British Royals Commemorate ANZAC Day and Gallipoli Centennary

Members of the British Royal Family commemorated ANZAC Day and the  today with three ceremomies in London. Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence and Princess Anne attended the first, an ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Wellington Arch. Princess Anne wore a dark teal green pillbox hat trimmed with a slim black stripe around the hat and a flat teal bow at the back. While it is not a new addition to Anne’s millinery wardrobe as I originally thought, it still complements her teal green coat very well.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: November 19, 1997

The second event, a wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph, was attended by Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Cambridge. The Queen repeated a stylized cloche hat with a diagonal stacked crown and short, downward sloping brim. The hat, in black silk crepe, was trimmed simply with a curl on the side.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: April 17, 2013; November 9, 2008

Following the Cenotaph ceremony, a Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving to mark the ANZAC Landings was held at Westminster Abbey. Queen Elizabeth changed her hat to a larger piece with a swirled white silk crown and black straw brim, trimmed with a large black silk bow.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

A larger hat that we usually see on Her Majesty, this piece coordinated very well with the pleated white lapels and trim on her coat. This hat was suggested by several readers earlier this week as one they would like to see the Queen repeat this year and it was lovely surprise to finally see her wear it again.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Somerville
Previously Worn: October 23, 2008

Prince Charles and Prince Harry commemorated the Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign with attendance at numerous ceremonies yesterday and today in Turkey. Yesterday, they visited Helles Memorial, a memorial to the British, Australian, New Zealand and Indian troops who lost their lives during this campaign. Both Princess wore the caps of their respective military uniforms.

Photos by Getty as indicated

21 thoughts on “British Royals Commemorate ANZAC Day and Gallipoli Centennary

  1. I wonder if the Queen does read this blog. It’s very strange that she changed hats. I hope so. The second hat is the better one and suited the outfit well also. I like that the Princess Royal opted for teal, because I think she looks old in black. I like the boots. I didn’t like the way the strap on her shoulder bag partly obstructed her brooch. I don’t think pillbox hats suit her. She looks much better in brimmed hats.

  2. I think both of the Queen’s hats are great. The black one is an elegant take on the sort of understated black hat that is called upon regularly in the Queen’s public duties. The black and white one is a wonderful change from the Queen’s usual style – most like the similar pink one, which is one of my very favourite hats on the Queen. This one also goes so well with the Queen’s elegant outfit with the asymmetric lapels.

    I also like Princess Anne’s hat – serviceable is the adjective that comes to mind!

  3. I’m undecided on Princess Anne’s hat. It matches her coat just fine yet there’s something about the size or angle that bothers me.
    I like both hats on the Queen. Good shapes, trims and sizes. The only detail I don’t like is the visible hat pin sticking out on the first hat.

  4. A terrific turnout for by the BRF for ANZAC Day Centenary. Loved Anne’s hat, it complimented her frogged coat well. HM looked terrific, as usual and I was really tickled she changed her hat and shoes between the two engagements. Needless to say I loved the beautiful black and white silk and straw the best.

  5. Princess Anne’s pillbox is great with her coat. It’s about time she got some new hats. As for the Queen… both hats are so twee. I wish she’d order a black hat from Rachel Trevor Morgan so she’d have something elegant to pull out for occasions like this.

  6. I thought Anne looked great in this hat and outfit; the color was a great alternative to black. HM really wowed today, especially when she brought back that great black and white hat! Looks like she also got a haircut recently. I thought her giving Samantha Cohen a prominent place at these commemorations demonstrated how much HM cares to represent all parts of the Commonwealth.

  7. Her Majesty has done it again – she really is The Style Queen! What a brilliant idea to change hats for each ceremony! Needless to say, the hat for the Westminster Abbey service gets my vote – just beautiful! As for The Princess Royal, I have said this many times – please get her a stylist – she needs to stop wearing clothes that are nearly as old as she is. Her Mother dresses better than she does and she also looks far older than she is! Even her evening wear is getting a bit ‘old’! I know she is the hardest-working member of The Royal Family but she should also be proud of who she is and show it! As a very proud Australian, we all had a very emotional day on ANZAC Day and I was so pleased to see our Royal Family celebrate this very special occasion.

  8. Having proposed a repeat of this black and white on this blog 3 days ago, I am so pleased that the Queen followed my recommendation. (Ha ha.) The hat and coat are both formal because of the black and the vertical white line on the coat and whimsical because of the big bow on the hat and that magnificent collar on the coat (although it does remind me a smidgeon of a nun’s habit). The solid black hat is one of her regular hats for memorial services. I see too that when the Queen changed hats she also changed shoes.
    Princess Anne’s hat does go well with her coat. Odd that she chose to wear boots.

  9. HMs hats are both great – Nice she swapped them out to add a bit more lightness to the mood that of course was somber for the wreath laying. Anne looked great too in her teal. Funny that normally I think when frogs are used for garment fasteners, it gives a Chinese appeal to the frocks. But in Anne’s case today, it gives a military look. Perhaps because she can often look so stern. I miss that not many people have decent remembrance days any longer for war events in the US. That seemed to die out by the mid of the turbulent 60s. Today you can’t even buy a paper poppy pin on Memorial/Veterans Day anywhere.

  10. I love Hwr Maj’s hat swap. And isn’t that swirly hat fabulous. Anyone else think she might be reading this blog?!

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