favourite look for the Queen, particularly when she wore the sapphire and diamond brooch that came via Victoria.

  3. This hat has grown on me for sure. Great shape and nice embellishments. Also, “Win a luxury car? How common. One inherits them.” Haha . . . (Sorry, I’m certain HM is much more humble in real life)

  4. MrFitzroy loves the Union Jack vibe here, and would be especially fun to see HM wear this at a future British Airways event!

  5. Wonderful color on HM! This beautiful blue hat matches her blue eyes. Didn’t think I would like these two
    colors together, but they look wonderful with her white hair. Love the twisted bow As an accent. Again, so nice to see a coat with a collar.

  6. I give the hat an A+! Two days in a row of such a beautiful BLUE, albeit slightly different shade, is good for the ol’ ticker!
    I hope she wears more suits, like in Paris last summer. . . I think they make HM look 20 years younger!

  7. Fabulous hat! It is whimsical since it resembles the Union Jack, and when she first wore it in 2011 the audience was all waving little flags. The colorful hat sets off the monochrome coat nicely. (A couple of photographs show that the dress has some red and presumably blue in it, but I’ve never seen a full photograph of any dress it could be.)

  8. How beautiful she looks and so happy also. I like the hat, and the bow in front, yes this is a nice hat and coat on her. And I love that diamond brooch, that is a stunner. Her smile again says it all………a very happy lady!

  9. beautiful Her Majesty; but is there a reason why she waring allways dark black shoes, handbag and gloves???

  10. I’m a fan of this patriotic number. I remember it was last (and only) worn 2 days before the royal wedding, so was widely seen as her Maj getting her sartorial bunting out. It could be a bit twee but somehow it works. It’s fun and fresh, and that fab new brooch isn’t too shabby either!

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