Dutch Monarchs Celebrate Kingdom’s 200th Birthday

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima joined festivities celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of The Netherlands on Saturday in Zwolle. Ever the fearless hat wearer, Queen Máxima repeated her 1960s inspired textured ochre velvet turban for this event. I initially described this hat as a pincushion but after seeing these photos, want to rebrand it as “The Brain.” No matter the nickname, I think we can agree it’s not one of Máxima’s most attractive hats. I want to admire her grit for wearing it but even that feels like a stretch. Thankfully, we don’t usually have to wait long for Máxima to wow us and when she does, we can forget this awful hat and earring combination ever happened.

25 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Celebrate Kingdom’s 200th Birthday

    • Max is so interesting that even when the hat is bad, what she does with a bad hat (like this one) still requires comment.

  1. I agree that the hat is bad. Amber earrings would have been nice with that outfit. The grayish hat that was posted above would have looked wonderful. This is my first post, enjoy this website. Thanks for all your hard work, just for our enjoyment.

  2. Not a good look at all although I love the color of “The Brain”. Also, I’m not fond of the color of her gloves; would have preferred something closer to the color of her clutch.

  3. There is Nothing Nice to say about that piece of wet rag on her head……..good grief, this woman has the pick of the crop, every designer in the world at her finger tips, and she does this………….beyond horrible, hideous and just plain down right Ugly. No excuses for this rag when she has a closet full of hats that are beyond our wildest dreams………..

    • Is it safe to assume, after reading your comments, that you don’t care for the hat? (Ha Ha!)
      Does it remind you of Biology class?

  4. I struggle with trying to imagine a good outfit for this hat. It seems casual to me, like a sweater and jeans hat. Too unstructured I think for her outfit.

  5. A hat for a bad hair day (and she had that here too) in the 60s and even I in the 60s would not have wore this hat! Never was a fan of the turbans that hit in the late 50s into the mid 60s — had not liked them in the 40s when they were popular then either.

  6. I think that the second wearing of this hat — pulled much farther back on the head — was its most successful, but the hat wasn’t overly attractive then. Nothing about today’s wearing is flattering. Throw the hat out.

  7. I really don’t know how Fabienne Delvigne gets away with designs like this. Truly one of the worst hats I’ve ever seen, and it probably cost more than I want to think about. Otherwise, I thought Maxima looked great from the forehead down though! Her large grey “splice” portrait hat would’ve been a great choice for this.

  8. Thatcor is just awful. Yes, it coordinates with the short, but that doesn’t make it look any less sickly next skin. Honestly, there is no skin tone that would wear that messy shade well. I can barely see the shape of the hat for the bad color!

    • Sorry–I accidentally hit submit before fixing typos…that COLOR…coordinates with the SHIRT…but is awful

  9. I am totally with everyone else on this one. The hair down with the turban is not flattering, and the hat is just awful. The outfit itself is okay even though it doesn’t go with the hat at all. The earrings are just too big and again, they were not a good choice with the hat and the outfit. The good news is that we probably won’t see this particular combination again. The bad news is that the hat probably will be worn again.

  10. Maxima might not be praised for her good taste with this hat, but at least for her boundless bravery! I kinda have admiration for this.
    At least, the color association is working really well. I’m looking forward to seeing her with a more stylish and elegant hat!

    • I agree with Josephine. Texture on the hat is creepy, but Max wears new, brave items and for that I admire her. I like the blouse/skirt combo. Let’s try a new hat with a brim this time?

  11. Well on the plus side, the outfit isn’t too badly put together – the colour combo is good. But that hat is still awful. It’s just not flattering and with her hair down it looks a mess. but I’m not sure much could save it. Still, somewhat inexplicably – she seems to rather like it!

  12. That hat is hideous! Why would she wear a turban with her hair down? Why wear a hat that clash with those huge earrings? Why chose a hat that isn’t in the color of the Dutch flag and is in no way related to anything Dutch at all for this special day? Why wear a hat that doesn’t really match anything else in her wardrobe?

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