Princess Beatrix Celebrates King William Fund Milestone

Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands joined celebrations for the 140th anniversary of the King William Fund yesterday at the Dutch Church in London. For this event, she repeated her tall crowned hat in black and gold layered straw. The closeup photo below shows a greater view of this hat than we have previously seen – the textural effect created from laying the two colours of straw is subtle but gives such visual interest to this piece. The proportion of this hat (which I questioned on its last outing) works well with the wide lapels and sleeves on Beatrix`s coat and the entire ensemble is balanced. It’s not my favourite colour palace on the princess but she does wear it well.

Designer: I suspect Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: October 28, 2014

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Celebrates King William Fund Milestone

  1. I agree with you HatQueen that the proportion of this hat works better with this outfit than the other one she wore, but Princess Beatrix doesn’t look good in brown. I wish that she would get some new hats in a different style.

  2. The hat is fine (better than most of her other hats, really) but that coat is wearing her. She’s drowning in it.

  3. This is one of my favorites of Princess Beatrix’s hats. The cut of the coat is unusual, but the wide hat balances the wide coat and collar, and the gold bands on the hat add a little pizzazz to an otherwise dull color combination of brown and black. The gold trim on the dress might be interesting, though.

  4. I am not a lover of this brown shade for clothes, so this outfit does not appeal to me at all but I do love the cut of the coat! This shade certainly ages her and yes, she does need more colour on her face. Also, a brooch would have been nice. As for HRH’s hat, couldn’t someone design a new style for her, please? It reminds me of buying a pair of shoes in every colour – boring! Even the late Queen Mother changed her style ever so slightly for every hat! By the way, I love your blog and look forward to it every day!

  5. She looks lovely – the hat color is device – I think if I was helping with her makeup however, I would do just a tish more blush and a pop of a bit more lipstick to pull her face into the frame better.

  6. Can I tease you, HatQueen? I have to admit that my first reaction to this hat and ensemble was “is it trendy or timeless? Wait, wait, I should know this!” I so enjoyed the comments on yesterday’s post that I am afraid I have this “filter” now to judge as to that criteria.

    • HA! I was sorting through numerous royal hats from the 1960s yesterday and they all looked trendy. I’m not sure there is such a thing as a truly timeless hat!

  7. I think the whole outfit looks “autumn” to me. But taken item, by item I like. The little hat pin adds some sparkle to the hat. The coat – I want it!

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